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15 May 2024 11:56:58
When Jurgen walked through the doors at Anfield, i just knew he was the right manager and i am distraught he is leaving . I do hope a statue is put up for him. He deserves it he really does.
I wish Jurgen and his family all the best and thank you from the bottom of my heart. YNWA.

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15 May 2024 13:20:33
A bit rubbishty isn't it that he's leaving but I think it's the right time. Agree regarding the statue. More then anything I just hope he enjoys his time off and takes time to relax a little, he's put everything in and we can't ask for more than that.

Was one of them when he joined, I remember stopping the car to watch his first press conference and I also knew he'd do well with us, it was just that feeling wasn't it?

I can't say I have it right now but I do wish the new manager the very best of luck and I hope he has the support klopp had when he joined.

15 May 2024 15:13:25
All things must pass.

He has been brilliant for the club and he has literally given all he can give.

Thank you and very best wishes for a happy and healthy future for him and his family wherever their journey leads.

15 May 2024 16:00:17
What do we all think of Slot then to be our next Klopp, I’m not 100% sold on him yet but I’m willing to have my mind changed.

15 May 2024 16:17:14
He should slot straight in.

15 May 2024 18:10:59
I think if Slot does well he could actually strengthen Klopps legacy. It’d be similar to how Shanks set us up in the past.

Klopp has done wonders for us and the journey has been incredible but we move on to another chapter and see where it takes us.

15 May 2024 18:33:58
It’s right to give him a fantastic send off but we can’t be too sentimental we need to look forwards now, and give Slot all our support.

15 May 2024 18:41:14
I believe that Slot will be a great Coach for LFC, Klopp was massive, and was just amazing, but in the end he took too much on, and people left the club cos they could not work with him .
I really do wish him the Best .
but we have to move on too . this season was brilliant but but has not ended well .

15 May 2024 19:09:04
Klopp is who I always wanted over Ancelloti at the time and thankfully, he proved me right cos he absolutely bombed at Bayern. Klopp was perfect for us and I knew we would improve under him and we did in that season he arrived.

We went up gears after that making the CL final and finishing in the top 4 and then, he turned us into Champions of NOWHERE to Champions of EVERYWHERE. The modern day Bill Shankly, me thinks.

Like everyone, it's time for him to go and leave the mantle to someone else to take us forward BUT most importantly, he kept his promise. He said he would NEVER leave us in a bad spot, something he could have done after last season. But he stayed and set us up well for Slot to come in and keep it moving. Honor and Dignity, Till The End!

15 May 2024 20:04:01
Would have loved to have seen Klopp better supported by the owners, the man is a genius. Love him dearly.

15 May 2024 21:07:28
Let Slot be Slot he doesn’t need to be the next Klopp. Any new manager coming in needs to be let do things his way and not be compared to Jurgen.

15 May 2024 23:01:37
Slot isn’t the next Klopp. Klopp wasn’t the next Rodgers

If there is a need to judge, then they should be judged on their own skills and capability, and also the external circumstance that directly impact what they (can) do.



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