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01 Feb 2024 12:05:44
Hi Ed001,

How do you think we line up for Arsenal? Trent and Robbo are back but I'm not quite sure you can bench Gomez and Bradley with how well they have been playing! Maybe move Trent into midfield for Mac?


{Ed001's Note - I think Klopp was hinting that he might just rest Gomez and Bradley. Hard to tell for sure as he could have just been trying to keep Arteta guessing. It is most likely going to depend on the fitness of Gomez and Bradley and if the fitness coaches think they need a break. We are probably going to see a fair bit of rotation in the run in. Klopp has been doing that a lot this season, I can't see him changing now as it will keep the players fresh for the later stages.}

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01 Feb 2024 13:23:01
What a squad we currently have for rotation but the team who started last night 100% deserve to start Sunday as long as there’s no fitness concerns.

The crazy thing about our squad is that Kelleher is unlikely to start another game of football now until the league cup final.

01 Feb 2024 13:30:11
Gomez has to play against arsenal, he had great game against saka in cup and well suited to playing against him. Can be rested next game if needed, this one is too big.

01 Feb 2024 14:08:05
I'd start with one that started and one that was subbed on last game. Then do the reverse 2nd half. Good chance to rest the players that have been playing and getting match fitness for the injured players.

01 Feb 2024 14:22:17
Honestly, with Gomez and Bradley at the back we have looked much more solid at the back and we have lost nothing in attack. Actually I think we look better in attack with our forwards having a bit more space to drag the defenders into.
I think Bradley has to start against Arsenal as we saw his effect when he came on against them previously, he shut down the attack on their left straight away.

01 Feb 2024 13:32:46
Yeah I can imagine that Ed. We have many a game left in this season and could potentially play every possible game once again! Plenty of opportunities for everyone to play.

01 Feb 2024 15:48:59
No way you drop Gomez. And there is absolutely no way you drop Bradley. Both start on Sunday and there is no debate to be had. Trent now starts his journey as a midfield. I say that in the sense that he no longer plays right back and drifts into midfield. No, he starts midfield and plays midfield going forward. Bradley stays as our right back and we stick with him through any bad spells. This is now his spot for, well, for however long he wants to keep it.

Btw, some fans have might have forgotten Bajectic. This boy is also special and was performing at a high level both in the league and Champions League before his injury. If Alonso is to come in and if he is to play the same formation (he is adaptable in formations) . Then Bajectic will become a major player in one of the 6 roles. Trent will also benefit heavily from Alonso becoming our next manager. Who better to coach you into a top 6 than one of the greatest ever 6’s. Alonso will relish sitting down and teaching Trent everything about the position.

Another player who might and will most likely emerge is Owen Beck, who is tailored made for Alonso’s left back role. He will rotate heavily with Robbo. A player who I knew would start showing the Liverpool fans what he is really about is Mac Allister. He has been nothing short of exceptional this last month. That’s the player of Brighton and also the one Argentina get to see game in game out. I feel him being pushed into one the the two 10 roles alongside Szobo will see him go onto another level. Same with Szobo. We will begin to see the Szobo of his previous club and that of his country. The player that leads with goals and assists.

Anyways for now, we really are a great outfit and if we play to our level I see us beating Arsenal and without a drop in level I honestly see us beating every team between Sunday and the City game at Anfield on the 9th of March. And for me, what that allows us is to simply draw that game. Something tells me we will win the quadruple. I believe it more than I did at any point in this season. Why? Because it means more to us, now more than ever!

01 Feb 2024 18:08:32
Same team deserves to start for me. Any way should Trent replace Mac as DM. Mac has been our best midfielder since he returned from injury.

01 Feb 2024 18:30:20
I’d go the same team again and make changes against Burnley at home

Look how spoilt we have become ?.

01 Feb 2024 19:58:57
to me, the lads look like they're bussing and could play the remaining games back to back to back to back and not get tired lol

Trent and Robbo are the starters, but you have to acknowledge the form and momentum we've had with Bradley and Gomez. In a key position on the pitch, heading into a key away game, I feel like the best call is to go with the hot hand.

So Bradley and Gomez it is for me. It does sound like Klopp is setting up the narrative for rotation, but I hope not.

01 Feb 2024 20:21:35
We have to start Gomez until he scores ?.

01 Feb 2024 23:40:32
Whilst I agree with all the comments about Gomez and Bradley, I just can't see Klopp not starting at least one of Trent or Robbo. He has to rotate after a midweek fixture.

02 Feb 2024 01:44:36
Agree Burkey. TAA comes in for Bradley, i suspect, while Joe gets the nod over Robertson. Bradley was nothing short of sensational against Chelsea but he is still young and less experienced than Trent (not to mention he might need a week off) . After watching the last game it is easy to forget what a top, top player TAA is and, despite his obvious potential, Bradley is not at Trents level just yet. Either way, id be confident in whoever gets picked at fullback.

02 Feb 2024 07:02:26
I really hope we start with Bradley, because he's a better one on defender with Trent. He did brilliantly against Martinelli in the FA cup game when he came on. He also seems to be full of confidence and is playing really well. No point in dropping him against Arsenal. May be start with Trent against Burnley where he won't have to defend as much and get upto speed.



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