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29 Jan 2024 19:14:21
I was told by Jose Enrique's moustache barber, that Jurgen has taken up Spanish lessons.

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29 Jan 2024 19:45:39
Klopp has a house in Mallorca which he bought for £3.5m and is currently rebuilding so, even if this wasn't a joke, it doesn't necessarily mean anything suspicious.

29 Jan 2024 21:05:46
Think Jurgen will have an extended holiday then maybe take German National job…. Outside bet he goes to Bayern

What he should do though is leave LFC at the end of the season, spend a month in Majorca, come back in August to LFC as director of football and welcome Xabi Alonso as new manager.

Maybe Jurgen should be invited onto board at FSG with remit to oversea its football investments?

29 Jan 2024 21:41:03
We already know that Barça made an approach previously.

It would be a surprise if he went there but not a massive one.

29 Jan 2024 23:01:14
Doubt it’s true, if he thought working under FSG’s limitations were bad, just wait til he sees Barca’s.

30 Jan 2024 07:06:08
Jurgen Klopp has a soft spot for Japanese players, he could manage japan national team to escape the media limelight and genuinely grow the game in Japan. After all, ither other Jurgen (Klinnsman) is managing korea almost remotely.

30 Jan 2024 09:02:30
Pessimistic Dreamer, The man said it himself. He is off to see the world and I'm totally happy for him and his family.

As for Barcelona coming for him, they are wasting their time. Even last summer according to the Ed's discussions on their podcast, Real Madrid came for Klopp when they were trying to ship Carlo out and he declined. Klopp is out the gaff and I feel fine.

30 Jan 2024 09:42:09
What a fantastic Ride Klopp has given us and hopefully a little more this season, i wish him all the best the team he created was one of the best footballing sides ever and a joy to behold. Whatever he does from now if its retiring or managing in some other country he will be remembered as one of the great liverpool managers. I was lucky enough to see Bob Paisleys side and they were excellent but Klopp's were awesome. Just one more thing to say . YNWA.

30 Jan 2024 10:31:54
I expect to see Klopp managing again. I just don’t know where.

Year long break and then back to it I’d imagine.

30 Jan 2024 12:24:24
Personally I don't ever see Klopp at Bayern, doesn't feel like the sort of club he would go for.
Maybe a return to Dortmund or another team that's near the top but could do with a bit of Klopp magic.
I definitely don't see him going to Barca, did you read Xavi’s comments? If Klopp is burnout after his journey with Liverpool, it seems only a couple of seasons in Barcelona would be enough for him to require another holiday.

{Ed002's Note - He nearly went to Bayern Munich before, Dortmund is not an option at this time.}

30 Jan 2024 13:02:09
Why is Dortmund not an option, Ed?

{Ed002's Note - Eric Terzic has been there a year or so and is doing very well. They want a contract extension.}

30 Jan 2024 14:40:43
Not everyone wants Klopp to coach them apparently, Ed02 right?

{Ed002's Note - Right, not everybody.}

30 Jan 2024 15:26:09
Who knows what Dortmund will think of Terzic in a year and a half though? They've sacked a lot of managers since Klopp left.

{Ed002's Note - It won't be anything to do with Klopp. He will be wrapped up doing something else in 18 months time.}

30 Jan 2024 16:21:46
@@Babbity - how does he spare the time to rebuild a house?

30 Jan 2024 19:09:12
I think klopp will manage the German national team in due course, i don't think he will manage another club again.
I think what he said in his leaving statement rings threw for him in that he doesn't quite have the energy for it anymore and he's now 56 so it's less energy he will be having not more. International football will give him good time and obviously it a great honour to manage your country. Although personally I'm not sure if klopp will suit International football due to, ironically enough, not having that much time with players. he seems to thrive in working with players and building up relationships with them where they would go threw a wall for him. im not sure u can have that relationship when u don't spend that much time with the player.

30 Jan 2024 21:25:08
Interesting comment Ed. Do you think Klopp will go on to manage the German national team after a year out?

{Ed002's Note - They will have a need this summer.}

30 Jan 2024 23:28:22
@WDW his wife is in charge of it apparently.

31 Jan 2024 10:40:02
Didn't Real Madrid also sound Klopp out on more than one occasion during his time with us - they will have a vacancy in a timeframe that may suit Klopp.

{Ed002's Note - They did - so what is the imeframe that suits Klopp?}

31 Jan 2024 20:50:37
I would be gutted if Jurgen went to Real. I saw a theory that he is not as much of a socialist as idealists like me want to believe he is.
Real could be quite a breezy job for him.
I'd like to think that he would choose Athletico and turn them into regular contenders.
Whatever he does, I'll always love the man.



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