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31 Jan 2024 09:19:16
Man I hate the media in this country.

VVD says he doesn’t know what will happen after Klopp as it depends what the club does and which direction they want to go and they report it as he wants to leave!

To the point where Klopp has to tell people to calm down and VVD has to confirm he’s committed to the club.

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that the media twist people’s words to form false headlines or the fact that people actually believe them.

{Ed002's Note - I am not sure what you are referring to but his agent has said there have been a couple of general enquiries this week.}

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31 Jan 2024 10:35:33
Only natural some clubs may want to capitalise on the uncertainty - we have done it on the past. Big difference receiving enquiries and courting them. The other side of this may be that the new manager no wants Virgil and they may seek to move him on (although I would hope that was unlikely) .

31 Jan 2024 13:02:14
Bloke knows he's going to be negotiating a new contract soon. Was never going to say"being here is a dream come true and i want to stay here forever and ever and ever"now was he? a nothing story.

31 Jan 2024 13:37:28
Agree with Jude Nkunku. He really doesn't have any idea what's going to happen. It's a long time until his contract is up. Anything can happen.

No issue with the comments.

31 Jan 2024 15:18:14
Wouldnt worry about clubs approaching the agent- Id be shocked if there wasnt. Even coming up to 33, he would be an immense addition to any side still. All about how he feels and he seems committed.

31 Jan 2024 17:42:34
I personally think at least one big name leaves in the summer. This doesn't include the players that will not have their contract renewed.

31 Jan 2024 18:46:36
If the Edwards approach is true. That says to me we’re panicking a little about life after Klopp.
It’s only natural our best players will be wary of all this and want reassurances we plan to stay successful.

31 Jan 2024 18:52:07
Too many people worrying about the future ! Embrace the rest of the season, klopp has earned our support not our questions.

31 Jan 2024 21:53:27
lol, does anyone believe that we don't plan to be successful? lol what kind of statement is that?

We're worrying a bit too much about things we can't control and then making factual statements about things that we don't really know about lol.

01 Feb 2024 09:35:27
Ally McCoist summed it up perfectly last night when his co-commentator tried to make a big deal out of VVDs comments. He hit back immediately saying that Virg is just saying that a new manager will have his own players and he doesn't know what the new manager and the club will want to do. At no point had he said that he wanted to leave and it was just the media twisting his words.

Obviously I'm paraphrasing but it was nice to hear an 'expert' finally talking some sense rather than trying to make drama.



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