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05 Apr 2024 08:28:21
Liverpool have a horrible game next to play

We all know Utd will sit back an counter and they can cause a problem so I expect endo to play in that game

But to me this is the game where lfc have to literally throw everything at it

Utd will do all they can to stop lfc winning

Honestly this is a nightmare game I don't have a good feeling about it compared to all the other games left

I knew Brighton Sheffield would be tough games just sitting in and lfc nicking it by a goal
But this is a crappy fixture left to play.

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05 Apr 2024 08:43:24
Chill. There are multiple leaders in the squad now. Klopp knows what he's doing. Forget the fa cup game, this is what the players are focused on.
We'll win 3-1.

05 Apr 2024 09:03:37
I don't have a good feeling about it either mate, it's always one of them games and if anyone can stop us from getting 3 points, it's them. I think we'll win it but this fixture, it's always going to concern us and so it should.

05 Apr 2024 09:23:02
Burkeyboy, you are spot on. The FA Cup game was a classical rivalry game where form goes out the window esp. when going a aginst a team that is way inferior to you. We didn't do the business when we were on top and as time when on, our legs started to tire which led to bad individual decisions. I've been over that game a couple of days after it when the dust clears.

As for the Sunday game, the team should know that it will be VERY hard cos Utd don't seem to care about playing well or giving effort vs any other big six team apart from us so we know what's coming. All we have to do is block out the media circus and just go in and play the game, NOT the occasion cos we seem to fall for the "oki-doke" and play the occasion most of the time when playing Utd under Klopp. The times we did not do that, we battered them for fun. Just my take.

05 Apr 2024 09:28:54
Did anyone watch how united played against Chelsea because that will get rid of all your fears! That team cannot defend and a half decent team will expose that…the FA cup game was a fluke and a game we were never really that bothered about, the league is what we want so if a team should be nervous it’s united!

05 Apr 2024 10:20:12
Start quick against utd, come firing out of blocks from the off. don't let them settle as we have let them previous 2 games this season.
Last nites performance won't cut it.
Ive no doubt if we go after them early on with good pace to our play they won't be fit for us but if we start like last nite r brighton they the players up top to do the damage and we in trouble.

05 Apr 2024 10:34:29
Burkey I believe those multiple leaders have always been I the team.

For some unknown reason as Liverpool fans we made the narrative that the players couldn’t cross the road on their own without Hendo’s guidance.

I think the club were lucky to have Hendo as a captain but I also think He do was luckier to have that group of players around him when he was captain.

05 Apr 2024 10:41:39
I feel more confident than before the cup game.

05 Apr 2024 10:46:15
I agree with Digger. We have to go full throttle against United. Anytime we have done that we have completely destroyed them, whether that’s home or away. If we play this coasting, slow tempo football we displayed yesterday we could get beaten. And considering how poor United are that would be devasting.

05 Apr 2024 13:39:18
Very true Alonso.

05 Apr 2024 21:43:34
To be fair, United having to play extra time in their match and then giving two goals in the last 90 seconds will have taken a toll on them. I get the nerves, as Forest Gump said ‘the Mancs are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get’.

The thing is, if we play our game as well as we know we can, we will take the running of the game away from them and they won’t stand a chance.

05 Apr 2024 23:09:14
Stand up to the phusical challenge then let the quality football be the difference.

05 Apr 2024 23:47:09
We have to put our chances away and bury the game in the first half.

We miss far too many decent chances and it often comes back to haunt us.

Need to be more clinical up top and more tight at the back.

06 Apr 2024 22:08:14
@OP, if you read the first line of your post in Yoda’s voice it makes a lot more sense.



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