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17 Mar 2024 23:48:24
I see the same old posters are back now we’ve lost a game.

Don’t hear a peep from them for weeks then when we lose it’s like all of their negative criticism is vindicated.

See, I told you Klopp’s subs were rubbish! Completely ignoring the fact that our subs have been involved in more goals than anyone else’s this season.

Or see, I told you Klopp has lost it. Completely ignoring the fact that he’s got us in a title race, already won a trophy and to the quarter final of 2 others.

Honestly, how arrogant and entitled do you have to be to expect a team you ‘support’ to win every single game? Then when they don’t you want to criticise everyone involved and say how poor they’ve been all along ignoring all of the great things they’ve been doing all season.

It’s football, sometimes you lose if you can’t handle that then watch something else.

A quadruple has never been done because it’s incredibly hard to do. Almost impossible to do in fact. We are amazingly lucky that we support a team that even talks about it.

I’m sick of fans that just want to be critical and pray for the day we lose so they can somehow confirm their criticism was justified.

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18 Mar 2024 02:26:00
Beckers. Maybe as I don’t pay attention to when others post but I’m here win lose or draw. So if you’re aiming that at me, you may need to get your facts straight before typing.

I’ll just speak for myself here and not the others you seem to be addressing. All I want is to be the best team and win everything like any other fan. So let’s quit the holier than thou fan stuff. Because one things for sure. You ain’t above me in terms of supporting this club. Same way I ain’t above you.

I want Klopp to get the send off he deserves. I have stated that from when the quadruple was a reality, all the way through that period and still maintain that (now treble) until the end of the season. But this not allowed to criticise Klopp thing some have I will simply not abide by. Simple as that!

18 Mar 2024 02:40:30
Very well said mate, a loss today wasn't what any of us wanted but it happens. We move on, we're very lucky overall to be in the position we are in. I for one am very grateful for the position the club has put us in, long may it continue and we must enjoy it while it lasts because although I see us doing very well for many years to come, nothing lasts forever.

The doom and gloom merchants need to wake up and see exactly what is going on at the moment. One loss vs a rival, I think most aren't even bothered about the FA cup, they're more fussed that we lost to Utd. We move on, these things happen. Fair play to them, they won it and we didn't, it is what it is, we can't change it we learn from it. Plenty more to play for.

Just enjoy the rest of the season, Klopps last. We're doing incredibly well and nobody would've imagined us to do this well this season, we're already exceeding expectations. Enjoy the moment and look forward to the next few months because it's going to be one hell of a ride.

18 Mar 2024 02:41:32
It was a proper cup game that we didn’t manage very well
Could be tired bodies out there but we surely had enough quality and chances to win it, thereby the frustrations

But I agree there is no need for over the top criticism l.
The very Nunez and Elliot that made the mistakes that arguably cost us the game were also the ones who made the chances or scored to keep us in it

The subs that were made did blunt us but I’m unsure if we did be any happier if Salah and Szoboslai stayed on and got injured

We just need to get things right and win at OT in the PL

Somehow how they have been crap but we haven’t beaten them this season! Feels abit like role reversal where we were not winning anything but always showed up to nick pts off utd to affect their title races in the 2000s.

18 Mar 2024 03:17:24
I’ve not seen anyone slate the team to any unjustifiable extent.
The subs killed us. That’s about all we can say.

18 Mar 2024 07:11:12
Take your point Beckers. I think it’s just frustration cos we had our foot on their throat and let them escape. And it’s them.
As i said, fair play to Utd, they gambled and we weren’t clinical enough to take advantage. The day when Jota’s absence finally bit.
Fingers crossed we don’t pick up any more injuries and we take all that frustration out on Brighton at the end of the month.

18 Mar 2024 07:15:39
Said it before and I’ll say it again - forums like this are a hive of activity when we don’t win and then tumbleweed when we do win.

18 Mar 2024 07:30:52
Your first sentence sums it up perfectly for me. We didn’t manage the game very well. It is what it is?‍♂️

Reminds me of the years when Liverpool were crap and hung onto the odd cup win to somehow stay relevant. That’s United today.

18 Mar 2024 07:40:29
Anyone thinking that losing such a tight game at a place like Old Trafford has wrecked our season or made Klopp a failure is simply following the wrong sport.
And if you're going to criticise Klopp and the players on here after yesterday and the immense effort they've put in this season then you can expect to be called out on it.
And rightly so.
If you can't handle it back, don't dish it out in the first place.

18 Mar 2024 08:45:42
There are things to be critical about yesterdays game. But something i keep reminding people about. How many first choice players were still unavailable? Jota, Trent, Konate, Jones, Alisson. I thinl all oif us, myself included, need to remember the terriblke injury list we've had, and still get to where we are. A full squad and maybe the quad was on, but its asking a hell of a lot without that number of players and the knock on effect on others who are playing more than they would. The premier league is the big one. UP THE REDS.

18 Mar 2024 08:49:44
As long as everyone learns from it then we can achieve great things. Win the next PL game is all that matters and is more important.

18 Mar 2024 10:16:21
It’s absolutely aimed at you Alonso and posters like Mango too.

You were all over these pages last season and at the start of this telling anyone who would listen about how poor Klopp’s substitutions are but then the unthinkable happened, his subs have made a real difference all season.

Did I see you posting about how wrong you were? You might have done but I certainly didn’t see it.

Then in one game when his subs didn’t work months later you pipe up saying you were right all along?

Klopp’s not perfect mate but then nor should he be. No human being is ever perfect but if you’re going to criticise it has to be based on actual real evidence. The evidence this season far outweighs your argument but you just couldn’t wait to feel relevant again could you?

Same with Mango. Last season he was full of how Klopp is finished but then we’re top of the league and chasing a quad so we don’t hear from him.

We lose one game and he’s back telling us how ‘limited’ Klopp is and how a new manager is needed. Again the evidence far outweighs his argument but a defeat makes him feel relevant again so he’s loving it.

But then you expect these players and the manager to run through brick walls and give you everything when you can’t even give them your support when things don’t go their way.

It’s shocking mate there’s no other word for it.

18 Mar 2024 11:16:25
steviep62 I wouldn't use the Injuries as an excuse, United had them yesterday. United were missing a few starters and backup options. as well as Hoijland and Bissaka first game back in a few weeks/ months. Liverpool were poor.

18 Mar 2024 14:02:23
Dio1989 I wasn’t using injuries as a excuse and not about yesterday. Other teams have had injuries of course they have. Utd have played 6 games less than us since Xmas we have had 7 first 11 players out together for weeks. I was talking about us, lfc fans and our expectations. Nothing to do with the Scum.



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