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25 Nov 2023 18:45:38
That maybe the point that wins LFC the premier league. After all, we have been on the end of one point losing us the league twice now, so let's hope it's karma.

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25 Nov 2023 20:01:11
We are third in the table behind city. If that wins us the league then what about Arsenal and City?

25 Nov 2023 20:03:10
Coolest man on the park today was the referee he handled the game the correct way in my opinion.

25 Nov 2023 20:53:25
Because that point Habibi means (as unlikely as I appreciate it is) that our destiny is still entirely in our own hands.

It also gives the boys confidence that they went to City, in a fixture / slot they are known to struggle, off the back of an international break, went behind and didn’t wilt.

Watch Pep during that game. He knows it’s game on this year.

25 Nov 2023 21:33:28
I’ll be honest, that’s a huge point. Away at city at 12:30 on a Saturday morning is as tough a game as you can get. I’d describe that as a gritty performance. One point gained, not two points lost.

25 Nov 2023 22:43:42
Brilliant point, no other way to look at it.

25 Nov 2023 22:49:18
What the referee from Manchester wasnt corrupt?. Not sure that fits the narrative on this page.

25 Nov 2023 23:36:30
I’m one of the corrupt conspirators but hat off to the ref today. I can live with human error it’s allowed but I expect refereeing to be of at least that standard.

26 Nov 2023 02:20:34
Wait, so was the referee corrupt for Liverpool today? ?.

26 Nov 2023 07:25:03
Irish, due to unforeseen technical difficulties, the envelopes were not handed out for this weekend. ?.

26 Nov 2023 07:31:21
Wassa, even if we do manage to win the league this year, Harry will come back to you with "this is the weakest ManCity team in years". Something he made sure everyone read at least 3-4 times on the live chat.

26 Nov 2023 07:47:06
I didn't think the ref was particularly good today tbf. Lots of poor decisions. Great point considering we were not great. We go again.

26 Nov 2023 08:35:20
Which they sure are ArAy. And it wasn’t me all alone. This page had seen three threads on how poor city are today in the last week ????.

26 Nov 2023 09:56:06
It’s odd saying that this is City’s weakest team. For me we have a stronger “squad “ than I can remember but the jury is out if we have a stronger starting eleven than our PL winning season. All in all tho we must have a brave chance of doing something really special this season. City’s squad might be weaker over all but they do have a goal scoring machine in Haaland.
City were ok yesterday but far from brilliant, they did what would be expected playing at home. Getting a draw there is a great result for us as their record at home shows. I think City had 5 shots on target which isn’t too bad at all and we did sort of gift them their goal.

26 Nov 2023 10:00:42
Harry, so then it must be so heartbreaking for you. How do you manage to handle it? ?.

26 Nov 2023 10:35:51
Weakest in years? ?

I can assure you this Treble winning Manchester City team will go down as their greatest ever squad.

26 Nov 2023 13:00:22
OP, I don't know anything about that part cos to me, it is too early to tell if we are even in a title race right now so altho I'll take the point all day, every day, we got to validate it with the Fulham game next Sun. Just my take.

26 Nov 2023 13:49:12
Oli, you are in the title race from match week one mate.

You’re in it until the day your not.

Right now - two points off after thirteen games - we are very much still in it.



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