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05 Jun 2022 23:32:01
So, Paul Joyce has reported that Bayern's initial offer for Sadio Mane is 21 million plus 4 million. No doubt they will come back with something closer to our valuations, which is apparently around 40 million. Ironically, I think the initial fee is what Liverpool paid for Thiago.

James Milner has signed a new 1 year contract, on significantly reduced terms. Klopp clearly values the man for his professionalism. Hopefully, he gets a good last year and then Hendo can take up the Milner role, i. e. Mr Reliable, gives his all and is a complete professional to our younger players.

Also, apparently Liverpool are moving to get Joe Gomez under a new contract, as he has two years left. Fingers crossed on this one, as I feel he could push for a starting place, just needs some lucky with injuries.

In terms of incoming, nothing yet. Would not be surprised if a signing comes suddenly and without much warning, i. e. Luis Diaz. Will be a very busy period, I reckon, both in and out of the club.

My best wishes to you Eds :P.


1.) 05 Jun 2022 23:48:46
Gomez could still be a quality CB in my view if his fitness issues are behind him, fingers crossed for the lad.

Hope the mane deal gets sorted asap so we get someone in quickly (can’t see it being Nunez)

As part of milners new deal I’ve heard he’s now got a set of double doors named after him.

2.) 05 Jun 2022 23:56:30
Missing out one of the key points with regards to an incoming.

Joyce confirmed the interest of Liverpool in Darwin Nunez and has said the club will look to sign him (except not for crazy money) .

Gonna be an interesting few weeks.

3.) 06 Jun 2022 04:39:05
Joe Gomez is a squad player now, he got passed over last year. When he got a run in the past, he was unlucky with injuries and was always good for 2 or 3 moments fans holding your breath. Klopp was hunting for replacement even before C.V., believe top choices were Diego Carlos and Pau Torres at that time, got too expensive, then we shifted to Upamecano, finally got Konate. If he's happy to be a squad player, happy to have him.

4.) 06 Jun 2022 06:56:27
I think Gomez will much more involved when/ if/ should Matip leave. This makes sense to me as even though Matip is good, he is starting to play second fiddle to Konate so I feel it would be better to keep a younger HG player than an older non HG player on likely date higher wages. Just my opinion though I trust whatever Klopp does.

5.) 06 Jun 2022 07:40:28
Given how well he stayed injury free last season and also had a good season. I think this would be the best window to make some money on Matip. He’s a good player and has served us well, but I think Van D, Konate and Gomez are enough to see us through a season.

His stock is as high as it will get so if we receive an offer we should consider it in my opinion.

6.) 06 Jun 2022 08:17:49
Just 15 months after a centre back injury crisis we should sell Matip for no particular reason?
Were no lessons learned from that period that devastated our season?

7.) 06 Jun 2022 08:36:52
Flash we now have Van Dijk, Konate, Gomez, Van Den Berg who can all play centre back still. Gomez didn’t get a sniff of first team football last season. If we need money for new players why keep a player who every season bar last season was constantly injured? He’s stayed virtually injury free this season and has played really well.

In my opinion this is the best time to cash in on him. He’s played really well this year and must have interest from somewhere from him.

8.) 06 Jun 2022 08:41:19
Joe will also fill in at RB when needed.

9.) 06 Jun 2022 09:45:39
Matip going nowhere.

10.) 06 Jun 2022 10:03:22
Sad to see Joe go, but given that someone out there will overpay for an English player, then if he's going to remain 4th choice, maybe time to cash in now.

11.) 06 Jun 2022 10:12:18
I genuinely can't believe people think getting rid of matip for a few pound is a good idea.?

12.) 06 Jun 2022 10:51:14
If I had to choose over Matip and Gomez. It has to be Gomez every day. He’s younger, HG and I think can become a better centre back than Matip. I’d say Matip is likely on more than Gomez also.

If any are to leave it has to be Matip for me. Don’t get me wrong I like the guy and he’s gave his all when played, but he’s older and more than likely last time to bring in some decent money for him.

13.) 06 Jun 2022 12:00:47
Doesn’t matter what we think there is a reason Matip gets in ahead of Gomez. If decent offer comes in Gomez will go .

14.) 06 Jun 2022 17:47:44
I've got this crazy notion that as it's been proven we need 4 good centre backs to cover all eventualities and we currently have 4 excellent centre backs that Klopp is liable to keep them all (provided they want to stay and fight for their place) . Call me radical!
I can imagine getting rid of one and getting a serious injury to one of the others early on in the season, many of the same voices clamouring to sell one for no good reason just now would be the same ones screaming for a spare centre half and demanding an inquest on how we've only got 3 centre backs left.



29 May 2022 18:19:50
So, reports coming out that Sadio Mane intends to leave Liverpool. He has even informed Klopp and his teammates that he wants to leave.

A lot to digest right now. But, honestly, when it comes to Mane, all I can say is thank you. He has handled himself with professionalism throughout and deserves the chance to ply his trade elsewhere, as long as we get the valuation we believe we are earned, of course.

He has been made to change positions numerous times, from RW to LW (When Salah joined) to LW to ST (When Diaz joined) and has not complained once. He has put in incredible effort on the pitch every time he plays, even when he is not performing well or scoring regularly. His commitment can not be put into question.

When the rumours came out about Mane, he did not rock the boat before a big final and was simply respectful of all parties. He has handled himself well throghout his time at Liverpool and such behaviour should be applauded at a time when players believe themselves above the club (I.e. Mbappe, etc) and act accordingly.

I will miss Mane greatly, but he has earned the right to move. Best wishes to the guy, he is a Liverpool legend and was the starting point for Klopp's period of improvement. All the best and I wish nothing for success in Germany or elsewhere.


1.) 29 May 2022 18:52:09
Great player very sad to see him go, if I could replace him with any player it would be Son from spurs not going to happen but would love to see Son playing for us .

2.) 29 May 2022 19:19:45
Good post man, I’m not in the best of moods anyway today and suspected this news was coming
He deserves respect for what he did for the club and I wish him well, he will be missed.
Gnabry is coming in the opposite direction.

3.) 29 May 2022 19:20:06
Agreed. Has been a great servant and even has the courtesy to leave when his powers are waning! What a gent! Lol seriously though I wish nothing but this man all the best. A hell of a performer. Question is who do we bring in to replace him? Given Mane us over the years primarily been on the left and we now have Diaz there I would be going for an out and out number 9 striker. Not sure who that is though.

4.) 29 May 2022 19:32:42
Son is going nowhere since Conte has 150M to spend, and is a fantastic manager.
LFC need to spend so wisely, and i am not sure we have time to develop another player slowly -we need someone who will hit the ground running, and score goals galore. Our lack of goals over the 3 finals and the fact that Conte and Carlo's tactics can stifle us so well means it might be time to adapt the tactics and get someone who will give us more options.
We needed Div last night.

5.) 29 May 2022 20:44:25
Have faith in Klopp and his staff. They came up with Mane and Salah in the first place, trust in them to replace those players as and when it is required.
It just probably won't be the flavour of the month names you see being touted round at extortionate prices.

6.) 30 May 2022 00:19:28
Exactly Flash. Keep the faith in recruitment team. Before Mane signed his record was 2 in 22 for Metz, 31 in 63 for RBS and 21 in 67 for Southampton. Good return but even for Saints, 8 of those 21 came in 3 matches. Lots of big forward names being shouted recently (Kane, Dembele, Son, Gnabry. ) but our greatest successes of recent times have been "Big potential = low price" That's our market which means the chat probably won't even include most of our targets.
Whatever happened to £40m rated Sarr?

7.) 30 May 2022 00:33:57
Flash, if the news about them contacting Dembele is true then they’ve lost my faith in them,

8.) 30 May 2022 02:00:16
I would break the bank for Son. He's world class. We did similar for both Allison and Virgil, and have to do it again.



31 Jan 2022 13:12:42
It looks like we won't be signing Fabio Carvalho, after all.

Fulham have apparently not responded to our 5 million offer, with a loan back to Fulham included for the rest of the season. A shame because the lad looks like a quality player with a bright future.

Borussia Dortmund looking at him for the summer too. That seems to be a great destination for young English footballers. We might miss out on this lad. But, I am still pleased with our business this month.

January is a tricky window, bringing in someone with the qualities of Luis Diaz is a great move for us. Maybe a few more out goings, Nat Phillips to Bournemouth, for instance, and we should be good to go till the summer.


1.) 31 Jan 2022 13:42:26
Nobody knows Mango just like with the Diaz move, let's wait till the windows shut buddy ;)

2.) 31 Jan 2022 13:55:27
if there not interested in us loaning him back, double the bid and get him now.

3.) 31 Jan 2022 13:56:05
I swear some just guess on these things, it's 50/ 50. He either will or won't. But if they strike lucky they claim their ITK.

So as its all these journos do my guess is origi to West ham by tomorrow morning.

4.) 31 Jan 2022 15:37:47
can see this going to the wire maybe £9 million and add on fulham want £15 million.

5.) 31 Jan 2022 15:08:16
Ed002 what would be Fulham's benefit to losing him to an international club for free? Would they get any sort of compensation? Just in my mind it makes more sense to take a fee now with a loan back agreement vs. losing him for nothing to a club on the continent? (Have I missed something though? )

{Ed002's Note - If he stays and helps them get promoted is a significant benefit.}

6.) 31 Jan 2022 18:33:10
Sorry Ed002 I meant letting him leave on a free in the summer vs. us buying and loaning him back now but appreciate the answer none the less. Hope you're having a good day.

{Ed002's Note - If that were the case then the advantage is for Liverpool in that they would get the jump on others and Fulham would get funds. The disadvantage for Liverpool is that they are spending money on a player who they will only get when he is available as a Free Agent.}



30 Jan 2022 14:39:48
Word going around that we are in negotiations to sign Fabio Carvalho for around 12 million from Fulham.

Julian Ward doing some serious work. Fair play.


1.) 30 Jan 2022 15:08:30
Impressive work. Luiz looks a very good footballer and Carvallho is one of the brightest English prospects out there. A quiet window (which is no bad thing) has suddenly turned into what is going to be a very very good one. And we’ve avoided both Traore and Dembele!

2.) 30 Jan 2022 15:13:37
It won’t be anything like £12m mate. He is out of contact in the summer.

3.) 30 Jan 2022 15:16:00
Would FSG commit to 12 mill knowing he’s free in 5 months time. Not sure many Club owners would. Especially with us being hit so hard with the C.V. and skint.

4.) 30 Jan 2022 15:18:12
Fulham only value u him at 5m I read that.

5.) 30 Jan 2022 15:24:16
5 million sounds a lot better, in terms of our investment.

When I heard people quoting 12, it did seem a little on the excessive side. But, just thought I would relay what I had heard :D.

6.) 30 Jan 2022 15:31:15
Ed002 might be the one to say am wrong but he is not a free transfer in the summer and it would go to a tribunal so we would be paying over £5m in my thoughts for him. I think it was about £4.5m for Elliott with a 20% sell on so if we sever sell him I bet Fulham would get more than £12m. So if Fulham get anywhere between £5 and £12m tribunal they are much better of keeping him so I definitely don’t think they would take £5m when the are in a promotion fight.

7.) 30 Jan 2022 15:45:05
Jesus it must be a good window if Viktors happy! 😁Doubt it'll be twelve but it'll probably be more than five sure they'd get at least that in a tribunal.

8.) 30 Jan 2022 15:26:13
Would he be free to us? Does it not go to a tribunal to set a fee if one can't be agreed?

{Ed002's Note - A training fee has to be paid.}

9.) 30 Jan 2022 16:15:39
Heard its a 5mill offer. probably some add on too. Hope gets over the line. He is a top top talent just like harvey.

10.) 30 Jan 2022 16:15:49
Would be strange, we don't really need him right now?

Fulham are pushing for promotion so won't want him to leave for cheap.

And he wouldn't be in the first team straight away would he? Feels like it'd make much more sense to pick him up in the summer. Unless maybe both Div and Mina are off?

11.) 30 Jan 2022 16:29:36
The smart thing to do would be to sign him up this window and remain at Fulham until the summer

With Milner leaving and potentially 1/ 2 more from midfield it does make sense especially him being English aswell

I know the Ed’s have previously mentioned we need to watch the hg quota in the past.

12.) 30 Jan 2022 16:29:46
Offer is £5m. If he wants to join us it will happen. Only question is if joins now or summer.

13.) 30 Jan 2022 16:57:08
Loan back to Fulham and comes to us in the summer. Will be a cracking bit of business and a great January window.

14.) 30 Jan 2022 18:41:45
@VVVV “A quiet window (which is no bad thing) …. ”

That wasn’t what a considerable number of people seemed to be saying leading up the the transfer window and in the window itself up to about midday last Thursday. Just saying 😉.

15.) 30 Jan 2022 18:51:59
With Fabio looking like a done deal and Luiz in the bag just Bissouma tomorrow and it will be a fair window.

16.) 30 Jan 2022 19:16:59
If the choice was a quiet window in January or signing Traore or Dembele WDW, I know what I’d prefer!

17.) 30 Jan 2022 20:18:06
We haven’t tried to sign either player VVVV. Just be happy with who we have signed.



31 Aug 2021 13:08:55
So, apparently Rhys Williams is leaving on loan to Swansea. If that is the case then I cannot see Phillips leaving in this window.

When you consider Van Dijk, Matip and Gomez's long term injury issues last season, not to mention Konate's issue with injuries himself, we need an able bodied player to fill in when needed, and give players a rest.

Cannot see any other activity taking place, however. Fingers crossed this does not bite us on the ass.


1.) 31 Aug 2021 13:17:27
I will be Happy if Phillips stays, we will need him. We need 5 cbs this season as you say.

2.) 31 Aug 2021 13:23:06
Good move for him.

I think we could still get away with Phillips leaving to be honest.

VVD, Matip, Gomez, Konate + Fabinho and youth CBs is plenty under normal circumstances!

3.) 31 Aug 2021 13:36:33
VVD seems to be much more robust, only we know Matip and Gomez are made of crisps. There is always a risk but life is a risk.

4.) 31 Aug 2021 13:42:52
Glad that it’s championship level and not league one or two. He showed that he can step up and hopefully the lad will have a great season.

5.) 31 Aug 2021 13:46:35
I like Nat and I would be happy for him to stay a while longer.

He did a solid job last season and I don’t think he would let us down if called on.

6.) 31 Aug 2021 13:59:43
I think to plan for all your centre backs to be injured because it happened once is over kill. If we do not suffer 3 injuries at the same time then there is a good chance Phillips won't get no game time.

7.) 31 Aug 2021 14:04:50
Apparently interest is growing in Nat Philips.
He may move yet.

8.) 31 Aug 2021 14:09:57
Matip and Gomez won’t last the season …that’s guaranteed. Phillips around would mean more weekly wages for FSG to pay …happy with that.

9.) 31 Aug 2021 14:36:19
We need at least 14 centre backs. If we don’t then what will we do if 12 of our centre backs get injured?
We also need those kind of centre backs that are worlds class but cheap and they must also not want to play, but be hungry and ready to play when we lose 12 centre backs.

10.) 31 Aug 2021 14:48:07
I think Phillips needs to go on loan to a Prem side if no offer to buy comes in. He can't even get on the bench at the moment. Keep his value up.

11.) 31 Aug 2021 15:23:39
To the post above regarding we have fabhino as cb cover too! Just no! Did u not see the effect of taking from Peter to feed Paul had on the middle! Fabs isn’t a cb I don’t care if he played there when he was 4!

12.) 31 Aug 2021 15:29:10
How many goals did Williams cause last year. very average at best sell him if anyone would buy him and keep Phillips. a good old fashioned centre half.

13.) 31 Aug 2021 16:16:15
I’m sure the club has worked out the fitness levels of our CBs to see what shape they are in and if they are likely to break down or not.
4 senior CBs of VVD, Konate, Matip and Gomez is extremely strong on paper. That’s 4 players who would start in the majority of teams in the prem. Philips isn’t getting a look in there.

14.) 31 Aug 2021 16:47:53
If Phillips wants to go then he's got every right and with our thanks bit I think players like him give a team some soul, don't know why, I'd be very happy to see him stay.

15.) 31 Aug 2021 17:01:21
Phillips has signed a long term contract, so can't see him going anywhere, unless it's a loan.

16.) 31 Aug 2021 17:04:36
Nat Phillips just signed a new deal.

17.) 31 Aug 2021 20:17:28
I’ve never heard so much negativity over a player signing a new contract! NP is never going to be as good as VVD, but he did a great job for us last year when he finally got a change and he fully deserves a good contract as without him last year we wouldn’t have got top 4.

18.) 31 Aug 2021 20:55:45
Why0Why, you had Kevin stitches with that one, man 🤣🤣🤣.




LFC-S MANGO's banter posts with other poster's replies to LFC-S MANGO's banter posts


10 May 2024 17:29:02
So, Julian Ward has returned to Liverpool?

He will oversee player development across FSG's football operations and strategies.

Maybe I am just catastrophizing, but it does feel like, now Klopp is gone, the old guard decision makers are steadily returning to the fold.

I feel like there is a lot more to this than we are seeing, or being told.

If so, maybe Ljinders can write another book about it? :P.


1.) 10 May 2024 17:53:53
Mango, my immediate thought was did Edwards and Ward leave because of Klopp? ?.

2.) 10 May 2024 18:03:12
I can’t remember which journalist reported it, but somebody said that one of the reasons Michael Edwards left was because of arguments with Klopp over retaining ageing players. Not sure how true that is, but if Ward is returning as well as Edwards as soon as Klopp is leaving, it doesn’t feel like a coincidence.

3.) 10 May 2024 18:12:55
Pep ate the crayons after he did the last book, Mango.

4.) 10 May 2024 18:28:21
Pedro Marques Has also joined.

5.) 10 May 2024 18:29:22
Woolback, it doesn't feel like a coicidence at all. However, what do we know? It well could be just consipracy theory. But I must admit that employees who leave an employer usually join another organization before re-joining the previous employer, if ever. That's what I have seen.

6.) 10 May 2024 20:20:29
Liverpool’s new structure that as CEO Michael Edwards has put together. Only Will Spearman, David Fallows and Barry Hunter from the list below were already at the club. Safe to say Edwards has been busy.

Coach: Arne Slot  
Sporting Director: Richard Hughes
Assistant Sporting Director: David Woodfine
Technical Director: Julian Ward
Director Of Football Director: Pedro Marques  
Director of Research: Will Spearman
Head of Recruitment: David Fallows
Chief Scout: Barry Hunter
Scout: Mark Burchill
Scout Co-ordinator: Craig McKee.

7.) 10 May 2024 20:41:35
I can’t believe some people say that football isn’t a game anymore eh?

When they all get to work do we think they line up in a 4 - 2 - 3 -1 or 4 - 3 -3 formation? I wonder if we use inverted scouts or do we look to then to get out far and wide?

8.) 10 May 2024 20:44:32
We have a director to direct the director of football?
I’d love that job!

9.) 10 May 2024 20:42:31
* Director Of Football Development: Pedro Marques.

10.) 10 May 2024 20:59:48
I remember that woolback. I reckon we know very little about the last few years and the real reasons he’s leaving.

11.) 10 May 2024 21:27:44
What does a technical director do?

12.) 10 May 2024 21:38:11
There was a time I genuinely believed the technical director at a Football club was the one tasked with fixing the projector when it was broken.

I have learned since then that they do not use projectors and am, therefore, out of touch. :P.

13.) 10 May 2024 21:54:57
@Ron Keague. James Pearce who was the first to break the news has said the following regarding Wards’s Technical Director Role.

Ward will oversee player development across FSG's football operations. Responsibilities include oversight of LFC academy, loan department, group wide elite player development strategies and establishment of FSG’s new football innovation department.

Ward will also preside over the management of football operations at any club added to FSG stable. Marques, who will report to Ward, is regarded as an expert in player development, career pathways, coaching methodologies and performance analysis.

14.) 10 May 2024 22:15:14
I like the idea of director of football development. Something FIFA and UEFA and the FA should look at rather than fixating on revenue generation.

15.) 10 May 2024 22:26:55
Thanks Alonso,

So if that’s his remit, what about “Director of football development”?

16.) 10 May 2024 22:53:43
Klopp hasn't left and Lijnders didn't write a book.
Why do people think that we don't know the real reason for Klopp leaving? I might be being naive but I believe him and why he wants or needs to leave.

17.) 11 May 2024 08:09:31
@Rigsby, he’s tired and he’s had enough. Too simple for some contributors though.

18.) 11 May 2024 09:35:04
Alonso, "establishment of FSG’s new football innovation department" is the one that sounds really interesting to me.

19.) 11 May 2024 09:51:19
WDW loving the inverted coaches. Let’s hope they don’t bump in to each other in the car park!

20.) 11 May 2024 10:08:18
ArAy1969 -Sneaking a 12th player onto the pitch when nobody’s looking is my guess.

21.) 11 May 2024 11:19:49
Does it need to be a conspiracy?

Could it just be that Edward’s role was too narrow previously? Perhaps Klopp’s influence had more reach?

Now FSG are adjusting the model and it fits Edwards and others.

22.) 11 May 2024 13:16:35
You won't believe it but I've seen it really happen many years ago. It was some international game somewhere abroad. The referee signalled the change, the new player came on, the other player refused to come off and the ref signalled the game onwards, not realizing that 12 players were on. Later on, the game was stopped and the extra player sent off.

23.) 11 May 2024 22:02:54
It's all very fishy.
Klopp has only been here nine years and and needs a change. Nine years, some of which we were having to keep going at full tilt until the very last games of the season. So when Klopp says he needs a break from it all and we bring in a new management team, it just doesn't add up.



29 Apr 2024 23:49:41
Maybe I am playing devil's advocate, but I honestly think the incident between Salah and Klopp, is more down to Klopp then Salah.

Now, don't get it twisted I think Klopp benching Salah was the right decision, as his form has not warranted a start. Whether down to rotation, medical advice or sending a message, Klopp was well in the right, in my opinion.

However, if you watch the full replay of the incident, it does tell a story of its own.

At the beginning, Salah is getting ready to come on, he is focused on nothing more than the match. Then, Klopp walks over to him, leans in and says something to Salah. That is trigger for the arguement to take place. If not for Klopp approaching him, and having a quiet word, nothing would have happened.

Now, I don't know what he said, I have heard rumours that Klopp told Salah that if he isn't ready, or willing, then get back on the bench, but can't verify that. The incident was also apparently born from Salah not accepting Klopp's hug and only shaking his hand, begrudgingly.

The Anfield Wrap and other sources have suggested this is what happened, but we will never know until Klopp or Salah reveal it. If Klopp did say that, though, then I have to question what he was thinking.

I know Salah, through his agent, etc, has tried to explore a means of getting a move to a Madrid, Barcelona, etc. However, when it comes to the pitch, Salah has never feigned injury or refused to attend training or matches for Liverpool. He has always wanted to play.

So for people to call him unprofessional, and discredit his entire tenure at Liverpool, I completely disagree with. Admittedly it is a very small percentage, and most have rightly questioned Salah in the situation without labelling him as such. But, those that do, give your head a wobble.

I do, however, agree with the belief that Salah needs to be sold at the end of the season. He has been incredible for us, and I appreciate everything he has done, but his value will depreciate the older he gets or he may feel being out of contract might make him an even more lucrative prospect to a PSG or Saudi club.

Plus, 350k a week, for a player with this level of doubts is a concern. Every poor match he has, that wage will be directed at him in response. That he is not fulfilling his end of the bargain, etc.

As a result, I believe we need to attempt another Coutinho. I. e. Sell our most lucrative asset and use the money to buy 2 first team ready players. Not rotational, not prospects, but genuine starters that can come in and immediately improve the first 11. For me, those positions are right wing and centre back.


1.) 30 Apr 2024 03:30:43
unless Klopp insulted him personally, his family or his dog, there is no reason for that kind of response from Mo.

2.) 30 Apr 2024 08:02:24
Maybe Klopp said "Mo, go and win us the game. Get your finger out of your arse, start playing like you know you can and earn your wages (and there is plenty of it) .

3.) 30 Apr 2024 07:30:01
It looked to me like Klopp went to give Salah a handshake all he does to all the players before going on the pitch and Salah blanked Klopp then eventually Salah just give Klopp the weakest high-five you’ve ever seen and at this point Klopp says something to Salah and it all kicks off. There are other videos out there from behind the dugout that show other footage.

4.) 30 Apr 2024 07:42:31
Whilst I agree that now is probably the right time to move Salah on, diminishing returns and high earner. I don’t understand how anyone, or on what basis people can claim he has attitude issues…. in 6 years the weekend was his first public incident. He struck me as a frustrated figure which you would expect given his and the teams lack of form.
I also think it is a little early to say he is washed, before AFCON he was still our best attacker creating lots for others and scoring himself too.

I think if a decent offer comes in we should accept it but likewise if he sees out his contract, I will enjoy seeing him in a red a shirt for another season and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was our top scorer next year too

It would be interesting to know what the Ed’s would do with our frontline?

5.) 30 Apr 2024 08:44:55
If an offer comes in we could accept it and then put it to Salah.
Or are we into people trafficking now? ?
If he wants to go, let him go and that applies to any player.
He's been out of form for a couple of months but he's still top scorer this season and you don't let a minor disagreement like the one Saturday be the catalyst for him going.
He seems to be a model professional, has been top scorer every year since he joined us and the type of player you want to keep.

6.) 30 Apr 2024 09:06:41
Maybe Klopp said " did you regret turning down the Saudi offer to follow "my project"

7.) 30 Apr 2024 09:10:22
The entire thing is probably a storm in a teacup.

8.) 30 Apr 2024 09:33:17
Knowing how salah gets in a strop every time he is subbed out of a game, i think Mo was probably in a strop from the time the team sheet was handed out. Klopp probably went over to him say something along the lines of "take that anger out onto the pitch" and it riled him. Either way, didn't look good and has only compounded problems from outside looking in.

9.) 30 Apr 2024 10:15:51
He really isn't the type of player you want to keep. Not if clubs are offering nearly 80 million for a player who is on the decline.

We have been way too slow over the years at moving players on when they're passed their peak, and it's cost us. Take the money and reinvest it.

10.) 30 Apr 2024 10:19:24
Just as for Jurgen Klopp, Mohammed Salah's legacy at Liverpool Club is already sealed. He (like Klopp) will always be thought of very fondly (to put it mildly) and certainly as part of the club's greats. Both of them are part of the "combination of factors" that pulled the club out from the relative darkness of the previous two decades. So that's that.

But I didn't like his behaviour during that incident (and I posted earlier about it) . I don't care if you are Pele reborn or Diego Freaking Maradona, you don't reach for your Manager and have to be pushed back and be restrained by your team mate. If you want to leave, that's fine. Do it with class and elegance. And it doesn't matter what the Boss says to you, you listen and swallow it because he's the Boss and he's the reason you are standing there.

11.) 30 Apr 2024 10:55:29
Well if it was over the lack of a hug it certainly is a storm in a teacup.

12.) 30 Apr 2024 11:08:12
Did Salah reach for Klopp and have to be pushed back? No.
His initial gestures were arms open and hands up. To me it showed Salah was confused by Klopp. Klopp carries on and then there is a bit of finger pointing from Salah.
Unless we find out what was said and it turns out to be unacceptable there is nothing in the incident to worry about.

{Ed001's Note - I am with you on this Rigsby.}

13.) 30 Apr 2024 11:31:18
LFC MANGO personally, I think Klopp benched Salah to send a message to the players not pulling their weight of late who also got benched. Also, I think this is another reason regarding Salah specifically that he kept Elliott on for that long. Seriously, the kid was having a pretty terrible time of it and should have been hooked WAY before the 77th minute.

And when Salah (already upset for being benched) ignored Klopp's hug/ handshake, then tempers flared. Granted, Salah should not show up his manager in public that way BUT again, emotions are high right now and so is the level of frustration so in the end, both guys blew their tops. We had this with Mane several times as well where one time, he ignored Klopp's handshake after we battered Utd 4-2 at OT in 20/ 21. Nothing but handbags, me thinks.

14.) 01 May 2024 08:49:11
First offense from Salah in my opinion.

Definitely unprofessional.
Regarding his attitude, he’s less committed on the field in the last few months but could be form related or could be ANYTHING in his life. So that’s not a big deal.

But whatever your manager says to you, do your talking on the pitch or behind closed doors - that’s professional.



23 Mar 2024 15:56:08
Been enjoying the legends match, so far.

Nice to know the Liverpool injury curse is not specific to our first team stars, but our legends as well. Because that needed to be a thing. And Aurelio too, who had nothing but bad luck with injury, great player though.

Always a good laugh these matches, to see your legends who you idolized and tried to replicate become far older men with big bellies and co-ordination I attribute to toddlers. Age is rarely kind. Although, seeing Skrtel trying to play out from the back, while racing towards a terrified Dudek, had me rolling.

On a genuinely heartwarming note, seeing the combinations between Gerrard and Torres, allowing me to reminisce about my own childhood and how big a part both were, was an unexpected but welcome period. And then Maxi doing his utmost to score every time he touches the ball, when both are in better positions bringing me back down to earth :P

Although, the highlight of all highlights had to be Jay Spearing getting absolutely cooked by a 70 year old man, I couldn't breath man. I swear he's still on our books too.


1.) 23 Mar 2024 16:43:37
I always find that in the legends games the more technically gifted players stand out, now that age has levelled the playing field to a degree in terms of fitness and pace.

Fowler, despite his "dimensions", has played well in quite a lot of legends games. Hyypia is standing out today.

2.) 23 Mar 2024 21:21:00
Apparently Daniel Agger hasn't played football since retiring, but didn't look rusty at all. If only he was able to stay fit when he was playing!

3.) 24 Mar 2024 19:23:25
Agger's body let him down badly, can't say I'm surprised he doesn't play outside of stuff like the legends games. I'm fairly sure he said that by the end of his time here he had to eat loads of painkillers to get through games, even when he was "fit".

He just wouldn't be able to take playing football regularly at any level.



22 Mar 2024 19:45:57
Obviously many of us have differing opinions when it comes to what is best for Liverpool Football Club, many of the discussion I have seen range from player ability, to staff and squad management, the ownerships influence or lack thereof, etc.

However, I think we are all aligned on one thing and that is that our Liverpool players get through this International period unscathed. If we are to make one final push for remaining prizes then we need as many players available and in fighting shape as possible. I honestly could not care less about performance, scoring exploits, just come back unharmed, please.


1.) 23 Mar 2024 09:10:08

2.) 23 Mar 2024 09:56:35

3.) 23 Mar 2024 10:13:54

4.) 23 Mar 2024 13:52:16

Internationals in March are ludicrous. And even more so when they are friendlies.

If we get everyone fit (with the exception of Thiago and Matip), then we stand a really good chance of finishing the season strong.

5.) 24 Mar 2024 05:36:41
I think they use the international break to remind English football fans all about Gareth’s abilities. I really, really, REALLY hope that the rumours of Gareth replacing Seven are true - that would make me laugh a lot.



26 Feb 2024 13:34:31
I see a lot of players are, quite rightly, receiving praise for their performance and application on Sunday. Kelleher, superb. Endo, warrior. Van Dijk, imperious.

However, there was one player that really stood out for me when he came on. A youth player that I had heard of but not seen much of, who made Caicedo and Enzo look amateur by comparison. For me, James McConnell looked like the best midfielder on the pitch, the moment he came on.

I thought he was brilliant. He used the ball so well, knew when to retain possession and when to expand his play. Plus, took his yellow card smartly as, if he had not, with our numbers pushed up so high, we would have been in trouble. I was worried when Mac Allister went off, as I thought we would lose that control and necessary decision making. But boy did James turn up and take on the role with ease.

He recently signed a new contract too. So, Klopp clearly recognized the potential and I honesty wouldn't mind seeing more of him as he appears to have that high level calmness, unfazed by the occasion and simply gets to work.

Would love to see him on Wednesday, give him the full 90 to see what he is really capable of. I suspect the team, as a whole, will be comprised of youth players. We do need to rest legs, and while Southampton are a stern test, our focus should be on preserving as much quality for Saturday as we can. The injuries we have sustained have made that abundantly clear.


1.) 26 Feb 2024 14:18:36
LFC Mango, I thought James McConnell was outstanding in everything he did. Very good at receiving the ball under pressure (did you see him lost those two Chelsea players when VVD fizzed it into him? ), makes good decisions with the ball, never lost it and knows when to hold and release the ball.

The only thing I saw that he currently lacks, is to receive the ball and advance it up the pitch at pace. For me and for now, that's it. Apart from that, we got another one right hear, man.

2.) 26 Feb 2024 15:07:44
Mango, you may just get your wish to see McConnell start if Endo's injury or knock (according to the protective boot he was wearing after the game) turns out to be more than minor.

3.) 26 Feb 2024 15:55:47
ArAy1969, I look forward to that, man.

4.) 26 Feb 2024 19:37:02
Looked excellent. Very composed on the ball and didn't shy away from it at all.

None of the kids did shy away and thatsbwhat I'm most proud of. Bobby Clarke looked so strong holding players off as well.




LFC-S MANGO's rumour replies


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09 May 2024 14:50:10
Varela would make perfect sense, in my opinion. As we need someone to rotate with Endo, if we play our traditional 4-3-3. Or, if we do play in a double pivot, a more defensive minded option than our current options.

However, I feel like in midfield we are already over stocked. Signings Gomes or Gray wouldn't make much sense. We have Mac Allister, Jones, Elliott, Szobo, Grav, possibly Trent, Clark, Bajcetic. All of which are fighting for two positions.

Now, Trent could stay at right back. Szobo move to a wing. But even then, the options are plentiful. I would rather we focus on key positions in need of strengthening, centre back being the key one. Maybe a left back, too, to provide competition / rotation with Robbo, as Tsimikas doesn't feel like a viable option any more.

Then, we would have to deal with any outgoings, there are already questions around Salah, Nunez and Diaz. I would not be surprised if at least one leaves, meaning we would have to sign a replacement, and at quite a sum. Doak will likely get another chance, but he had a long injury lay off, and didn't really impress when he did play.

Will be interesting to see what happens, though. Could be quite a few moving parts, from coaching staff to playing staff. It won't be boring, at least.




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16 Feb 2024 19:37:14
Yeah, been confirmed. Alisson has done his hamstring, and is getting tests to see severity and length out.

Seriously, though, how does a Keeper do his hammy? Did he run to the rubbishter and pull it on the way, or what?




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28 Oct 2023 19:16:34
I have to put my hands up and admit, the fans were right. Thiago is a much better influence behind the scenes than on the pitch, and his 200k a week, is in service to that. The fact he was injured in April, and is still missing, has allowed him to hone his craft as the mentor he was always supposed to be.

You can just see the influence he has had on Stefan Bajcetic. The youngster has learned the ways of the injury prone. Always good to seasoned veterans passing on what they have learned :P.




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09 Jun 2023 19:35:34
One step forward, two steps back, in that case.

Fingers crossed this is not the case.

Relying on Matip, Gomez and Thiago to go a season without a long lay off with injury is simply asking for trouble. Matip and Gomez can't seem to handle the standard defensive practices in centre back, can't imagine how they will handle Konate's role if Konate was to get injured. It asks a lot of a player physically and mentally, and Konate is not exactly injury free.

Hopefully the club realises that we can not push Van Dijk week after week without rotation. He is soon to be 32, has played virtually every game when available to play, no rest or break given. Keeping Matip and Gomez, both, would show we have not learned our lesson. Gomez is the most likely to stay, of the two, due to the home grown quota.

Honestly, I would sell Matip for between 5-10 million, get his wages off the books and look for a suitable replacement. Micky Van Den Ven looks like he could fulfill the role, from the little I have seen. We can forget Gvardiol, etc. Van Den Ven would not be as expensive, and he has the pace to cover like Konate.




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09 Jun 2023 02:54:25
Uma Thurman?

Can't blame Liverpool FC, she is quite the looker and a very NICE person ;)





LFC-S MANGO's banter replies


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07 Jun 2024 13:52:44
Yeah, I remember a few players mentioning that Bajcetic turns up to team meeting / tactical analysis late. Robbo and Gakpo have mentioned it most recently, which is not a great look for a youngster looking to force himself into the team. Has the potential to be a great player, but needs to recognise the importance of all aspects in football.

Have a feeling also, if we had kept Milner, he would have made sure Bajcetic took these things more seriously. Great leader, and someone the club really missed last season, more so than Hendo, in my opinion.




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27 May 2024 20:18:56

Did I miss something?

The old guard really must be coming back, since Klopp left.




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14 May 2024 18:38:32
And, you figured this out, how?

Did you see the one player who has actually been consistently good these last 2 years and thought, none of that!




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10 May 2024 21:38:11
There was a time I genuinely believed the technical director at a Football club was the one tasked with fixing the projector when it was broken.

I have learned since then that they do not use projectors and am, therefore, out of touch. :P.




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02 Mar 2024 23:03:43
I remember watching this show, and another show where Michael Owen was a poster that regularly talked to some kid. Different times :P

I absolutely loved it when I was a kid, and even bought the book which showcased about 100 technical exercises. Now, as an adult, it is pretty obvious that Michael Owen didn't receive the right guidance growing up. It was all about him, the star, and he never once cared about anyone but himself.

Fairplay to Southall also, he gave good positive reinforcement throughout that finishing exercises, as he could see the young keeper was a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. Not helped with Owen embarrassing the kid at times.

Loved Owen as a kid, and he was the man that made me support Liverpool, after his goal against Argentina in 1998. In fact, I always wanted him to play instead of Fowler as he was younger and looked like me. It's not until the adulthood do you realize how amazing Fowler truly was.

Also, a bit ironic that the show was shot at Stoke City's home stadium, where Owen would eventually play his final games as a player. What a fall from grace.




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