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09 Jun 2024 19:38:48
Ndombele - being released by Spurs and was on loan in Turkey. Would he be worth a look as a free transfer for the DM role, 27 yo I think?
I'll be honest and say my knowledge of him is very limited, but, I vaguely remember Ed001 saying he had excellent potential when he signed for Spurs (could be getting mixed up, so apologies if so)

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09 Jun 2024 19:58:30
Seemed like a super signing for Spurs, don't know what happened with him.

09 Jun 2024 20:26:45
Absolutely definitely not, fat, slow, lazy and also he’s not a defensive midfielder. And when I say fat, he’s so fat that when he gets on the scales they don’t give a number, they just say “one at a time please”.

09 Jun 2024 20:44:20
He did have tremendous potential but he went down the William Bogarde route. Got a huge contract and decided to do the bare minimum.

09 Jun 2024 20:58:37
As talented as Ndombele is/ was, he simply was not ready for the jump he made. keep in mind that he had been playing in the mamatueur league before he was spotted and signed by Lyon and after one season where he ripped it up asp. in the CL where he bossed City's midfield in the group games, Spurs signed him.

To make it worse, he joined a Spurs team that had lost its way after they lost the CL final to us the season before and with Jose coming him with his dictatorial approach, the boy had NO chance, all things considered. Now I know he did not help himself with some of the things he did BUT at that point in his career, he needed an environment and a manager who would take him under his wing and really help him mature as a man let alone, the footballer.

10 Jun 2024 05:06:18
To be fair given the right environment and coaching he could have made it to the very top, he could do everything as a midfielder and looked like a more than capable replacement for moussa dembele, now he can’t even admit to the world that he is struggling with his weight.

{Ed001's Note - attitude is his problem. At one point he looked like a world beater ready to break through, then he went to Spurs.....}

10 Jun 2024 09:52:41
It’s amazing how much this happens. Once these players realised life is so much easier if they get a big contract and just sit on it their attitude declines along with their game.

There’s not too many like CR7 who keep pushing and pushing no matter how much they earn. That’s a special mindset.

That why it’s so difficult to be a premier league manager and why a good manager is worth his weight in gold.

10 Jun 2024 13:21:49
Say what you want about CR7 but his professionalism is unrivalled - his last full season at United got 18 league goals in his latter thirties in an awful team.

Believe rumour was going to sign for city before - fully think if he did he’d have put up Halaand numbers, not as fit etc as he is now but is far more clinical and all round better player even now.

10 Jun 2024 15:53:16
That's the thing, Ed01. His move to Spurs esp. at that time, was what killed hi career before it even started. The kid at Lyon was immense, IMO and sometimes timing is everything. Had he stayed one more season, he would never have gone to Spurs cos they would be a shambles and not worth it. Timing's everything, as they say.

{Ed001's Note - his attitude has not been good, it has to be said, but it did seem the wrong move for him.}

10 Jun 2024 16:46:13
So I take it you're not a fan VV!



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