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29 Jan 2024 13:27:57
Hey edd002, seeing van dijks comments about if he will staying with the club after klopps departure, have you heard if he is looking for a change or will be happy to stay?

{Ed002's Note - To be honest I don't know how he feels about it but unless he wishes to head to the Middle East I am not aware of any interest. Liverpool have a lot to do with their defence and at some point there needs to be a succession plan. Much will depend on the new coach but I don't see too many players departing simply because Klopp is going.}

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29 Jan 2024 14:09:26
Unless I missed something VVD doesn’t say anything about leaving or not being sure that he’s staying. The sky ribbon on the bottom of the screen words it wrongly.

29 Jan 2024 14:38:54
Not sure what else Virgil could say given they only just got the news.

What it does show us is that the ball is firmly in FSG's court. They have lots to do.

29 Jan 2024 14:59:45
Take it with a pinch of salt. I think his words are being twisted to suit a narrative. My take from it was that he didn't know whether a new manager would want him to stay and renew his contract.

Also, I can't imagine for 1 second that Trent would want to leave just because Klopp is leaving. This is just being reported because his contract is reaching the point of renewal.

The 1 player I can see leaving is Mo. I think he may well have gone anyway this summer but I think his agent will be working overtime now.

That said - I might be wrong, but if the club captain and vice captain want to leave simply because the manager is changing then there is a serious problem and they need to be stripped of their responsibilities immediately.

29 Jan 2024 15:54:39
I think it's only normal to sit down and have a discussion with your new boss before committing your future.

29 Jan 2024 15:58:31
I didn't read anything into what VVD said. You're best off finding full uncut quotes and making up your own mind on what is said. It's way too tempting for someone to use this situation (or really anything revolving around LFC) for their own clout chasing pursuits. Change the way you follow news and help put the exploitative hacks out of work.

29 Jan 2024 17:35:01
If any manager in world football comes near our club that doesn’t see the need for van dijk Trent and mo in our team then they need to be legged rapid .

Trent might be made up a word in the new managers ear I want to play midfield

Vvd might think a back 3 will prolong his status as the best having 2 others next to him

Mo might think right this is my chance to reinvent myself as a centre forward .

No one knows apart from the players themselves and I’m pretty sure they are all focused on winning every game they play for the rest of the season .

People are just jumping on it and thinking we have a mass exodus on our hands . And it’s playing to the narrative of how Utd struggled after fergie and likewise wenger at Arsenal . No one knows what will happen in the future

Chill we are in a good place and don’t see that changing overnight .

29 Jan 2024 18:49:29
Pelican - If it’s not in FSG’s court, whose court is it in?

29 Jan 2024 19:39:11
I know ED2 has said there’s no agreement in place as yet (and he is usually right) but I can tell you there is a plan in place.

29 Jan 2024 22:12:50
So can everyone else 1jj.

30 Jan 2024 00:49:34
Imagine if they just said - nah we’ll just wing it on the day lads. We don’t need a plan.

This is a multi-billion pound industry ?.

30 Jan 2024 00:54:06
Scare tactics from the media half of it.

30 Jan 2024 08:41:28
Exactly Aisky note the sarcasm - the board have known for months, hardly likely to be twiddling their thumbs on such a big decision are they ?.

30 Jan 2024 09:20:30
As Edmund Blackadder himself said ‘it’s such a cunning plan you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel’.

30 Jan 2024 20:25:07
What was he supposed to answer. He genuinely can’t say for sure he’s staying. In the summer he’ll only have 12 months left he’s hardly going to sign a new deal if we appoint some nobody same way Trent and Salah won’t. Get a top manager sorted extend them and bring in some top players and we keep going.



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