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06 Nov 2023 17:15:26
Yesterday's game with Luton was a great example of what needs to be fixed.

Let's start with TRENT = he is the biggest weakness in our side currently. EVERY winger in the league wants to play against him. He has 3 assists in 12 games this season (only 1 in the league though) and teams are wise to this tactic of utilising him as a playmaker in our side. what they do to combat this is press him, he is liable to make a minimum of two mistakes a game.

Secondly, the biggest disappointment this season has been Alexis Mac Allister. He hasn't got the legs to get about, he hasn't got the strength to win the 50/ 50's etc. fair enough he is not necessarily playing in his preferred position, but his passing has been super wayward and he really needs to improve because when Thiago comes back, I have a feeling Mac Allister is going to be living on the bench until Thiago gets injured again.

Lastly, JURGEN - I love the man. BUT he made some poor decisions yesterday, he should have taken Trent off instead of Gomez and swapped Gomez over to Trents side to let Kostas play LB. Also, surely he can see MacAllister just is not working at this moment in time.

Outside of this, some of the best performers this season just didn't get going yesterday. Darwin, Szoboslai, Mo also. Everyone can have off days, but yesterday was a chance to get ahead of steam in terms of league position. Such a disappointment, especially for travelling fans.

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06 Nov 2023 17:22:45
The obsession with Trent's game has persisted for 3 seasons now.

I feel bad for Macca. He's done an ok job as a no. 6, even though it is not what he was signed for. He's certainly not as crap in the role, but clearly it is not where he should be playing.

Playing Gomez at left back and having Trent invert looked bizarre. And Klopp didn't change it at halftime either.

Trent, Salah, Konate and Szobo were the poorest of the bunch.
Jota, Gomez and Macca were average at best.
Virgil and Darwin (glaring miss aside) were excellent.

06 Nov 2023 19:03:56
Can’t believe how bad szobo was. Wasn’t surprised to see him hooked first, needs to put in the same performances away from home as at anfield.

06 Nov 2023 19:41:02
Imagine if we’d lost.

We had a bad day at the office. Luton did well, fair play to them, they deserved something from the game. It’s gone now, onto the next one.

06 Nov 2023 20:06:48
We played a team to get us through the game - a bit of squad rotation, a bit of trying players in roles they don’t usually play. Not overly respectful to Luton, but on the face of it enough to get us through the match and take the points. Simply, it didn’t work. We looked unbalanced / disjointed and out of sorts. Luton played well and we scraped a point. Not our finest hour and we were fortunate not to lose. Anyway, it could have been worse, but it’s done now, so - lessons learned - it’s on to the next one.

06 Nov 2023 20:55:31
Would have picked up another assist if Nunez had finished.

I think the horse has bolted and to be fair, the team aren’t exactly flunking the test. We are on another journey and so far so good.

06 Nov 2023 21:10:15
for me we had no wwidth on the right, both Szob and Mo were hopeless, we should have moved Trent there and that would also have sorted the Trent position thing.

06 Nov 2023 21:22:10
We had players mainly Szob and Mo who gave us very little, klopp very slow to adapt . too slow of a pace.

06 Nov 2023 21:37:13
Typical big time Charlies playing 80% because they are playing against a bottom 3 team, We have seen it time and time again.

07 Nov 2023 05:53:17
Macallister is being badly utilized by the manager and coaches who are shoe-horning him into a role he simply isn’t suited for.

Trent is being utilized in this bizarre system where he becomes a midfielder, and whilst it sometimes works it very often does not. Luton absolutely packed the center of the pitch, so we got Trent to step into midfielder. Game was crying out for width, overlapping fullbacks would have given our forwards more space, and more service. We had a lot of good chances, but this system just isn’t good and it will only continue to cause issues.

07 Nov 2023 14:06:54
LFC08, that's a bit harsh on Szobo. If you could not see that the kid looked tired after racking up 95 minute games of late then that's on you. Give the kid a break.

As for the Trent situation, the kid gets played where he is asked to play. It's not his fault. That is a dear Klopp question amongst many others. Also, he is not the only reason we are struggling in this system that simply does NOT work. A lot of players are as well.

07 Nov 2023 14:09:26
@Langland - when was the last time we saw it? We’ve lost one league game in the last 20 or so, which was down to some very dubious decisions given against us. We are in the quarter final of the League Cup and we have won our first three European games.



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