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30 Jan 2024 06:37:51
Just sat here with a cuppa and a toasted teacake, before another boring day at the coalface. It's great having this forum to be able to call into now and again for a bit of craic.

Just thinking, with Klopp presumably being held in high regards by FSG, is it possible that he might put forward any suggestions/ recommendations for who takes his place, or is it a case of 'I'm out' and that's it?

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30 Jan 2024 09:19:03
Well if his suggestion is anything like suggesting Brandt one or two players ahead of Salah, then perhaps we just take that recommendation with a pinch of salt :D.

30 Jan 2024 09:34:29
Actually klopp never say he will not return back to liverpool, did he?

{Ed002's Note - He is never going to be the coach of Liverpool again. Move on.}

30 Jan 2024 10:30:21
Klopp said in his presser “this old man isn’t going to tell or advise the club on who should replace him”.

30 Jan 2024 10:31:24
Which stage of the 5 stages of grief are you guys on?

Me, I am still on denial. It's much easier than anger or depression.

30 Jan 2024 11:49:31
How, I gutted that Klopp is leaving but he was always going to leave soon anyway. No need for grieve, enjoy the success and the rest of the season. He leaves with his head held high and the club in the best state it has been in since I have supported them. Lots to celebrate not mourn!

30 Jan 2024 13:41:51
I'm over it now. Fantastic manager, a true Liverpool legend but all good things come to an end.

One thing I truly appreciate is what he's leaving us with, he's left an incredible squad of players with tons of potential, overall very young and a lot of youngsters there ready to step up. This is klopps doing.

Whoever comes in, it'd take one hell of a bad manager to ruin what we currently have, we're future proof and I take comfort from that.

Onwards and upwards, we can be incredible, we just need the right man for the job after Klopp and I believe FSG will do their very best to ensure we get the right person in.

30 Jan 2024 14:39:21
Spot on, Salah. I'm done with the whole "Klopp is leaving" announcement thingy as well. The man himself has clearly moed on so who am I to keep dwelling on it?

I am now focused on this season and supporting my team till the very end. That's all I can do and will do. The matters about who will replace Klopp or signings or whatever, that's stuff none of us here can control. All I can hope for is that FSG get the right appointments esp. at the DOF and managerial level and others. Personally, I choose to focus on the things Klopp asked me to do which ironically, are the things I can control.

30 Jan 2024 17:09:43
We all knew that Klopp would leave someday but I had hoped for at least one more extension to his contract so he could see the job through with this current crop. Alas it was not to be.

I will miss him massively he’s become part of the fabric and the history of the club, it’s quite hard to imagine match days without him.

That being said Liverpool FC has always been bigger than one man and we will continue to be the greatest club and fans in the world.

Nobody likes change but it is sometimes needed in order to grow. With the right people in place this could be the start of something even more special.

30 Jan 2024 17:52:33
Spot on @Salah.

Just one little niggling count for me …. The timing of the announcement took attention away from the last week of the transfer window. Perhaps it’s just a giant ruse to deflect attention from the window …….

30 Jan 2024 18:34:04
I’m still absolutely gutted. But fact is that it’s done. Important thing is getting the right man for the job.

31 Jan 2024 09:33:30
WDW3, weren't signing anyone in this window anyway and that was clear for many of us to see esp. with players coming back from injury so not sure any deflective ruse was required, IMO.

31 Jan 2024 16:25:07
Nobody asking more about the teacake?
Shame on you.
What did you put on that teacake KBL?

31 Jan 2024 19:11:02
I think Beckers Pecker sums up my feelings too, it is hard to read and listen to pressers atm but it will pass. I think that's for another day though, for now there are games to play and trophies to win perhaps.

We may finally get a penalty now the refs know klopp is off!

31 Jan 2024 19:38:47
@Oli, don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s the banter page mate ?.



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