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26 Jan 2024 16:41:18
Well we may as well get this out the way - ed002, if you have a moment, who would be the runners and riders for the big seat come the end of the season.

{Ed002's Note - It It will change, but perhaps:
Xabi Alonso (C) A popular choice and having a great season at Bayer Leverkusen, but very inexperienced.
Pep Ljinders (C) Liverpool could look to trying to persuade him to stay for continuity.
Zinedine Zidane (C) I understand an advisor has told Liverpool not to discount Zindane after discussions over another job for him are delayed pending a change of club ownsership.
Julian Nagelsmann (C) Contracted until the Euros are finished in the summer - talented and perhaps should not be discounted.
Roberto de Zerbi (C) Brighton would fight to keep him but another who will certainly be discussed.
Arne Slot (C) Complete wildcard, but a great coach and very good option.
Michel (C) No obvious interest and may well have another job in mida already. Another wildcard who should be considered.
Steven Gerrard (C) Did well at Rangers but pretty hopeless since. Perhaps a popular choice for some of the fans, it would be very unlikely in my view.}

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27 Jan 2024 10:09:55
Would Amorim be in consideration Ed?

{Ed002's Note - I would doubt it and I would doubt Sporting would be open to offers.}

27 Jan 2024 10:54:41
Ed002 two questions really as your insight into the game is always a step above most the other views we get on tv etc - who from the list above or those potentially available would be your best pick? Do you feel that Alonso not having the experience is another situation similar to Gerrard where they would struggle in England or do you think he’s a lot more tactically adept like Pep was in Spain originally and arguably Arteta is since joining Arsenal?

{Ed002's Note - Nagelsmann of the likely candidates would work. There is a risk with Alondo and Michel allthough but are have great seasons. Gerrard would not be a good choice. Ljinders gives continuity but would need to be persuaded to stay. Slot would be a bold but good choice. Much will depend on what advice the club is given.}

27 Jan 2024 11:33:34
Please God not Gerrard.

27 Jan 2024 12:01:55
Xabi Alonso with the right structure around him seems like the best move. As Xabi is considered one of us, he would get more time and patience in the role than others.

27 Jan 2024 12:47:09
I don't think I'd want Zidane either great player but not sure he's a great manager, I know he won with Madrid but look at the squad he had.

27 Jan 2024 23:18:21
De Zerbi comes with the same level of risk as Potter did.

The Sporting manager is surely available at a price, as is everything in that league. Would FSG pay 20m for a manager though?
At least with Xabi he knows L4 and the culture well. I'd be overjoyed with him, despite the inexperience, with the one caveat being that surely we'd be a stepping stone for Real or even Bayern, eventually. 5 years max then, as seems to be the standard in this day and age, apart from when a unique and brilliant individual like Jurgen comes along.

27 Jan 2024 18:42:45
As always thanks ed002, much appreciated.

Hope the start of 2024 finds you well.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome and wish you and yours a safe and adverse health and fungus free 2024.}

28 Jan 2024 11:30:48
Zidane won 2 league titles and 3 CL titles he’s definitely a top manager. He had good players but so what? If we bring him in and give him good players he’s proved he can deliver.

{Ed025's Note - i just dont think he fits OK, comes across as a bit of an arse hole to me mate..

28 Jan 2024 22:54:10
I reckon Zidane might be a good option. You just know if Pep G gets in his way, that he's just a headbutt away from clearing out the tech area.

29 Jan 2024 17:19:56
He could well be an arse I’ve never really read into what he’s like. But I think even if he was the most important thing is his cv. I doubt there’s another Klopp out there. Mourinho was an arse too but he won trophy after trophy.

{Ed025's Note - i think Klopp changed the narrative when it comes to management OK, very magnanimous and approachable and bonded with the city and its fans, the likes of Zidane and Mourinho are not like that at all and are egoists who think its all about them mate, i hope Liverpool are better than that and pick someone who can carry on the legacy..



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