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22 May 2024 08:43:55
How many times have we heard punters and experts say messi was washed up legs had gone and he then goes on and wins the world cup? I have said on this site that mo has lost a yard of pace and is finished, but i think if Arne tweeks Mo's game, he could still get a bag full of goals for us.

i don't think him playing wide is the answer, maybe down the middle his ability is still there, so if he wants to stay take him up on it and maybe the new manager might give him the needed kick up the rear end.

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22 May 2024 09:09:46
The big issue for me is that not only has he lost a yard of pace but since his injury his finishing has completely deserted him too.

I'm hoping a new manager and new coaches can be a bit of a 'reset' and that he can become a more ruthless finisher again (that goes for all of our forwards) .

22 May 2024 09:33:56
I’ve seen it mentioned a few times on here that Slot can coach some of our players to be better individually (Nunez and Salah most frequent) .

But didn’t Klopp improve the majority of the players here during his time.

Alison, Trent, Vvd, Matip, Robbo, Wijnaldum, Fab, Coutinho, Bobby, Jota, Salah and Mane all became better or superstars under Klopp.

So if Klopp couldn’t improve Nunez what makes us believe Slot will.

This isn’t me saying he won’t but I don’t get where we seem certain Slot will succeed where Klopp didn’t.

After all Klopp has a far better track record.

Perhaps some players have hit their levels and accountability is with them and not the manager and coaches.

22 May 2024 09:47:10
I am just wondering why young Ben Doak is not in this conversation maybe him working with Slot will improve his play. Also what about Fabio Carvalho too we need to give the kids a bit of a chance and maybe save millions at the same time.

22 May 2024 10:16:13
Isn’t Doak in rehab from a serious (knee? ) injury? A bit of a case of out of sight, out of mind maybe?

22 May 2024 10:32:21
well, I guess technically we've only heard it once.

Mo doesn't have the same precision and guile that Messi does to create openings in that kind of way. He needs space to run into.

22 May 2024 10:43:37
Did OP really compare Salah to Messi? Stopped reading after that lol Mo was a product of a system geared towards him and had an amazing season or 2 where everything he touched turned to gold. He has had world class moments but in my eyes is not world class in any aspect of his game and has never been. I would still argue Mane was more important to us during our success.

22 May 2024 10:55:00
@JK I don't think it is necessarily about the manager/ coaches being able to improve them (certainly my point wasn't) . In Salah's case we know he is capable of much more (we saw it for years under Klopp's management) and I think it may just be a case of 'a change is as good as a rest' and a change in training, coaching staff and slight changes to how we will play next season could be enough to change the fortunes of the players.
You see it quite often that all a forward needs is a fortunate goal to go in off their knee and it can completely turn around their fortunes in front of goal. All of our forwards already have the ability of they wouldn't all be international footballers - they just need that little something to change their fortunes.
We don't even need them all firing simultaneously, we just need any 2 at a time to be firing. Mane/ Mo/ Firminho would all go through spells of not scoring but it was extremely rare that it happened at the same time.
Nunez has to be one of the most unfortunate players I have ever watched play. He hit the woodwork more than any other player in the Premier League and was denied by so many ridiculous blocks and saves that he really wasn't far off having a really good goal return this season. Yes he gets caught offside too often (although some of that was midfield playing too slowly) and misses some sitters (although statistically he missed less sitters that Haaland) but let's not write him off yet. I'm not saying he will score 30+ goals next season, only that it wouldn't take much for him to do so and that it wouldn't be a stain on Klopp's record if he did.

22 May 2024 12:18:59
Shipley sorry mate my comment wasn't aimed at your comment specifically it was just a general observation on comments I've seen that people are claiming Slot will improve players because that's what he does. My point being so does Jurgen.

I'm definitely not writing off Nunez and he had a good second season this year but i also think he is a plyer that has to take accountability for his offsides.

I've seen the blame being put on the midfield for not releasing the ball quick enough but they are the exact same midfield that releases the ball to our other forwards behind and they are not caught offside nearly as half of much.

Offside just in the league this season stats are

Nunez 33
Diaz 20
Salah 17
Gakpo 8
Jota 3

In fact Nunez has been caught offside more times than the Man City squad combined and they apparently play the slowest possession football to man.

I'm looking forward though to seeing what Nunez brings next season. In fact I'm looking forard to seeing what all our forwards bring. I was quite surprised to see how many goals Gakpo and Jota actually scored

Salah 25 goals
Nunez 18 goals
Gakpo 16 Goals
Jota 15 Goals
Diaz 13 goals.

22 May 2024 12:28:27
Salah is all washed up unless he goes to the mountains to find his Mojo again. I doubt he will ever be able to kick a ball properly again. Sell sell sell.

22 May 2024 16:19:36
Quality scout spout.

22 May 2024 17:26:42
Yep becuase it was all just because of Messi that Argentina won the World Cup.

22 May 2024 18:51:13
Sarah’s shocking miss kick at the end of the wolves game sums up his last few months. Klopp’s weakness was he kept hold of players too long. Let’s see what Slot does.

22 May 2024 23:03:56
Now we’ve started picking on women - how low is this forum going to get! ?.



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