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13 Jan 2024 15:15:55
It's really quite funny the sheer number of managers who came out after the spurs-Liverpool debacle to say we need to grow up and respect the referees and aceept human errors

If there was any moment they could all band together, including the spurs manager, to hold PMGOL fully accountable for such a mess up that ruled out a perfectly legitimate goal that has a direct impact on the outcome of the game, maybe, just maybe, PMGOL had to be more on its toes

But because they were not impacted and in some instances, benefiting from the result, they all went on the moral high horse

Ever since then, Arteta has called the refs / VAR a disgrace, Kompany called it a joke, etc

If only they had put aside petty difference and held PMGOL accountable.

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13 Jan 2024 16:24:24
Sgynwa, I recall the "Ange" lecturing and talking down to the rest of after the game, saying how he has always respected the officials and that we should accept whatever mistakes they make. What he was really saying was that we should accept whatever mistakes they make that benefit him and Spurs. Cos after the Chelsea and Brighton games they lost, the guy showed NO respect to the officials nor VAR and could not stop complaining and you know, respecting them and their decisions when they go against him. Absolute waffler and self-serving hypocrite and I could see that from a mile off.

Same with Arteta. He had all types of chest when he lost at Newcastle, calling ref's a what's that word again? Ah yes, a "disgracia", right? So Mikel, were the refs a "desgracia" when they did you a solid at Anfield when Odegaard revealed his inner Steph Curry in the box that helped him get a point at Anfield? He said he hadn't seen it, just like his godfather Arsene Wenger taught him to say.

At the end of the day, these managers and fans esp. don't care cos tribalism in the PL will benefit the PGMOL and nothing will be done. Did you also see the tackle by Malo Gusto on Willian today? That was typical Curtis Jones vs Bissouma that these same Chelsea fans said was a red card BUT here? No red card. Let's see how Chelsea fans and esp. the PGMOL will spin this one.

13 Jan 2024 17:31:36
Ange, Arteta and Kompany have zero sympathy from me. All of them said “mistakes happen” when then benefited from horrendous mistakes but cried like little girls when it went against them.

13 Jan 2024 17:36:01
We are in a position where mistakes and inconsistencies have happened for so long there isn’t going to be any circumstance so egregious that it will bind the clubs together to say enough is enough. They are far too self interested and partisan for that.

I do believe the Spurs game was the perfect opportunity for everybody to stand together and say enough is enough this can’t go on. It was a chance wasted.

13 Jan 2024 19:44:45
Listen if a referee makes it happens but what gives players and managers the right to surround and abuse them if a player scores an own goal or misses a sitter why does the referee not crowd them and abuse them I'm saying this as a current amateur referee in Scotland a will stand up to anyone on a pitchbive never lost an argument on the pitch and on the flip side never won one in the houseb.

13 Jan 2024 19:55:31
We need to get shot of Howard webb AKA ferries puppet he is the main cause of all this regards VAR.

13 Jan 2024 21:02:59
We as fans should call out “mistakes” even when it benefits us. Just a thought.

13 Jan 2024 21:51:22
I have to say I quite liked watching the Carabao cup semi without VAR. Football the way I remember it. Score a goal and celebrate. If something is missed unlucky. Get rid of forensic offside. Somehow it is easier to accept mistakes made when there is no VAR. We have replaced on field mistakes and controversy with VAR mistakes and controversies whilst ruining the spontaneity of the moment.

13 Jan 2024 22:09:47
I can’t stand Ange is it just me? Maybe it started after his comments and total lack of empathy after he gleefully accepted 3 points against us that he knew full well they didn’t deserve. On a very human level his attitude was a total disgrace.

Now when I hear him whinging about perceived VAR mistakes that have cost his team it makes my blood boil.

Absolute scumbag if you ask me.

{Ed025's Note - but you hate anything thats not Liverpool BP, when other teams win it seems they either cheat or get help from the officials, every tackle on a reds player should be a sending off and and liverpool players never foul or do anything wrong according to you mate, talk about woe is me, "nobody loves us everybody hates us think ill go eat worms" is your motto it seems, calm down my friend and enjoy the ride while giving credit to might just help, its not Liverpool against the world..

13 Jan 2024 22:53:54
Personally, I like Ange and believe that any manager should prioritise their club over the “greater good”. Forcing change with PGMOL isn’t the job of managers in-season.

The Gusto tackle was a red if the standard is what was used for Jones. But then it isn’t a red if the standard for DCL is used. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t the on-field ref give them all yellows? And then the forensic analysis afterwards is where the inconsistency comes in? I always thought from the outset that VAR shouldn’t be used for fouls because it’s just adding another layer of subjectivity. I think that’s why we’re seeing the crap we’re seeing now.

{Ed025's Note - DCL was not issued a yellow Faith, play carried on mate..

13 Jan 2024 23:03:34
Ed25, when VVD almost took Onana's ankle off last season at Woodison, did I not come here and agreed with you that he should have been sent off? Also, pretty sure that I was not the only one who said nor thought that either so right there, I just debunked your whole narrative about LFC fans thinking the world is against us or that we hate everything that is not LFC- related. I can keep going so wow, that was easy.

And on the hypocrisy of Ange, why would I give credit to a team coached by a self serving hypocrite talking down to me after the VAR awarded his team the points against mine, telling me to just accept the very same standards he is NOT willing to accept when things don't go his way? Please, Im curious.

The hypocrisy and smugness of this guy is deafening and you are free give him all the credit you want BUT don't come telling me I need to do the same or accept his standards (like Arteta and Kompany), the very same ones they themselves (esp. Ange and Arteta), do NOT live by. Just saying.

{Ed025's Note - i believe my discussion was with BP Oli, but yes there is a large element of the supporters that believe liverpool get harshly treated, and they very seldom give credit to other whats your beef?..

13 Jan 2024 23:20:50
What happened to the arteta money 25?

{Ed025's Note - they say you cant take it with you Sandon...seems like Bill did mate.. :)

14 Jan 2024 00:41:43
I’ll admit I unapologetically have red tinted glasses attached to my face Ed. I was born with them and they are not going anywhere.

To say that I hate anything not Liverpool is a stretch and you only say that because you are sore that I said DCL should’ve been sent off. My argument in that thread wasn’t particularly about DCL but more about the refereeing and how they are too hung up on outcome rather than action.

I am far from a ‘woe is me’ kind of person but I will call it as I see it and I was disgusted with the attitude of Ange and with Spurs after what was the single worst VAR error in history that enabled them to win a game of football unfairly. For me, Spurs should’ve offered to reply the game and I know a lot of Spurs fans who agree with me.

I have never said that everyone hates Liverpool (I couldn’t care less if they do) and I really don’t see how not liking the Spurs manager has anything to do with that anyway. I suggest it’s you who should calm down, in your attempts to criticise me and anything Liverpool the bitterness you are renowned for seeps out of every pore.

{Ed025's Note - i just felt that you were over the top with the moaning BP, i dont think you have a lot to moan about if im honest mate and think you are better than that..

14 Jan 2024 22:04:53
Ed25, no beef over here, man. Btw, I was the one who brought up Ange on this thread and BP chimed in. You responded to him and I responded to you when you said BP and other LfC fans hate everything that is not LFC related so I bit back saying I am not in that categroy and that's it.

Not arsed what a rival fan thinks about me as an LFC fan cos a lot of them would love to be me supporting the most successful footie institution in the whole of Britain for 40 years of my life. That's not me bragging. That's me being me. I sleep easy, mate.

{Ed025's Note - people are different Oli and i happen to really like Ange, i never really knew a lot about him before he was at at Celtic but i like his style of football and his personality actually mate, i will never decry someone who bigs up their club because i think we all do that but i must say i dont like the trashing of rival clubs and players just for the sake of it and to make me feel better about my club..

14 Jan 2024 23:41:58
I wasn’t moaning Ed just simply saying I don’t like Ange Postecoglu. In fact if you read through my posts I’m probably one of the most positive posters on here.

I will have a moan about decisions that don’t go our way of course, just like you did about the DCL red card. Does that make you a moaner too?

As I said I am well aware that my opinions are heavily biased towards Liverpool but I don’t know too many fans who aren’t biased towards their own team, you certainly are. Wasn’t it you who said Fabinho’s a lemon but Andre Gomes is the second coming?

That’s fine I get it you’re an Everton fan so you want to big up Everton players and criticise Liverpool players but don’t throw your toys out of the pram when someone else does the same.

{Ed025's Note - i know your not usually a moaner BP and thats what surprised me, of course we are all biased and stick up for our own team and that includes me, i do throw the odd hand grenade to start a debate but i never throw my toys out of the pram mate, i do though think we should respect other teams though as there is enough nastiness in the world today..

15 Jan 2024 17:29:27
Ok Ed I just thought it wasn’t like you to go off like that.

I agree we should respect other teams to a point but that doesn’t mean I’m going to like everyone. There are certain people that will rub us all up the wrong way and Postecoglu is that for me. Other people like him, I think he’s a nob. It is what it is.

{Ed025's Note - there has been a bit of nastiness on the site lately BP, people calling other posters names and generally disrespecting them on a lot of pages not just this one, we dont want 1 to 1 slanging matches as it just ruins the thread and is basically not very nice mate, its up to all of us to respect other posters, their supporters and their teams and nice..



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