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03 May 2024 20:07:02
Liverpool have champions league football next season, that’s a step forward on the last one. Hopefully will help attract some players as well.

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03 May 2024 20:57:15
Winning the League Cup the way we did is another big step, IMO. It shows our winning me ntality and desire to fight till the end is still intact, something Arne Slot is going to need esp. with the veterans in the squad being key in letting his message get thru to the rest of the squad, IMO.

03 May 2024 22:11:18
Is that sarcasm oli? The players have shown nothing but a weak defeatist mentality lately.

I do wonder if a hendo or milner would of got hold of some players and tore into them, I can't see anyone in the current squad doing that. Trent and vvd don't seem to have an angry bone in them.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing I know but we lack leadership no doubt about it, Trents more concerned with modelling at the minute just seen them pics of him in the new kit wearing flares. Gave me DCL tom Davies vibes.

03 May 2024 22:39:31
I think that’s harsh Amorim.
I see more mental fatigue than weakness. If they were mentally weak they would have capitulated against Man U twice but they didn’t. They kept fighting until the end.

When a manager announces their departure it creates uncertainty. It’s tough to maintain the highest performance with that uncertainty in your mind.

I don’t blame them, it’s been a tough 2 seasons and they’ve won a trophy and qualified for the champions league.

04 May 2024 00:57:24
Isn't modelling and promoting new kits something that all footballers do? I literally see the entire squad doing that on the main social media pages of the club. A bit strange to single out Trent like that.

04 May 2024 01:06:25
Probably am being harsh to be honest Ron, I still think there is somewhat of a leadership void what with the players heads dropping and us lacking the discipline to concede the first goal for the last 20 odd games. But as you and others have suggested it could be the klopp leaving effect as we were mustard up until the announcement.

04 May 2024 02:25:42
Good post Ron, very true mate.

04 May 2024 07:07:47
Hendo and Milner would never have let the team finish 5th last season.

Oh wait. My.

04 May 2024 07:33:31
Good reply Amorim, only City and Arsenal stand to finish ahead of us this season. Given the difficulties we’ve had - Salah off to AFCON, his legs clearly going, an entirely new midfield 3, Becker having a long injury, Diaz having his father kidnapped, Klopp announcing his resignation half way through the season, the Thursday/ Sunday routine, trying to compete in 4 trophies - overall we can’t complain.

We’ve not played well in recent weeks but it’s only really Atalanta who have thrashed us over 2 legs.

With top 4 assured, I’d like us to give some youngsters more playing time and I’m thinking Danns, Koumas, Clarke. Let’s see what energy they can bring to the team, let them start against Spurs.

04 May 2024 07:59:49
I think amorion has a point as regards leadership, I think the end of this season has left a lot of questions about this group. in my time supporting lfc if we in a title race or playing a final we always hard beat, never seen a full squad fall apart like this in a run in.
Tactics and klopp leaving no doubt have played a part but id still expect if we top with 7 games to go we wouldn't be completly out of it with 3 games to go. id expect us to die with our boots on like we always have, id be worried about lack of authority and lack of confidence in ourselves when it comes to crunch.
In saying that at start of season if u offered me 3rd and a cup id have been delighted but end of season i think has left a big question mark as regards mentality/ bottle of our players, i think vital we buy at least 2 big characters as well as been good players.

04 May 2024 08:39:38
Captain of Holland.
Captain of Scotland.
Captain of Japan.
Captain of Hungary.
Captain of Egypt.

Often all in the line up together.

If we can’t find a leader between them and that doesn’t even include the likes of Ali or Trent, then we really are in trouble.

04 May 2024 10:06:04
Thinking back to a couple of weeks ago and Mac Allister praising Szoboszlai, obviously aware he needs a confidence boost. Do we have a potential future captain/ vice captain in Mac Allister,

Virgil's been okay at dishing out the criticism, sometimes you need that person who is going to be the arm around the shoulder, the word of encouragement in the ear.

04 May 2024 10:49:06
Nonsense, Amorin. Hendo and Milner? You mean like they grabbed a few last season when they where struggling to keep up with the pace of the game let alone try to lead others? Oh, like their leadership prevented us from finishing 5th last season? yeah, hindsight is a great so you can go sit on the floor cos you're talking porkies.

And you saying we showed a defeatists attitude this season is a crock of nonsense cos had we done that, the EFL Cup triumph literally does NOT happen. And we have 27 point or so from losing positions (which has come to burn us, I agree) so what the football are you waffling about regarding a lack of leadership?

IMO, our issues are NOT related to leadership on the pitch. They are related to the staff's inability to fix our tactical issues and the waslow, possession tactics we play which has caused issues and inconsistencies that follow in all phases of play. Include that with the drop in form esp. mentally due to Klopp's inability to motivate the players cos he is leaving, does not help either. That was my point.



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