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20 May 2024 10:09:46
You know i think virgs embrace summed it up for everyone especially the fan base. The tears into the hug. Virg grew up without a father and i feel like for 20 odd years there was such a disconnection between the fans and the manager / owners. We were never close to really winning a PL but when klopp came, we just knew we had someone very special who was going to deliver.
I heard Carra compare him with the great Liverpool managers including benetiz and that's when i thought what an insult. Klopp is our generations shankly. He's way above benetiz. There should be a statue for klopp.

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20 May 2024 11:30:48
Carra went through a list of great managers that Klopp was up there with. You can't just pick one out that you aren't happy with.

Rafa won the Champions League with one of the greatest ever second half comebacks. If you look at the squad he had you can see how immense this achievement was. Look how hard Pep found it to win with his billions of pounds at City.

Klopp is a legend and yes there should be something at the ground to immortalise hm but that doesn't mean you should belittle the achievements of those who came before him.

20 May 2024 11:38:58
Benitez wasnt as warm a character as Klopp but he definitely understood the club and the city.
Ultimately his time with us promised more than it delivered but there was a lot going on around the club and the emergence of Chelsea and strength of United made his task a difficult one.
There were however some great nights, a really good team that came together in 2008/ 09 and pretty much every European giant was humbled at one point or another.
Not quite Klopp levels but I have a lot of respect for Benitez and look back fondly on those years.

20 May 2024 11:49:24
I’d agree with that Mizer. Although we should forever be thankful to Rafa for Istanbul I didn’t particularly like him as a manager and was glad when he left.

Klopp could not be any further away from that. A true once in a lifetime manager that we were so very fortunate to have.

20 May 2024 12:46:05
I think Benitez got the club just as much as Klopp did and the main real difference is Klopp was given a far better foundation for success. Rafa had to try and manage under some absolute morons.

Rafa won a CL for us with a mid table team. Let's not rewrite history and pretend what Rafa did wasn't just as remarkable as what Klopp did in it's own way. Had FSG been in charge 6 years earlier, I genuinely believe Rafa would've won the league too. He came bloody close even with the mess behind the scenes he had to work with.

The guy still has a house in the area and comes back near on every year to pay his respects to the 97. He'll probably move back to Liverpool permanently when he retires. He embraced the people and the City just as much as Klopp did, he just simply didn't have the conditions required for success, yet he brought us some anyway. Put some respect on his name.

20 May 2024 12:59:57
Legit dying for Rafa to wake up one morning and say: "You know what? I think I will ring the FAI and ask to manage Ireland. I can still live in Liverpool if I do that. "

The man doesn't work for the paltry few pennies the FAI could pay him though.

20 May 2024 13:11:37
The fai would probably mess up the deal in the first meeting.

20 May 2024 13:58:20
Rafa was great for the club. he wasn't a character like Klopp but he got the club n fans . he used to go to bars with the fans etc but more importantly he wanted what was best for us . a winner end of.

20 May 2024 14:04:53
The managers we’ve had who have been champions of England or champions of Europe or both all deserve their legendary status.
To be compared to Rafa is being compared to a legend in my book.

20 May 2024 14:07:09
Rafa won us the champions league?! Lol. It was his fault we were trailing by 3 at half time. Benetiz was decent and became mediocre. He shouldn't be in the same convo as klopp.

20 May 2024 14:53:38
Aye Mizer, cos any other manager in the world would've dragged that lot into the CL final and easily won it.

20 May 2024 15:47:26
Yes Mizer Rafa won up the champions league. who do u think won it . the players on their own. he guided us through all the rounds . surely I don't have to name all the teams we beat on the way.

20 May 2024 17:15:55
Must have been someone else who made the tactical change at half time in Istanbul.

I always assumed it was the manager.

20 May 2024 18:55:26
What an absolutely awful and ungrateful take. Only 4 out of 20 permanent managers have won us the European cup in our 132 years of existence. Rafa is one of them. Paisley, Fagan, Rafa and Klopp are absolute legends for making us European royalty. This is possibly the worst opinion I have seen from any Liverpool fan, MIZER. Bordering on a disgrace that you felt you had to put down Rafa to praise Klopp. They’re both giants in our history. Rafa arguably gave us the greatest night in the clubs history. If anything ever tops Istanbul I’d be absolutely staggered. We had a bang average team and we came from 3 goals down to beat one of the best teams ever assembled being managed by arguably the greatest manager in Champions League History. I honestly don’t know what more to say. Your heads gone.

20 May 2024 19:35:15
Benitez won us the CL with quite possibly one of the worst squads LFC had save Roys awful tenure. FA cup the year after and at our best in those Benitez years we were one of the top 3 teams in Europe despite winning very little. Torres, Gerrard, Carra, Mascherano, Alonso, Skrtel, Kuyt, Benayoun, Maxi, Arbeloa, Agger. Great team that got undone in the league by freaks of the game like R7 at Utd. Top manager that loves the club and you want to knock him. Well done.

20 May 2024 23:56:17
I think klopps finished. Imo he's past his best. Unless he goes to Madrid full of superstars when IF he were to sign he'd do well. Anywherelse he's getting found out. He's been making terrible decisions these past 3 years and it's cost us. He's forgotten what made him successful as a manager and his style of play.

From about 2 weeks ago. Enough said.



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