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13 May 2024 17:06:05
game at Villa tonight will be a tough one . Villa need to win to get the 4th spot, so they will be going all out . I will be happy with a draw and a good win next Sunday .
we need to keep an eye on Ollie Watkins, 2nd best striker in the Prem for me .
yes I would really like the win, but Villa might want the win a bit more .

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13 May 2024 18:03:07
It’s a dead rubber for us. So just look to give the kids a run out.

13 May 2024 22:18:29
The only surprise is that it wasn't a higher scoring draw.
We're always going to concede goals with those players and the way we play but fans will moan about it and still want to us play even more recklessly.
Are you not entertained? ?.

13 May 2024 22:23:02
We need to learn how to defend and buy a world class DM. if Arsenal can defend why can’t we.

13 May 2024 22:37:46
Before buying a “world class dm”, how about we get the simple stuff right?

Time and again we see the same defensive errors.

We give teams half chances over and over again. Good teams will punish you.

This isn’t solved by buying one player IMO. This is about how the team is defending as a unit and, for their second goal, how we are trying to play. Why is Virgil passing that ball into Macca?!

Whatever happens we’re finishing 3rd so today didn’t mean a lot but the defending today showed why we’re out of the title race whilst the other two are taking it to the final day.

13 May 2024 23:09:49
Players that can and want to defend don't make the same defensive errors that our players do. When you rebuild your midfield and only buy one defensive minded player and he's a £17m workhorse, you are asking for trouble.

14 May 2024 10:00:23
Rigsby the worst thing here is that these individual/ collective mistakes are the same in nature and KEEP happening which tells me that either the coaching staff is oblivious to them? Or they see it and just ignore these same issues that have plagued us all season. Either way, this is bad.

14 May 2024 10:18:52
Are individual mistakes down to the coaching staff or the players?

{Ed025's Note - a coach will not tell you to give the ball away on the edge of your own box JK, its individual errors mate caused by lack of concentration..

14 May 2024 12:04:17
Oli, the coaches are not oblivious to them. The coaches have filled the team with attacking players that want to get us on the front foot. To play attacking, high intensity and exciting football like TAA, Mac, Szob, Elliott and Grav. and there's not much steel in any of them.
I thought you all wanted heavy metal football.
Me, I preferred it when we had three grafters form the likes of Fabinho, Henderson, Wijnaldum, Milner etc to keep things tight and relied on our two full backs and front three to get us goals. I realise that the current front three is nowhere near as strong as the previous one but the team we have and the way we play leaves us very easy to get at.

14 May 2024 14:21:58
Rigsby if they are not oblivious to it then, why that football do they keep happening? You can't tell me the coaches are free from all responsibility here cos that is not the way any of these things works. Oh, it is NOT a front 3 issue yesterday. It is a case of deja-vu with the same mistakes happening including making 4 changes in one go which we all know does not work. Or is that the players' fault too?

Clearly, the players cannot do what they are being asked to do so it is either the players doing this are benched or the tactics needs to change cos this has been happening near all season. Ali has the ball and even tho there is no one to pass to, he still tries to pass it thru a sea of Villa players and they intercept it by Bailey and Watkins almost scores.

As for me yes, I wanted front foot footie cos that is when we are at our best and the players we have fit the bill and and we have been very successful at it. Playing this slow, possession stuff trying to pass the ball out under pressure clearly does not work so why has the manager continued to persist with it? Pretty sure the players don't pick the tactics.

14 May 2024 14:27:29
"a coach will not tell you to give the ball away on the edge of your own box".

No, he won (t do that BUT if you keep doing that then it is either you can't hack it playing out the back in possession or change the tactics to protect the team. What you cannot do as a manager, is neither. That is hogwash and Im not going to blame the players cos they don't coach themselves no pick the tactics.

These mistakes keep happening and it is several of the same players who do it. You have Alisoon despite not having a soul to pass to, still tries to pass the ball out and we are shocked he passed it to a Villa player who nearly scored. Macca has made the same mistake a few times this season that led to goals YET he keeps being told to the same thing with him in the 6. Sorry, that is a coaching issue. It's up to the coach to fix that, not the player cos clearly, the coach is setting him/ them up to fail asking him to do the things he clear can NOT do.

14 May 2024 15:36:35
6 weeks ago the manager and coach’s had set us up for a quadruple. Now they have set us up for failure.

So which one is it?

Safe to say the management, coaches and players are all to blame for our failures as well as they get praised for the successes.

14 May 2024 16:35:27
It's down to the management for filling a team with players that want the ball and want time on the ball but are not prepared to work hard enough without it or to win it back. Klopp and the management team are responsible for that.
It's not my type of football but it could be theirs and it has got us CL football and a trophy.
I want to see Liverpool win and go at teams but not if it means we become a soft touch.
Klopp as manager is ultimately responsible for the imbalance in the team and also for getting us to third in the table. It works both ways.
In hindsight, three midfielders leaving last summer should have been handled a lot better.



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