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17 Feb 2024 19:29:07
Thank you Chelsea. For going over to the Emptyhad and taking 2 points off of them. And for going over to win.

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17 Feb 2024 19:37:10
Well said Aray.
But let's hope Chelsea lose next weekend ?

They are looking pretty good as well!

17 Feb 2024 19:38:13
and Sterling with the goal!

17 Feb 2024 19:39:34
Never in my puff did I imagine I'd be genuinely grateful to Raheem Sterling.
Shame they couldn't hold on. So much for City winning every remaining game this season.
I wonder if the pressure of our result earlier had an effect there?

17 Feb 2024 19:51:41
Can somebody please check on Harry and see if he’s coping okay with City dropping two points.

17 Feb 2024 19:55:32
Can you imagine the meltdown if we’d drawn at home to this Chelsea side? We have a poster claiming we’re not good enough because we conceded a goal today in a 4-1 away win!

We have others who still go on about us drawing away at Chelsea on the opening day! Surely it means that if you draw at home to Chelsea then you are not good enough and can’t be considered genuine title challengers?

If only football were that easy eh?

17 Feb 2024 19:55:35
I also can't believe that Mr Webb or Masters weren't on the bat phone to the VAR at the end to gift City their penalty!

The brown envelope might be a little lighter come the end of the season!

17 Feb 2024 20:50:02
Poch's subs almost cost them the game. He gave City the freedom of the park in the second half.
That lad Nkunku is an absolute waste of space, jogging around the pitch like his side was 5-0 up.
Still, puts a bit more pressure on Guardiola.

17 Feb 2024 22:18:54
Oh and how brainless is Jackson.

18 Feb 2024 00:01:33
@polecat. I said the exact same thing, awful subs with negative impact. As clueless as jackson looks, his willingness and speed combined with city made them a threat and shudve resulted in more goals. 4 1v1s i counted! Nkunku was a disgrace, Chelsea were a man down at that point.

18 Feb 2024 00:59:22
im just hanging onto the last jurgen season coatails and enjoying every last moment we have with the legend that is Jurgen Norbert Klopp. I have heard, reead and seen about shankly, as a supporter as a very young man lived through the excellecne of Paisley, Fagan and Dalgliesh (1st time), and suffered from there on until FSG brought in the best manager in the world. We have not had him as long as I would want but by god it has been a ride. Now to see where his final season takes us and pray that whomever replaces him has half the nouse and feel for the game he does. YNWA.

18 Feb 2024 16:23:37
Spot on, BP. So is City and Arsenal crap now for drawing vs Chelsea now for these posters? Yeah, I'll wait.



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