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16 May 2024 17:00:44
I don't understand why people are even considering selling TAA. He is an exceptional footballer with the bonus of being a local lad. Regardless of where he plays, he will only make the team better with his ability. We should be looking to get the most out of his abilities and not selling him for money that, let's be realistic, isn't needed by the club.

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16 May 2024 17:15:55
Because it doesn't look like he wants to be here any more.

16 May 2024 17:49:20
Stuie, that’s just bring sentimental. Take a long look at it. He’s not good enough defensively to be a right back and doesn’t have the work ethic or all round game to be a centre midfielder. Aside from the occasional Hollywood pass and even rarer long range goal he doesn’t really offer much, if he wasn’t a local lad you’d be looking to move on. Bradley is a far better right back all round, we can do better in midfield, get some money and move on. And yes, we do need the money as we have a hand to mouth model.

16 May 2024 18:07:56
The TAA hate here is crazy. He is our most talented player, and was as pivotal as Salah and VVD in our success. And he is still just entering his prime years. He is probably the best passer in the league, and just before he got injured people were even calling him as one of our PotS. Alas, memory is short in football. He has been underwhelming since his return, but so have been many. The muddled tactics don't help either. In the right system, he was a great right back, and I believe in the right system he will again be great. Slot's new ideas might just be what he needs.

16 May 2024 18:43:29
It doesn't matter if you love him or hate him (I love him) . If he wants to go and live in Madrid rather than Liverpool then he won't perform for us (I would rather live in Madrid too) .

16 May 2024 18:43:40
If he’s happy to play right back/ wingback then I agree he’s a quality player.
The fly in the ointment is Connor Bradley who has had a few brilliant performances.
Bradley is good enough to start.
They can’t both start in that position.

That’s the problem to me, where does he play.

16 May 2024 19:31:40
If slot plays 4231 with us i would play trent in the midfield 2 and try and build a team around him, as i believe he is that good. Buy a physically dominant defensive minded midfielder and play them 2 together.
BUT trent will have 2 'up it' and be a lot more physical in the tackle and in the air. He also needs to stop this walking back to defend, villa 1st goal when watkins skinned quansah on outside trent just jogging back, if he hadve sprinted he may have got a block on cross. He has to improve that side of his game ad it just not acceptable. The other side of his game, vision, passing is absolutly world class, no doubt.

16 May 2024 20:19:51
What's wrong with having two top rightbacks, going to be even more games next year with the new Champions league format. They would both get plenty of football, we have always wanted squad depth, now when we have two genuine top options in a position people want to throw one out A player who has served the club tremendously.

16 May 2024 20:50:03
I agree with Digger here. Give him preseason in the midfield and work on his positioning in training and see if he can do it.

16 May 2024 21:26:39
He’s not good enough to start in midfield in my opinion. He's a luxury as a midfielder.
Midfielders have to do more these days than being passing machines.

16 May 2024 21:44:51
Have I missed something? Is Trent saying he wants to leave?

17 May 2024 01:41:31
“Trent hate” - honestly, grow up, mate. No one hates Trent.
Perfectly fair questions have asked about his role in the team going forward. Trent is not a midfielder in a Premier League team. In La Liga, Serie A, possibly Ligue 1, Trent would be a good midfielder.
So if he’s not a midfielder for us, and if Bradley turns out to be a better right back, what do we do with Trent?

{Ed001's Note - how on earth can you know that? When he played there in preseason he was excellent. This is unbelievable the amount of nonsense you are spouting about how he would be good in other leagues but not in the Prem. Such a crock of nonsense.}

17 May 2024 02:15:05
I come on here tonight to see the first few posts and suddenly people are talking about getting rid of our best players lol what?

17 May 2024 04:06:15
Ed, I disagree with you. Preseason is no barometer for how good Trent would actually be in competitive fixtures. The games are slower, the opposition often greatly inferior, players lack fitness and very little is at stake. Preseason matches are the exact type of games where Trent’s qualities in midfield are likely to shine.
I don’t need confirmation for what I can see clearly. If Trent can fix the issues he has, then perhaps he can be a midfielder.
We shouldn’t be selling Trent because it’d be daft to sell a player of such quality, but I don’t think this has a as straightforward a fix as it may seem.

{Ed001's Note - you can disagree all you like but you have no evidence just blind bias. So I will stick with what I have seen and having watched the lad come through the ranks he is a midfielder. The plan was always only to put him at full back simply because he was so good and there was a gap, but with an eye to moving him back to his proper place in midfield once a right back was brought in. He just did so well there that it has taken the emergence of a player so outstanding, in the shape of Bradley, that it makes it possible. But the whole reason we shifted to the inverted full back was to get Trent in midfield as that is where he is best.}

17 May 2024 07:21:31
VVV, the whole local thing is a bonus as I mentioned and holds no weight for keeping a player for me personally, I should have stated that. I think you're being overly critical there - the occasional Hollywood pass. he is rightly lauded as one of the best passers in the game. Maybe he hasn't been utilised correctly but for a player his age, showing that ability, if he was at another top team, people would be saying they'd want him at LFC.

I'm by no means a football expert, but in my opinion, you build your team's around players like TAA in order to get the most out of their skills.

17 May 2024 06:56:10
I have to say I agree with Viktor. Trent isn’t lightning fast, doesn’t have skill to beat a player, of course he has a wand of a right foot. I see him as a modern day David Beckham but he generally played in a midfield four which I think would suit Trent as well but who plays that these days?‍♂️. That’s not me saying we dump him, far from it but a change of formation is necessary to get the best out of him, so DM it is with a partner tho so it gives Trent that bit more freedom to influence the game. You have to get your best players on the pitch and given the right circumstances Trent is certainly one of them.

17 May 2024 07:42:28
He was a good enough right back to play a major role in a PL and CL winning team. This team is not as good so TAA doesn't look as good at right back. Make the team stronger and play him. If we strengthened the midfield he wouldn't be as exposed.
He's the second best passer of the ball in the PL (after de Bruyne), do we want to lose that? I wouldn't want to lose Bradley either because he's the best of the kids, imo.
I want to see both playing at Liverpool and TAA is more suited to playing another position.

{Ed025's Note - i just dont get this lets get Trent in the side under any circumstances Rigsby, yes hes talented and has a wand of a right foot but im afraid for me it stops there, i dont think hes a good defender and positionally at full back he is found wanting regularly, not good in the air and loses concentration at times as well, so do you put him in midfield?...obviously not as a DM because of the points i have outlined as well as his lack of tackling ability, that leaves him as a creative midfielder or a winger then, do you drop Macca for him?...not for me, so if he does not fancy all that running maybe you should give him a shot in goal..

17 May 2024 07:49:00
I really do hope new manager gives him a shot in midfield, we've really never seen him in midfield for 1st team bar bits here and there. Give him run at it and it up to himself then, i think it would give him a challenge that he may just need, he seems to have lack of spark at times last 2 seasons.

17 May 2024 08:50:22
Lots of ifs going on here.

How about we just see how the new manager sets up the team. Players perform differently in different positions, show aspects to their game not seen before when given a different focus etc

It’s like the insane nonsense that Firmino could play as a CM just cos he dropped deep and picked up the ball around halfway a few times.

17 May 2024 09:16:36
Trents contract needs sorting first bfr were we decide to play him . if he doesn't sign a new deal. then he got to be sold . can't have him running his contract down n we get nothing for him.

17 May 2024 09:39:39
Think he has enough of a challenge trying to get in the team at rightback in fairness Digger.

17 May 2024 10:08:12
Ed025, I recognise his weaknesses as you recognise his strengths.
He can play as a modern day right back if he had a Henderson in front of him. He'd still show his weaknesses but he'd also create and score goals. He will divide opinions and there is no right or wrong one.
You either go with what he can do or go against him for what he doesn't do.
Personally, I wouldn't drop Mac for him, I'd try to play them together.
Trent sitting in a two or one of a three in midfield and I'd try to get Mac further forward maybe even as a 10. They could both play in a three depending on the opposition but I wouldn't want either as a six regularly.
I also think that Mac has a lot of the weaknesses that TAA has; maybe even more. Trent is a better long passer and that's why I'd have him deeper than Mac wherever they play and in whatever system. Mac is more suited to shorter passes and interchanges in the final third and he has got a good shot on him.
TAA is not the answer to our flaky midfield problems but neither is selling him. We could add some steel to it and TAA, MacAllister and Bradley could all get some game time. Jones, Elliott, Gravenberch and Szoboszlai are hardly tigerish and they can't do what Trent does.
You never see them playing at right back though.

{Ed025's Note - i will be honest Rigsby i want the lad to do well, i like him and as much for the charitable work he does as what he does on the pitch but i dont know where he fits in mate, one thing i do know is that you cant waste a talent that he has so maybe he has to add a couple of more strings to his bow if he is to fulfill the promise he certainly has..

17 May 2024 13:16:46
I get what you are saying, Ed025.
He frustrates me at times and he can appear lazy. But that's him and you either let him to do what he's good at or you let him do it somewhere else.
I'd keep him and bring in other players that will allow us to play to his strengths. He's not an old fashioned full back but he's playing the modern role without the cover to compensate. I'd love him to have a bit of mongrel about him but that's never going to happen.

{Ed025's Note - i think it would be a mistake to let him go Rigsby, but he has to either apply himself better or work a lot harder to cement a regular spot in the team mate, he has it in him im sure, but we need to see him declare himself as someone the team can rely upon..



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