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31 Jan 2024 23:52:13
Moises who?

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01 Feb 2024 07:08:59
I seem to remember one particular poster continually insisting that we we would go nowhere unless we signed him.
He'd struggle to get in our current side, never mind improve it.

01 Feb 2024 08:33:53
Flash, no point in rehashing any old stuff from the past, IMO. Caicedo got the deal he wanted. We got the deals we wanted with Macca and Endo (absolute boss players, mind you) so everyone is happy. I know I am.

01 Feb 2024 08:46:07
Still think Caicedo would look a completely different player in our team/ system and would defs improve us in CDM despite Mac having a couple of great games.

01 Feb 2024 09:26:40
He definitely didn't manage to 'part the red sea', he was more completely overwhelmed by the incoming tide.

01 Feb 2024 10:19:09
Rather have endo than moses.

01 Feb 2024 12:25:44
Rather have Mac. He was superb last night.

He’s made the most tackles of any Liverpool player in the last 3 seasons in his last 2 league games and the lad sure can pick a pass. Yes they don’t always come off but that’s because he doesn’t choose to go backwards and sideways 5 yards for 80% of the game.

01 Feb 2024 12:33:00
I think so, too Brummyred. I guess we will never know really.

01 Feb 2024 13:04:36
Doubt he would get in our reserves.



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