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05 Jun 2024 13:04:04
Just curious what people on here think a reasonable fee we should be asking for keleher is
I know the eds don't like discussing transfer fees and money, but I feel with his game experience and age and playing at a top 4 club.
25 million should be opening offer if we are to listen seriously, anything less I believe is giving him away.

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05 Jun 2024 13:23:09
Difficult one, as he will be very hard to replace, but at the same time don’t want to set the bar too high as he does need to move on for his career.

The challenge is Allison is injury prone, so whoever were to come in as no. 2 would need to be of a high standard which obviously comes at cost.

I think between £40-60m is fair, we would likely be spending £30+ on a replacement.

05 Jun 2024 14:08:09
In my opinion, there is no way we get £40-60m for Kelleher. I think £25m would be an achievement. He’s still ultimately a back up keeper to us, even though everyone can see he has the potential to be a starter.

05 Jun 2024 15:45:31
Agree with you, MK. 25 million, tops.

05 Jun 2024 16:36:45
£20 million max.

05 Jun 2024 17:17:12
I’d be amazed if it tops £15 million.

05 Jun 2024 17:43:07
I think Ramsdale and Kelleher are jointly the best number 2's in the EPL. And given that figures for Ramsdale's next move are in the 20-30 million range, I doubt anybody would pay any higher for Keleher.

05 Jun 2024 17:53:45
£20-25m is à fair price in todays market.

05 Jun 2024 17:55:01
Man of todd, how much for Tsimikas? £35-45m? ? maybe £10m for out of contract Adrian too?

05 Jun 2024 19:19:50
Man of Todd can I interest you in a 35 year old Ford Sierra with 250,000 miles on the clock? Yours for £30,000.

05 Jun 2024 22:00:59
I do like the idea of £ 40 - 60 m for a back-up goalie.

05 Jun 2024 22:40:44
If it’s a 35 year old Sierra RS Cossie, I’d probably go up to £30k, T2!

06 Jun 2024 06:22:55
Kelleher is still young and played enough to show he is easily a keeper for a top 10/ 6 side. Maybe, £40 is steep, but I think £20 is low balling, given his value to our team. We need an able back up to Allison given his injuries. Imagine if Adrian had to play the games that Kelleher did? This is what I mean by value to the club.

Tsmikas we would do well to get £10m

Zedicus, dm me more deets on that car ?.



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