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27 Jan 2024 05:18:55
Ed001, do you think we should go for Alonso? Is his lack of experience not an issue?

{Ed001's Note - yes we should. There is no one with experience out there who has even a slight possibility of being the right choice.}

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27 Jan 2024 06:27:26
Would Amorim be a good shout Ed? Almost 24 hours goes by and the annoucement still hurting so bad.

{Ed001's Note - maybe, but he has not yet fully convinced me.}

27 Jan 2024 07:00:43
Morning ed1. I agree alonso is stand out choice, done well at leverkusan and would instantly have respect of lfc fans and players. Do u think if he offered job would he take it? Personally couldn't see him refusing it.

{Ed001's Note - he has said publicly he wants the job a number of times.}

27 Jan 2024 07:19:14
Oh right didn't realise he had. i see on previous post u had said alonso football more similar to klopps than nagelsmann. I haven't seen leverkusan play under him, just kept eye on results, have u seen much of leverkusan? Is it similar to ours there style of play? I'm thinking we have makings of v good team and i wouldn't want a manager to come in and completly change what we doing as there no call to. He obviously will have his own ideas but if it ain't broken don't fix it.

{Ed001's Note - I have watched a few this season and last because of him. I really enjoy watching them under him.}

27 Jan 2024 07:30:06
He would certainly be my pick. A risk to be sure but there's not many world class managers available or that would be the right fit. Alonso is amongst the next gen and is certainly doing the business right now. Added to the fact that he lives the club and the fans live him I think it's likely.

27 Jan 2024 07:37:07
Alonso has the required experience for me Ed

He has been coaching for 5 years now inclusive of roles at Real Madrid, Sociedad and now Leverkusen

He has gone about his coaching / managerial career in exactly the right way and it appears to be his next step would be to a “bigger” club after Leverkusen.

Seems happy to have taken his time to learn and understand what the managerial role is all about and not jump at the first senior position that came along.

{Ed001's Note - agree completely.}

27 Jan 2024 07:43:46
That’s nice to knows eds1 any idea how he did at real scociedad?

{Ed001's Note - really well, which is why he got the call from Leverkusen. He is the hot hand right now.}

27 Jan 2024 07:47:35
Alonso would be my first choice, but if not may be De Zerbi could also be looked at?

27 Jan 2024 08:03:33
Ed1, I would have thought that with the way we are trending up, back to being contender again and Klopp being happy again after last season, we would see Klopp at least for 2 more years here. Honestly didn't see this coming all of sudden at all.

Us being good again might be one of the reasons he feels that he can leave on a high knowing that his successor will have a good base to build on with young players coming through and the club being in so much better place now.

Most managers would probably leave after what happen last season but not Klopp. Speaks volume about the kind of man he is and what he has done to our club. It will surely sting next season seeing someone else in the dugout next season.

27 Jan 2024 08:04:16
guess i need to go watch how BL plays now.
if we really do get Xabi, i think it could go really well for us.
he is a completely differently personality to Klopp but i think he'll make an excellent manager for us because
1) he has an amazing football brain, as Rafa used to say, players need to have game intelligence and he has plenty of it
2) he knows and loves the fans and city
3) he's young yet calm, a certain kind of composure that can make big and right decisions

but until we really know who's coming in next, let's enjoy Klopp for this final stretch.

27 Jan 2024 08:04:46
I would support Xabis appointment. My reservation would be his lack of experience at first team level and that we haven’t seen him navigate adversity.

Didn’t ed2 mention a couple months back that Xabi was being liked up for Real Madrid?

27 Jan 2024 08:35:16
The timing is right in terms of trying to get Alonso as I’m sure Ancelotti has just renewed a contract at Madrid and I’m sure Alonso was/ is on their radar to replace Ancelotti. So if we went someone else first Xabi might not be available when we want him. Also he loves and get the club and city. He’s doing a remarkable job at Leverkusen. Hopefully he will be our man after he wins them the Bundesliga and klopp walks away with a quadruple.

27 Jan 2024 10:00:12
{Ed001's Note - he has said publicly he wants the job a number of times. }

Ed01 as recent as 2018, Alonso openly said he would jump at the chance to coach us. As for what he is doing at Leverkusen, I have seen highlights and tactical breakdowns of his system and it is crazy good. Looking forward to the Leverkusen v Bayern game at Leverkusen in a couple of weeks. That could well decide the fate of the title this season should Leverkusen go 7 points clear.

27 Jan 2024 11:37:34
The only down side of Leverkusen doing so well is that they are in the UEL!

Could we see a Liverpool- Leverkusen final?
What will be the outcome?

And if indeed Alsonso becomes LFC manager after that game, what kind of a tale to tell following the final.

Sounds like fantasy but who knows what’s written in the stars.

27 Jan 2024 13:04:24
@Sgynwa were that game to happen, not sure the result will matter should Alonso be the actual and no. 1 target. Why do I say that? We played Roma in the CL semis in 17/ 18 and we put 7 goals past him over two legs. Did that result hinder us from dropping 62m on him in that summer? We all know the answer to that. If Xabi's the guy we want, the result won't matter based on precedent, IMO.

In terms of what tale to tell? Narratives are just narratives, IMO. Professionals don't dwell on such things. They just get on with it based on their analuysis and due diligence on the topic.



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