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01 Feb 2024 10:56:04
I thought that was a demolition last night; one of the best performances I can recall in recent times. Predictably there is some bleating about penalty decisions but regardless of that, the reality is that Liverpool should have scored six last night and could have scored more like seven or eight. That would not have been an unfair reflection.

If we defend, attack, work, hassle and take care of our quality on the ball on Sunday as well as we did last night, then we could be in a great position by the end of the weekend.

Personally I really hope we stick with Bradley and Gomez for Sunday. That's not to say I think that should be the situation indefinitely (and I'd be happy to see Trent in midfield on Sunday) but right now, Arsenal away doesn't seem like the right match to be changing a back four that has been playing so well. You could see last night - and it's perfectly understandable - that when we changed both full-backs (plus a couple in midfield), we lost some of our shape and organisation.

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01 Feb 2024 11:52:24
On the basis that Bradley and Gomez deserve there start on Sunday why shoehorn Trent into midfield at the expense of last nights trio? They deserve there start too.

01 Feb 2024 11:56:32
Just on the penalities, I don't think the first one is a pen. There is contact but not sufficient to bring him down. It's not the stonewaller that people are screaming for. The second was a much tighter call but I think the chelsea player going down like he had been hit with a sniper from the Kop made it difficult for VAR to overturn.

It's one of them, if either were given I don't think VAR would overturn them. There is a huge amount of subjectivity in football which makes 100% accuracy impossible, but last night I could understand the logic they followed. Mic'ing them up is going to help the experience massivley.

01 Feb 2024 12:19:42
If we defend, attack, work, hassle and take care of our quality on the ball on Sunday as well as we did last night, then we could be in a great position by the end of the weekend. "

I really hope so, man. Also, Gomez and Bradley are on fire and need to start. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

01 Feb 2024 13:55:30
Neither were penalties last night.

The first one - he ran into Virg, they clashed knees, its a coming together, no foul play.

The second one - again there is contact and this time it was instigated by Virg however he makes a slight contact with the players right foot. The player then throws his left leg in the air and throws himself to the ground. It would have been the softest of penalties if given. Football is not non-contact. Contact does not equal a foul. The contact did not impede the player in any way he just saw it as an opportunity to throw himself on the floor and try and trick the ref into giving a penalty.

Chelsea were awful last night in every department but the worst thing for me was the amount of whinging and whining and throwing themselves on the floor and throwing their arms up in the air. If that's what £1Bn get you then you can keep your money.

01 Feb 2024 14:45:29
Chelsea were fortunate to get away with just the 4 goals.

01 Feb 2024 18:44:15
Virgil kicked the dude in the leg with the ball nowhere near lol that’s a foul, it’s in the box so it’s a pen.

01 Feb 2024 19:40:12
@TIR, that’s one way of looking at it - I agree it could possibly have been 8 or 9:but it’s still ‘concerning’ that our central striker can take 11 shots, hit the woodwork 4 times and still not score.

01 Feb 2024 22:47:17
Totally agree that it was a demolition job of Chelsea, particularly first half.

I was lucky enough to be at the game, took my daughter to Anfield for the first time and she loved it (apart from one bit I will come on to) we should have been 8-0 up at half time the way it felt, and what was actually really nice was everyone was chanting Nunez after the goals, despite him not scoring them - so it really felt we were behind him, just a shame he couldn’t hit the back of the net! He did look like a real menace though and doing a lot for the team anyway.

The bad bit - we did the boot room hospitality (which was nice) however was in my opinion let down by the “Liverpool legend” attendee, Mark Lawrenson. What an absolute miserable sod - if you are going to act like it a chore, don’t agree to do it!

Anyway, we didn’t let it ruin what was an amazing night, not just because of the atmosphere and score line, but because it was my so nice to see my daughter enjoy it so much!

01 Feb 2024 22:51:52
I managed to take the family to the game last night. Atmosphere for first 30 minutes was electric. Song after song. Bradley already has his own song and was best player on the pitch. Macca, Gomez and Jota were also excellent. No bad players last night though. The 4 subs at the same time messed up the rhythm for about 10 mins but that game will live long in the memory. Especially the London Bridge is falling down, fuk off Chelsea song.

01 Feb 2024 23:17:45
I am shocked that neither penalty decision went against us last night. Not Bradley’s goal getting disallowed for Jota collision.

That was Paul Tierney refereeing last night wasn’t it?



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