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20 Feb 2024 00:00:09
Back to posting after a short break

Some brief thoughts on the last game and our players

1) I though the ref was poor, we were on the receiving end on such pretty bad challenges and it went on unchecked for awhile. Right after Jota went off, another flying challenge came in on Bradley and I did fear the worst. On the reverse, he was quick to give Brentford free kicks after free kicks after they dived. And how VAR missed Jota being wrestled to the ground with the flight of the ball passing over them, I'll never know. Thumbs down for me on the ref's performance.

2) Kelleher has gotten better as he played more games. He looked out of sorts in the 4-3 against Fulham but has gotten much better since. Could have done better maybe with the last 2 goals he conceded (first on footwork against Burnley, the second in pushing the ball away from goal though that was a reaction save from close range, so maybe I'm harsh) . But his overall play in catching, closing down, distribution has been good. Did a wonderful Jerzy Duden off the line claw away too in the last game.

3) Bradley, the biggest compliment is perhaps he reminds of Daniel Agger when he broke through back then. Young lad, new to the league but playing like he's a veteran already. He doesn't look out of place at all and his defensive know how is really top notch for a young kid. All to that the goals and assists he already has, makes losing TAA not as painful.

4) Jones, he'll be a big big miss. His energy, pressing, some quality on the ball and goal contributions. Think we have to play midfield differently since he and Szoboszlai are both out and our other midfielder probably can't match their intensity.

5) Endo, having an enforcer makes such a big difference in our midfield. The freedom he gives to others to attack cannot be understated. He also has some good qualities on the ball too. Glad to have him back.

6) Gravenberch, thought that was probably the most combative display since he came. I recall at one point he won the ball or rode a challenge, move on to carry the ball well and made a good pass. If he adds this energy, bite and hunger to his game, and added on his on the ball quality, he will be very very good for us. Perhaps doing what Keita was supposed to but never quite?

7) Elliot, seems to be better coming off the bench but am really glad we have him. Always busy, some quality on the ball and has always made an impact coming on as sub. If Jones, Thiago and Szoboszlai are really out, he'll be so key moving ahead.

8) Nunez, great goal. I hope he's fine, as him being on the pitch alone changes the way opposition defend against us. And when they don't on set pieces, that is what happens.

9) Jota, his runs and goals will be missed! I personally felt his injury wasn't all accidental. So I'm somewhat livid at the player and ref for allowing so much to go unchecked.

10) Salah, welcome back and hope he's not injured at all! Looks fresh, fit and fired up.

11) Thomas Frank, thanks but no thanks. Don't like his football now, lacks defensive sense and not sure if he's any good at all in football tactics and management.

Hope we can somehow get through this period of injuries and claim our first silverware this weekend!

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20 Feb 2024 00:15:19
I can’t believe people genuinely thought Frank was remotely good enough to manage us.

20 Feb 2024 02:28:35
Welcome back sgynwa :)

20 Feb 2024 09:34:40
Good to see you back sgynwa.

20 Feb 2024 11:24:07
@sgynwa, didn't know you left, mate lol. In all seriousness, great post as usual and I most agree with you on Grav, man. I was fuming when Klopp started him over Elliott at Arsebnal and he dropped a stinker. Not his fault cos he simply is not used to the way we play and press at the right moments. Elliott knows this inside out and IMO, he should have started. Prolly would have lost with the shambolic mistakes BUT I think we would have had a better chance.

@ViktorVaughan, you think? I mentioned on Ed01's game review thread that whoever thinks this Frank is anywhere near good enuff to replace Klopp, should keep him well away from my club with that dross he's been serving up.

20 Feb 2024 12:55:09
Thanks guys. Happy to be back reading and posting again after a very hectic period for me.

20 Feb 2024 15:05:24
I’ve never seen a poster or heard a fan mention Frank as a Klopp replacement.

The only link I’ve ever seen is the media reporting that FSG are fans of him. But what do the media know. Unless it comes from here some wouldn’t believe the sky was blue.

20 Feb 2024 15:11:42
Only 2 people feel a decent fit, Alonso and Amorin, both young, experienced lower levels and now flourishing in the spotlight.



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