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26 Jan 2024 16:30:36

I’m now resigned to not signing anyone in this window especially after todays news, the club would want the new manager to assess what he thinks he needs.
Out of all the managers out there right now, who would joy say would be a good fit for Liverpool.

{Ed002's Note - If there is a clear need and the right player at the right price, then it would be wrong to not improve the team.}

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26 Jan 2024 17:13:23
With Klopp having a habit of lying over and over again, he will be back in the PL there seems to be more than just been exausted and why he said he will speak more at end of season. Trust him as much as my ex.

{Ed025's Note - i dont think this is the time to have a pop at him mate..

26 Jan 2024 17:33:32
Classy post there Kev.

26 Jan 2024 17:40:28

No point sugar coating this…. You are a prat,

26 Jan 2024 17:45:40
I think you’ve put quite a lot of sugar on that to be honest Tommy!

26 Jan 2024 17:51:35
Ur a troll and a bollox.

26 Jan 2024 17:55:37
What a daft comment, let’s celebrate him. Best manager we’ve had in many years.

26 Jan 2024 19:40:21
I'm guessing Kev your ex was the daddy of the wing and got bored of you once he'd ruined your capabilities to sit properly!

26 Jan 2024 20:14:01
Well done KevDarko, we’ve found Brendan Rodgers sock account.

26 Jan 2024 20:23:48
KevDarko created an account just to troll. Absolute loser.

26 Jan 2024 21:36:02
Every word true Thunderbird.

26 Jan 2024 21:40:06
3 out of 10 for effort, zero for content.
A lame attempt in all.

26 Jan 2024 22:57:36
While this is sad news it is good timing, I am sure that potential managers will be having a good long hard think about do they want this wonderful job rather than LFC having to make a quick fix decision.

Thank you Jurgen, YNWA!

26 Jan 2024 18:36:57
Obviously created a new account to post this, which just makes a more tragic and pathetic….

26 Jan 2024 19:07:12
Get a grip lad.

27 Jan 2024 03:08:30
Love Xabi Alonso style, not sure whether too early in his career to be thrown into the deep end of a top PL team?

De Zebri could be a shout.

Not super familiar with managers in other leagues.

27 Jan 2024 03:44:53
I'm so glad that Jurgen is a Red.
I'm so glad he delivered what he said.
Jurgen said to me, you know. We'll win the Premier League, you know. He said so.
I'm in love with him and I feel fine. ?

27 Jan 2024 07:19:00
I’m gutted mate, feel like I have been kicked in the kahunas.



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