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06 Nov 2023 22:08:54
Karma is such a bitch! Now Spurs had 2 red cards and 2nd goal was controversial too. Sterling not in offside but Jackson started off in offsite position, sterling got the pass but the square to Jackson. Insane!

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06 Nov 2023 22:14:31
If people have missed that game you need to take the time to watch it from start to finish.

Get some popcorn and strap yourself in.

It’s fantastically and wonderfully mad.

A superb game for a neutral.

06 Nov 2023 22:34:00
It was crazy but what on earth were Spurs doing? So, so, so naive and a team with decent strikers would’ve scored 10 goals against them.

I’m watching Carra lauding them for the high line when down to 9 men but in reality they were just asking for a hammering.

It really was like watching an under 11s game what Postecoglu was thinking I will never know.

On a side note, how on earth did Udogie not get sent off for that 2 footed tackle?! Curtis Jones must be tearing his hair out!

06 Nov 2023 23:03:38
All last 3 goals from Chelsea due to high line. And commentators actually say spurs are courageous. more like fools rush in.

06 Nov 2023 23:13:23
And Leek the fact that the ball was played to Sterling in an onside position means Jackson’s position is irrelevant. As long he’s onside when Sterling squares it to him it’s fine. Not controversial at all.

What is controversial is how Chelsea hadn’t scored a bag full before that. They kept getting caught offside when all they had to do was run from 5 yards deeper and they would be in on goal every time. It really was like watching kids play football.

Spurs defending was Kamikaze but Chelsea’s inability to take advantage of it for so long was just as shocking. Spurs made it so, so easy for them to increase their goal difference.

06 Nov 2023 23:13:41
We are at the first step of this new journey, Liverpool 2.0 or whatever. But thanks to Klopp and FSG our starting position is miles ahead of where they stated some 8 years ago.

I really like where we’re at and hope we keep this consistency to remain in the hunt heading into last 10 games.

06 Nov 2023 23:16:59
Just reinforces my belief that we'd have beaten them with 10 men. Don't get the hype around them.

Also Udogie and Romero could've easily been off before they actually were red carded.

06 Nov 2023 23:19:19
JFC Beckers you weren't kidding. Spurs conceded 3 goals by having their defence on the halfway line.

That's incredible.

07 Nov 2023 02:38:14
Tell me you don’t understand the offside rule without telling me you don’t understand the offside rule.

07 Nov 2023 04:14:39
Small club mentality, waiting for retribution against them. If we’d done our job we’d of been in front of them but we couldn’t even beat Luton.

07 Nov 2023 12:05:52
SR bro, we would have absolutely pummelled these lot 11 v 11 or 10 v 11 with the shambles I watched last night from them. Chelsea were already the better team after the Spurs goal and were creating chances at will till things went crazy.

As for the officiating, that was one of the best officiating I have seen all season. All the big decisions were correct and the VAR came to play. I have no idea why the shameless Spurs fans and their grade A hypocrite manager complaining about? What did the ref and VAR get wrong? In fact had they actually done their jobs earlier, both Udogie and Romero should have been sent off earlier. "Great process, guys".

As for Postecoglu, I got smashed off the tears in his eyes during his presser, giving the refs and VAR's hard as if we had all forgotten the self-serving, disgraceful comments after the LFC game, talking down to us to just suck it up and move on. The guy was literally crying that VAR should have seen red card challenges and ignore them. Again, hypocrite. Now the same guy who talked down to all of us, is now going on a crusade to get VAR removed got they didn't do what he wanted. A breathe of fresh air, my arse.

07 Nov 2023 12:41:03
Don’t worry Mr Bean, our dad’s bigger than theirs.



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