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12 May 2024 15:32:54
Ed001 mate, what's your thoughts on Jones?
Is he good enough to be a regular starter.
It seems every time he gets a good run of games he's then out with a lengthy injury.
It will be interesting to see do we look to cash in on him this summer with the likes of Bajetic, Elliot, Endo, Mac, Szobo, Gravenberch not likely to be moving and with possibly new additions.

{Ed001's Note - it doesn't matter if he is good enough if he can't stay fit.}

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12 May 2024 16:40:26
I can't see us getting much money for Jones but I'd let him go.
He's an inferior version of Adam Lallana. Has too many touches on the ball and slows things down without creating anything.

12 May 2024 17:59:22
Agree with you, Rigsby. Some folk on here used to say he was as good as Phil Foden. Never saw it myself.

12 May 2024 18:57:48
It's easy to say that about Jones in hindsight but I'm going to say Harvey Elliott will leave us frustrated, too.
He's flavour of the month at the minute and I'd keep him but only because of his versatility. He can cover the front wide positions and midfield but that's it for me. He'll be a cover player.
He's not quick enough for a forward or strong enough for midfield. I can't ever see him being a player that we can't leave out.
I hope I'm wrong but I'll say it now and not two years down the line when I suspect we'll still be waiting for him to nail down a regular starting spot.
Gravenberch is the same. I'd get shut this summer and bring in someone that at least looks they could do job when called upon.

12 May 2024 21:45:19
Curtis Jones was in midfield for our best performances this season. Injuries are the real concern for Curtis.

{Ed025's Note - i personally think hes on a par with Tom Davies FPF..

12 May 2024 20:49:13
I agree with you about Elliott, too. I can't ever see him nailing down a position, but, like you, I hope we keep him. Again, I hope he proves me wrong. And, Rigsby, you must qualify for the second most miserable git on here, because I totally agree about Gravenberch. As the saying is, if he's the answer I'm not sure what the question was. As you say, get shut.

12 May 2024 23:49:48
Grav hasn’t been here a year yet. Been out with an injury and struggled with physicality/ pace of prem. give the lad a chance .

13 May 2024 03:22:32
Rigsby nailed it w both his comments. Jones is like Gakpo in thinking he can counter faster with the ball at his feet than he can by passing it.

13 May 2024 06:49:14
The best ability is availability so Curtis is struggling.

13 May 2024 07:46:33
John, why do you think he's struggled with the pace and physicality of the PL? He didn't do much in the Europa or the Bundesliga either.
If he'd shown glimpses of ability then I'd be more patient with him but from what I've seen we'll just be hoping that there's a player that can hack the PL.

13 May 2024 08:13:01
Ed 25, only Tom Davies?
Not at least the world class Andre Gomez?
Then I did say Origi was the equivalent of Grame Sharp, almost Dixie Dean. Just missing out by a whisker.

{Ed025's Note - we all compare our players with somebody else sg and in the end its just about opinions, i once compared Nunez to coco the clown so sometimes im not far out mate.. :)

13 May 2024 10:10:45
Coco was a good pro to be fair Ed025.

{Ed025's Note - he really was Ron, maybe if Darwin hit the goalie with a custard pie just before he shoots his XG would go through the roof mate:)

13 May 2024 10:43:53
Who s Tom Davies?

{Ed025's Note -exactly mate.... ex- Everton midfielder now plying his trade from the bench for Sheffield united WDW.. :)

13 May 2024 11:41:45
Ed25, it is you who keeps comparing your players to our and NOT the other way around. Personally, I have NEVER been accused of comparing any of our players to ANY Everton player let alone the hapless Tom Davies (does he still have a career, at this pint), nor would I ever do such a thing. Just saying.

{Ed025's Note - there is nothing wrong with comparisons Oli, its just a gauge of the ability of the player mate, its not set in stone its just an opinion and a nicer way to judge a player rather than labeling them crap or dross i think..



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