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02 Feb 2024 08:21:08
What do we do with Trent at the weekend? Surely he’s too important to leave on the bench in a game as big as this. Would you replace Bradley or would you put Trent in midfield and leave Bradley in the team? Personally, I’d put him in midfield with Macallister and Szoboszlai, as harsh as that is on Jones who has been really good the last few months.

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02 Feb 2024 08:41:37
Either start Trent at rb or bench for me. But I would bench him, Bradley has been brilliant and has earns his starting place. the balance of the midfield 3 works perfectly, Trent hasn’t had much time in midfield and this is not the game to experiment.

What a nice problem to have though!

02 Feb 2024 09:25:00
I think this game Trent will start RB just from a legs point of view I think Bradley has played a lot of minutes and could probably do with a game off.

I think it becomes more of a question after this game when they are both fully ready to go for a game. At that point I think you probably have to at least try Trent midfield but even at that I'm not sure any of Maca Jones and Szob on current form have a right to be dropped. Arguably Szob out of the 3 on current form is most replaceable in team which is crazy.

02 Feb 2024 09:25:15
If Bradley is sit to play even tho he has played a lot of footie of late, he should start. Trent can come on. I'll say it again, imagine Trent coming off the bench at the Emirates. Crazy stuff.

02 Feb 2024 09:36:30
I think Bradley can keep Martinelli quiet, Trent off the bench WOW what a statement that would be, I predict Nunez to get a brace.

02 Feb 2024 09:51:28
Right now, does Trent coming it at right back improve us? I would say No. Bradley is playing very well. Arsenal away, with a lot of their attacks coming from wide, doesn't seem like the right time to make defensive changes and swap out in-form full backs.

Does Trent starting in midfield improve us? I would say yes. Mac Allister is probably playing the best he has done for us so far. Szoboszlai is only just returning from injury himself. Jones could maybe use a rest. We might also have to defend a bit more than usual on Sunday and I think there will be opportunities to hit Arsenal on the break with Nunez and Diaz so Trent's ability to put inch perfect long passes in behind from deep positions could be an asset.

Mac Allister/ Trent/ Jones to start for me. Szoboslazi off the bench, as required, in the second half.

02 Feb 2024 10:31:11
Trent will start at RB, Szobo will start, I think Gomez might start at LB.

02 Feb 2024 11:27:13
Certainly wouldn't be taking jones out as a lot seem dying to do, has been excellent this season. Wasnt at his best the other night but his workrate and leading of the press were still top notch. I love Trent, but if he can't get into the team Sunday at RB then we shouldn't be disrupting a midfield who have done F all wrong.

02 Feb 2024 11:36:33
Gomez definitely starts at lb. Klopp been saying Robbo is not fully up to speed. Nunez is the worry.

02 Feb 2024 11:50:14
If it’s not broken don’t fix it! Leave Joe and Conor play I say!

02 Feb 2024 12:47:57
That performance was our best all season as a team. Bradley gives up balance and he stays to thr touchline. Trent makes us very narrow. Bradley all day as a rb.

02 Feb 2024 13:07:40
Deffo leave JG in, Robbo won't be match fit. In fact I'd be tempted to keep Bradley in, stick TAA in midfield and move Szobo to the right if Nunez isn't fit - I'm interested to see if he can play that Salah role and, therefore, be a long term replacement there. Can always change that formation with just one sub if it's not working.

02 Feb 2024 13:14:37

Interesting point you make about not disrupting the midfield. I would argue that rotation in the midfield has been very much at the heart of our recent good form. Fortunately we are blessed now to have a number of very good players who can slot in and out of the midfield three pretty seamlessly. In our great run of form through January we played seven matches in all competitions, won six and drew one. Did you know that the midfield three was changed for every single match in that seven match run? We started with the same midfield three just twice out of those seven matches (Elliott, Mac Allister, Jones) . We used seven different players in the starting midfield across those matches and six different combinations of players in midfield. And then there was in-game changes as well. So you might say that Klopp is disrupting – or at least rotating – the midfield intentionally and that it’s proving to be very successful.

02 Feb 2024 16:38:47
The team didn’t do much wrong before Trent got injured either conceding less goals in his previous 9 games (4) than we have in our last 7 games (7 goals)

02 Feb 2024 18:52:13
Trent needs to be in the team end of
Up the pool.

02 Feb 2024 21:15:40
Everyone forgetting how Martinelli was going past Trent every time he got the ball, we needed Bradley to come on. Trent will be destroyed at RB, if he starts it will have to be in midfield.

02 Feb 2024 21:37:05
That's not true, HAJI. Trent hurt his knee in an incident with Havertz right before Matinelli came on, the same injury that kept him out. The, Martinelli got past him twice so clearly he was struggling from that point.

Hence, Klopp put Bradley on and MArtinelli became instantly invisible. Who knew a right back with full fitness would do better than a right back who was essentially playing on one leg?

"Trent will be destroyed at RB". You mean like he got destroyed at the Etihad by Doku like everyone promised he would? Mate, give it a rest with making such absolute statements. It's weak as heck.

02 Feb 2024 22:04:14
We are about 2 good games from Bradley to suggesting we cash in on RAA, aren’t we?

TAA starts at right back and the midfield is Dom, Macca and Curtis, our best midfield combination this season.

02 Feb 2024 22:08:24
Nunez is a doubt left Anfield in protective boot no break but heavily swollen ankle. Was thinking it might be a game for Gakpo to do his best Bobby impression.

03 Feb 2024 09:43:08
KingCarlos this brace for Nunez, you talk about. Is it to straighten the lads poor shooting, to help find the back of the net?



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