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02 Jun 2024 09:50:19
We were linked with Chiesa last year or year before. MK, didn't you say you were quite against him at the time due to injuries? I like him, think he'd be excellent if fit.

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02 Jun 2024 12:02:10
Stuie, the likes of Chiesa and Diaby (now at Villa) were the type of guys I was looking at to come in and replace Salah and/ or Mane. As for Chiesa, I have been consistent with him for the past few years. He is absolutely amazing and the best thing is that, the serious knee injury he had seems to not have slowed him down that much, IMO. I would take him, in a heartbeat.

02 Jun 2024 13:32:20
I’d avoid Chiesa like the plague. Missed 11 games last year through injury and 16 the season before that and almost the whole season the season before that. Not withstanding that he’s not consistent, never scored double figures in a league season and only sporadically creates goals. He’s not the quickest, so to be a relatively slow forward with a weak physical constitution doesn’t suggest a player made for facing Burnley/ Stoke etc on a cold November evening. To me he’s a highlight reel player who has one good game occasionally. Even if he didn’t have the injury issues I’d avoid as the price doesn’t match the output. If his dad wasn’t who he is he’d barely ever get mentioned.

02 Jun 2024 14:19:31
Good job Stoke and Burnley don’t play in our league then!

(Sorry couldn’t resist! )

02 Jun 2024 15:17:07
"If his dad wasn’t who he is he’d barely ever get mentioned".

@Victor, we can agree to disagree on your other points BUT that last point? Nope, that is a bridge too far and a pretty low blow, IMO.

02 Jun 2024 16:37:21
Chiesa is an excellent player when fit, not sure why you think he's as bad as all that, VV.

02 Jun 2024 18:35:11
What I like most, is I knew it was Victor before he finished his first sentence.

02 Jun 2024 20:14:49
I Was worried last summer stuie as at that point he’d done 14 and 21 league games in his last two seasons. But he came back strong and had the best season of his career this year in my opinion, playing 33 times in Serie A. He’s a very powerful runner, completely two footed, and also decent in the air. Can play either side or through the middle. Going to be a top top player.

02 Jun 2024 22:09:01
Victor he missed 6 club games all season and they were scattered. The odd niggle not uncommon with all players. Not sure you can pay much attention to missing the 5 internationals. Players pull out of international breaks all the time as precaution or just because their clubs are trying to manage their load. Playing 37/ 43 games for Juventus would indicate his body is getting back to a position of relative strength.

I wonder how many of our players appeared in 80-90% of our games? Yes there is an element of risk that we can’t deny, as it’s his first season in a while that wasn’t defined by injury, but misrepresenting the facts is just a weak argument.

What I would say is you are right about his numbers not being spectacular. A lot of his game is what he brings in the build up though. He’s a player who will come deep for the ball and carry you 30 yards up the pitch to break a press. Or he’ll skip round 2 or 3 players in a low block and commit defenders to open up space for others.

He’ll also pick the right pass in a counter attack rather than trying to play the killer pass every time. He is a good player mate, just not one you can judge solely off stats. Lest we forget that at 23 years old he helped a very poor Italy team to win a Euros.

02 Jun 2024 23:13:36
I don’t rate Chiesa, there are better options and I trust Edwards team to find them.

03 Jun 2024 06:18:03
Ron, i’d prefer Prem proven. Mbuemo or Bowen for me.

03 Jun 2024 12:04:44
MKS, wouldn't touch either of them. Chiesa all day over them 2, man.



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