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27 Nov 2023 00:35:38
The only meaningful dribble past stat for the last game was
1) Ake got past szbo and TAA to assist
2) Gravenberch got past Rodri and that run led to the equaliser

Doku getting past TAA only resulted in one chance but his angles were so narrow that the close range shot amounted to the start of our equaliser.

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27 Nov 2023 08:12:18
Trent scored, Doku didn't.

27 Nov 2023 09:08:29
Spot on, Sgnwa. Oh @Flash, here's another stat: Our GK kept us in the game when it mattered. Their GK didn't.

27 Nov 2023 09:34:36
I rewatched the first half yesterday and I saw Doku ‘dribble past’ Trent once in the whole half. I also saw Trent tackle him 4 times.

In the ‘dribble past’ stat they are including times when Trent has pushed him inside into traffic and he’s been dispossessed.

In reality, by the end of the half Doku rarely tried to dribble past him, he just either passed backwards or cut inside.

27 Nov 2023 10:18:39
We should be talking more about how tsmikas managed to keep Foden quiet. Quiet unbelieveble to me. Doku vs Trent is still a healthy encounter.

27 Nov 2023 11:08:49
Wait, would that the same Tsimikas you disgracefully insulted by calling him "that Greek boy" and slated him for being given a new contract as if he gave the contract to himself?

Would that be the same Tsimikas you wanted gone that not that anyone should care what a City fan has to say about our players but whatever? Yeah, I thought so. Do one, man.

27 Nov 2023 13:04:06
Which is exactly why i said "I am surpised" Oli. What are you not getting. Are you implying posters don't crticize players on this page one week and then goes on to sing songs about them the next week. fecking ROFL.
Tsmiskas stil can't cross a round ball to save his life but did all right against Foden the other day. that's all about it.

27 Nov 2023 13:59:38
Let's talk about Gravenberch and how he seems to make an immediate (sometimes game changing) positive impact the moment he steps on to the field? People drone on and on about Mac Allister. ?

With Szoboszlai, Mac Allister, Gravenberch and Endo, I think the club have had an excellent new midfield recruitment. Klopp got exactly what he wanted. Three #8s and one #6.

27 Nov 2023 18:08:50
I’m guessing personal insults are allowed on this thread but not the one a couple up ?.

28 Nov 2023 02:08:32
I quite like Doku. there is a lot to build upon that lad. promising young player and can't believe they got him for the reported fee lol.

28 Nov 2023 04:34:33
Nothing too surprising about that, Harry. City were targeting Trent hence they decided to play through Doku more. So Foden didn't really see much of the ball. But I agree that Tsimikas handled Foden well during those times that he got the ball.

And I thought Trent defended against Doku well too. I don't buy into all those 1v1 stats because in football, and in the game last night, defending usually done as a team. Trent did enough to slow Doku down and cut out his options, allowing help to arrive. Doku barely impacted the game at all. That's good defending in my eyes.



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