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08 Jun 2024 18:49:50
Here is a wild thought folks. Imagine we don't sign any players this summer except for a back up keeper. New contracts to those with 12 months sorted, except for Salah who is seeing out his contract. Tyler Morton stays, Van Der Berg new 4th choice centre back. I bet most would completely over react and panic.

I still think we'd have a good season you know! Ed001 what you think?

{Ed001's Note - it is hard to say until the new man gets to work. Transfers are certainly not the be all and end all though. There is a good squad there for him to work with already, it is up to him to make the most of it.}

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08 Jun 2024 19:40:15
Yeh we might finish 4th but that’s not what we are aiming for. DM and CB priority for me and then RW if Salah leaves. That would be a good window.

08 Jun 2024 19:52:37
It depends what you class as a good season. If that were to happen, and assuming other sides strengthen, we would do well to finish top 6.

08 Jun 2024 20:34:46
The word “strengthen” is used very loosely Rome. It’s the assumption that if you add a new player that they are automatically better than what they had before. A lot of times that ain’t the case tho.
Not saying we shouldn’t buy any players but form and fitness of the players we have is more important. For instance if Jota had stayed fit and Nunez found his goal scoring boots we would certainly have had a better season. I would certainly take a fit squad over any sort of strengthening
I think our squad is good already and I only see a few players coming in.

08 Jun 2024 21:00:18
Very good season if we make top 3. An okay season if we make 4th to 6th. I don't want to even think of anything lower. Call me an entitled snob if you wish, but I've simply gotten used to our high levels of performance under Klopp.

If we don't bring in replacements and reinforcements this summer, it will mean (to me) that the club didn't learn anything from the season Lovren was not replaced or 2 seasons ago when the midfield was not refreshed. Key is being one step ahead of the game always.

3 Players minimum, maybe 4. Competition and backup for VVD, leftsided. Competition and backup for Robertson. Competition and backup for Salah. And if both Kelleher and Adrian leave, then we need GKs.

08 Jun 2024 21:34:48
Fairly consistent views here. Most will say we need reinforcements. That kind of goes against those that have said Klopp has left us in a good place.

If Slot and his training methods/ medical team, can get the best out of Konate, Szobo and Nunez, then all of a sudden we're a different beast.

08 Jun 2024 21:53:36
Salahs been appalling. He's actually cost us in huge games. It's time to move him on and cash in.

08 Jun 2024 22:29:19
If we sign no one we’re not winning the title or even getting close. Maybe 3rd or 4th at best. There are glaring issues to deal with. Standing still in the premier league is going backwards, we’ve literally found that out the hard way.

08 Jun 2024 23:10:31
Im all for just 1 or 2 signings once they're top class and improve the first 11 instantly. Not easy in a lot of positions but that should be the aim.

09 Jun 2024 01:47:27
It all depends on how the coach wants us to play. If we tweak the way Klopp had us playing last season then there aren’t many changes required.

If the system changes there there may be a need for additional players, but as yet, who knows.

The idea that we just HAVE to sign players otherwise we won’t progress is false. The likes of Jaros, Bradley, Quansah, Beck, Bajcetic, Clark, Doak, Kone-Doherty, Nyoni, Danns, Koumas, McConnell, Morrison et al will improve with experience and with the exception of about three weeks towards the end of the season we were right in the mix. Buying for the sake of buying is not a solution - look at United and Chelsea - they have spent ridiculous amounts of money and have both been very disappointing for the last two seasons.

At the moment I think we need cover on the left side of defence and in the holding role in midfield. That may change if the club decides to sell some of the first team squad players and, as I say if our tactics change.

I also understand that some of the youngsters mentioned are just kiddies and some may not make the grade but, if they do (and some of them are well on their way) foreach one that does we save ourselves millions.

09 Jun 2024 06:26:53
Real Madrid just won the Champions League and then went and signed Mbappe. Just saying.

09 Jun 2024 09:06:43
Leelad42 Klopp did leave us in a good position but still didn’t change the fact we need quality reinforcements. Like VV if we don’t sign anyone we ain’t winning anything. Whoever said 4th to 6th is an okay season is talking nonsense. Anything outside the top four is atrocious.

09 Jun 2024 09:17:33
I can't see us winning the League because there are two better sides than us. The new manager, transfers and other factors could change that but I can't say how.
We're a side challenging for top four as things stand.
I see Salah is getting it even though he was top scorer again.
Yes he was poor in the second half of the season but there was no one to replace him. Wouldn't it make more sense to cash in on our much younger record signing, if we need to cash in on anyone?

09 Jun 2024 09:25:00
We do need signings, not many just quality ones. Im about the biggest advocate of the academy on here but if were serious about even maintaining how we finished last year we could do with improving one or two positions.

09 Jun 2024 12:41:19
Spot on Rover. Chelsea and Utd are constantly 'Strengthening:. Not worked out to well for them.
I would be more than happy to see what Slot can do with our existing squad. We have a good spine, good youth coming through and lots of untapped potential in my opinion. The only signings I wouldn't mind seeing are longer term replacements for Salah and VVD regardless of whether they leave this summer or not.

09 Jun 2024 14:20:44
If you think Edwards and Hughes are going to let their first summer pass without flexing their muscles and make signings then I might urge you to google "ego" and "vanity".

09 Jun 2024 18:17:48
Addition by subtraction is also a thing. Just saying. As Ed01 said, there is a good squad for Slot to work with already going into the seas and that is undeniable. Whatever reinforcements we need have to be targeted to fill or improve a position we need or need an upgrad and must be what and who the manager wants or can clearly work with.

Addition to the squad in a bid to just check the "we strengthened" box is useless cos we "strenghthened" in the summer of 2022 with 4 players YET only one player (a certain Darwin Nunez) is still at the club AND if many in our fan base has their way, we would have NO player from that window still at the club. Again, just saying.



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