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03 May 2024 12:33:15
Hi Ed2 hope you are well. In terms of a summary of potential ins and outs are we focusing on the following areas:

Can we reasonably expect Salah, Gomez, Matip, Thiago and Diaz to leave? And if so who are we targeting to replace them.

I can't see how we can replace Salahs goals/ assists especially as we seem to miss so many big chances.

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03 May 2024 13:25:47
How did we replace his goals when he was out…not this season but the previous seasons.

03 May 2024 15:40:13
Previous seasons Mane Firmino, we did win games when Salah was off with Egypt and injury. I also like the look of some that are coming through, players like Doak, Danns, Clarke and a few others should be looked at. Slot has a good rep for bringing on younger players. Personally I'd look at LB and move on Tsimikas if possible.

03 May 2024 20:11:38
We scored far more goals when he was out than when he has been back this season post January. It'll be the same as when every great player leaves - Fowler, Owen, Torres, Suarez, Couts and many more. We'll find a way because that's what LFC does. We'll be fine.

04 May 2024 00:11:07
How long did it take to replace Suarez, Westwood? Three years, in which time we endured the comedy football of Balotelli, Markovic, Borini, Lambert and Benteke. So please don’t make out that Salah and the goals he brings to the team are easy to replace, because they’re not.

04 May 2024 06:01:00
Westwood how dare you be optimistic.

Yes it may take time to replace Salah's goals, but the other hand it may not if the recruitments right. When Rush left, we got Aldridge, we've had Fowler, Owen, Torres, Suarez, Sturridge, Mane, Firminio to name but a few that have come and gone.

Yes it may take time to replace the goals, but we've replaced them before and as long as the recruitment is right it will be again.

04 May 2024 09:58:41
Given that some of players we’re seriously considering are Sane, Raphinha, Marcus Edwards and Chiesa there’s every reason to be slightly concerned if that’s the calibre of player we’re looking at, because quite frankly they’re all dreadful for one reason or another and not capable of replacing what Salah has done over the last 7 years.

04 May 2024 10:36:39
I would be looking at a left back as Robertson is coming to his end, a center back as Matip would be leaving and we need 2 top CB with JG, IK and JQ as the squad players.

Endo has been a 7 out of 10 this season so a DM is also required.

After if anyone leave then looking at replacements is required.

04 May 2024 13:49:43
Asinine to compare this time with the period after Suarez. It’s night and day and the fan thinking needs to catchup.

04 May 2024 19:07:49
Funny how we will be fine, but won only one title thirty years. We don’t need to be fine we need to be better. The mediocrity is astounding here - VV is spot on.

05 May 2024 13:12:46
Sane, Raphinha, Marcus Edwards and Chiesa

@VV they are all “dreadful”?!

This is the issue these days - players are either world class or dreadful.

There’s no sensible middle ground.

06 May 2024 09:50:55
"Oh no Salah might leave, we're doomed. " Get off the grass. Yeah we only won 1 title in 30 years but Salah has been here for 7 of those years, that's 23% of our league failure time that by singling out individuals we could say Salah is culpable for. Or look at it another way, we haven't won a league title since Lovren or Lallana left, maybe they were the real heroes? Obviously I'm being facetious, but this singling out of individuals as the be all end all of our success or failure is stupid.

08 May 2024 02:43:55
if this team isn't better than the team when suarez was here then I'd have to eat my hat.



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