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10 Jun 2024 20:57:43
I would not be happy with Mo going on a free, yes he's a top player, but he has been on top player's money, so why should the club lose millions of pounds because he wants to get a very large signing on fee.

It's not like he is skint and also he was nothing until he came to LFC with Klopp. I would want him sold now and the money we get will go to new players.

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10 Jun 2024 22:58:05
I’d rather have him for one more season and lose him for free, than sell him this summer for what, £40m? Why are people convinced we’d get mega bucks for him. Mane went for about £30m and although he wasn’t as good as Mo, he was 2 years younger at the time.

The money isn’t going in my pocket and I don’t think the club needs the money to compete, for the first time in a long time. We’re in a financial position that is strong enough to progress the team without selling our best goalscoring and creative threat over the last 7 years.

10 Jun 2024 23:30:16
He’s desperate to make play for Egypt at the Olympics and that’s going to be hugely disruptive to our planning for the season, given that Salah is always nowhere near his best after a major tournament. I think we should sell this summer and start to move on. It was obvious last season his legs were going and there’s nothing left in the tank. Holding on because of sentimental reasons isn’t going to win us a title.

11 Jun 2024 00:35:00
You can’t sell a player against their will, it doesn’t work like that.
You sign a contract, it’s binding, unless both agree to terminate it.

11 Jun 2024 06:19:00
MK sorry to disagree but I don’t think salah was better than mane. As a finisher yes but as a player I’d take mane every day of the week.

11 Jun 2024 06:42:15
With just 1 year left on his contract the ball is in mos court not the clubs.

11 Jun 2024 06:55:07
You’re entitled to disagree Paul, no need for apologies. Mane was better at pressing and made more piercing runs. I think Salah being superior in terms of goal scoring and creation just tips it but it’s all opinions pal.

11 Jun 2024 08:11:26
Whoever makes the decision to buy sell players, should have had the salah situation sorted. if we going to get anywhere near 100 mill should have sold him. but some posters think we will only get 30/ 40mill for him then keep him . but it's a business at the end of the day. people sayin u can't force players out, you can by telling them they won't be playing etc. we r not city etc . we need every penny we get.

11 Jun 2024 08:21:16
To say the club is entirely powerless isn’t absolutely true, if the an offer comes in for Salah that is too good to refuse, it can be accepted and made clear to Salah that a new player is coming in and his role in the team will be diminished as a result, that he would have to accept more time on the bench, additionally the club can refuse any request by him to play in the Olympics and make it clear that if he stays then he won’t be allowed to attend. As it isn’t a FIFA international match we have the right to refuse a request by Egypt. So we can do things to make it awkward. If Salah does stay he can’t be an automatic starter at this stage of his career and he needs to be phased out.

11 Jun 2024 08:40:32
Mane was top, but Salah is another level up. Wat he get this year in a terrible season.25+ goals?

11 Jun 2024 08:57:49
We have an obligation to honour Salah's contract and he owes us nothing. Let him move for free and get a big signing on fee when his contract is up.
Mane was better than Salah for a spell but Salah has been more consistent and for a longer time than Mane was.

11 Jun 2024 10:29:10
What, not play Salah? or threaten not to play him? that won't happen, it would be cutting off our nose to spite our face, the guys not stupid. Also is this how we treat our legends now? would we have called for the club to treat Robbie or Stevie the same way?

11 Jun 2024 10:57:34
If he can remember how to kick a football again then it’s wort keeping, if he performs like last season I would take 10 million and run.

11 Jun 2024 11:56:47
Nobody is going to offer money for Mo this window - they are all waiting for him to become a free agent. Mo will be here for one final season.

11 Jun 2024 13:43:15
Mane v Salah, that'll be a debate forever lol personally I just think we're very lucky to of had both at the club. I think Salah is the better player but it's a close one.

It's another one of them, who was better Alonso or Gerrard but that's sparking a whole new debate. For me it's Alonso. Each to their own opinions, I know many would disagree.

We've had some great players, they come and go though.

11 Jun 2024 14:49:21
Alonso for me and if it’s a choice between Mo or Sadio, I’d go with Bobby - by far the best football instinct / brain (call it what you like) of the three.

11 Jun 2024 17:43:28
Stevie all day, love Alonso and he was superb for us but i think people over romanticise his time with us and are guilthy of remembering Real/ Bayern Xabi istead of the player who turned out for us sometimes. Xabi could be superb, his passing range was outrageous but Gerrards passing was equally outrageous and he put in top performances near on EVERY week whereas Xabi was more up and down. Think people forget how much that team relied on Gerrard, don't know why. From reading this site over the years there seems to be a dislike for Stevie which is fair enough but its the only place i've seen that opinion, everywhere else seems to remember Gerrard as the legend that he was.

12 Jun 2024 01:01:14
I loved Rafa’s time at the club but getting rid of Xabi was a monumental error.

As an aside in his book ‘My Story’ Stevie says that the best midfielder he ever played with was Xabi.



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