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09 Nov 2023 08:21:24
Can we not just get Artificial Intelligence to referee games nowadays? Real talk though VAR has ruined football and no matter how much people may have enjoyed the Spurs Chelsea game it did feel like I had been watching it forever. Games are going on far too long now and I don’t know how I would feel locked in the stadium for 3-4 hours just to watch a football game getting beyond ridiculous.

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09 Nov 2023 08:56:30
For sure AI would be the future. quiet a few incompetent would lose their jobs.

09 Nov 2023 09:29:44
Be interesting to see lol can't help thinking we'd just go back to people saying "if we had a real human who knows how the breathe in VAR. " lol.

09 Nov 2023 09:49:33
OP, that would make sense but then, these arrogant refs would turn their noses up to the idea and cry that the human element is gone, like Faitinworks said. The semi auto offside works a treat in the CL but the PGMOL (and the clubs) did not want it so there is your proof.

Also, keep in ind that the PGMOL didn't want VAR to begin with cos they knew it would give them way less power so they implemented it terribly on purpose to get us where we are today. They will do the same thing with AI officiating and deliberately implement it terribly as well cos well, they don't want it to begin with.

09 Nov 2023 10:13:05
Beyond semi auto offsides, AI is probably 20 years away from being able to handle a football game.

At current AI can't reliably steward multi player racing sims beyond track cuts. And at least in those people are nominally going in the same direction.

09 Nov 2023 12:57:27
Something Red, 20 years? I'd say much less, more likely 5-10 years with current machine learning. Coupled with the fact a system would have thousands upon thousands of matches to review and learn from, getting more efficient after each one.

09 Nov 2023 13:10:55
Have you people not seen the Terminator films. Once AI becomes self aware we’re screwed.

09 Nov 2023 13:49:00
Its a real legitimate issue, Bobby.

09 Nov 2023 14:44:03
Only if your name is John.

09 Nov 2023 16:19:57
That’s me then??‍♂️. Oops.

09 Nov 2023 18:22:31
I'm not an expert stuie, but as I understand it, Machine Learning ultimately boils down to the machine being repeatedly shown patterns until it can generalise and perform tasks without specific, detailed instructions.

So, for this example it'd look at thousands of hours of football, be told where the fouls are, be told who's committing the fouls, be told what makes them fouls etc. and then be told to identify the fouls in other games of football. Although it wouldn't truly understand what it's actually looking at.

I think a football game even though it's divided into two groups of 11 working to a common goal, is still 22 individual humans, all with unique thoughts, intentions, reaction times, pace, etc. etc. and is far too chaotic for a machine to be able to referee any time soon. I'd actually be surprised if it could do it in the next 20 years. Bear in mind, AI ref only needs to mistake a foot for a hand, or fail to recognise a player, or something like that, ONCE and the whole thing is in disrepute.

The concentration should be on better training of match officials and clearing up what VAR should and shouldn't be doing.

09 Nov 2023 22:12:33
I have been calling for AI to ref top tier football for a while now. They are not prone to brain farts like their human counterparts.



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