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22 Nov 2023 20:23:33
Interested to see what people's take is on Premier League clubs voting against the ban on loan deals between associated clubs? Seems very short sighted.

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22 Nov 2023 21:20:30
I don't pretend to know the specifics. But, I'm imagining if I'm the owner of multiple clubs then I would want the flexibility to move players between clubs I own.

22 Nov 2023 22:20:23
It’s pretty much a rigged vote. Premier League rules say that to change anything there has to be at least 15 teams that vote in favour of the change.

In this case there were 13 clubs that voted to ban loans from associated clubs and 7 that didn’t and we all know who they were.

So almost 2 thirds of the league think it should be banned but because there are 7 teams in the league that could benefit from loaning players from associated clubs the vote was a non starter.

They should just go with the majority it would be a much fairer way of doing it but it takes some control away from the bigger clubs so they won’t do it that way.

If only David Cameron had the same idea then the whole Brexit debacle might have looked a lot different!

23 Nov 2023 06:20:16
Thems the breaks. Do all 7 of those clubs stand to benefit?

23 Nov 2023 08:00:18
PB you want the majority to be acknowledged in the EPL voting system. However you start harping on about Brexit when the majority WAS listened to!

23 Nov 2023 08:46:31
Surely it must be a case of ‘mystery men’ from Saudi ‘rigging the vote’? They, no doubt, promised to undermine Newcastle’s title challenge by taking half of their squad in January to bolster the four state owned teams in the Saudi League ?.

23 Nov 2023 08:24:17
Hypothetical question.

How is FFP affected by this scenario?

For example, Newcastle, cannot spend 100m on new players due to FFP rules.
The owners then buy some top players in their Saudi owned teams, and then loan those players to Newcastle.

Is that a level playing field for all teams?

All Hypothetical but I'd guess these types of scenarios could potential exist and since I'm no expert in FFP, I'm just asking if this could be seen as a loop hole.

23 Nov 2023 08:25:02
@BP, why does setting a certain number of clubs having to agree mean something is “rigged”?

23 Nov 2023 10:42:15
People are voting for/ against the initiative based on their individual best interests. People literally do that all the time when it comes to voting on initiatives. Where is this process rigged, exactly?

{Ed002's Note - Only one club is likely to be impacted by this and that is Newcastle, if they were looking to take players on loan from teams owned by the Saudi PIF. Other clubs could potentially be impacted, e.g. Crystal Palace, but that seems unlikely. It will have no impact on the majority of the clubs.}

23 Nov 2023 18:13:50
Check with the ed's, but I'm pretty sure they need 14 votes to make a change.

They were one vote short.



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