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13 Feb 2024 08:03:01
Morning Reds,
I'll be interested to see how Roony Bardghji performs tonight against City in the CL.
I think Ed002 named him a while back in a list of promising youngsters.
At 18yrs old he looks the real deal. Very comfortable on the ball, has an eye for a pass, speed and great footwork.
He'd the perfect replacement for Salah IMO.

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13 Feb 2024 08:13:46
@OP - are you talking about Ben Doak?

{Ed001's Note - I would be surprised if he makes it with us. It looks like we have better already at the club.}

13 Feb 2024 09:43:59
And who is that Ed? Very curious. Any new name from youth team?

{Ed001's Note - Keiran Morrison. Actually has an end product unlike Doak. Physically miles behind Doak, but everything else looks better.}

13 Feb 2024 10:21:39
I must say I've been disappointed in what I seen of doak start of this season having seen glimpses of him in previous season i thought he looked great prospect and would've been pushing to start for us this season. V young yet tho, maybe his end product will improve with age. probably his physical strenght set him apart from his own age group growing and he well ahead of rest.

13 Feb 2024 09:59:57
Doak is massively disappointing. Drops a shoulder and beats his man with ease but then leaves me exasperated time and time again.

How has he got this far without working on his final ball? Or has something gone wrong since his move to us?

{Ed001's Note - it just doesn't seem to be clicking with him. Might just need time to settle into a team and relax a bit.}

13 Feb 2024 10:00:07
Another Northen Irish lad Ed. is he regarded as that good? just watching some highlights of him and your right he does look like he's physically further along and gets his head up. no knock on Doak he could still become very good!

{Ed001's Note - he is very highly regarded and can play a number of roles in the team.}

13 Feb 2024 10:01:43
Yes I did hear his name. The one who score a free kick few days ago right? Heard he is going to sign new contract and highly rated within youth team. Don't know he is playing as RW, thought he is more of an AM. Hoping he doesn't end up like the ManU Morrison.

{Ed001's Note - I don't know about the free kick sorry. He has played a number of positions from what I have seen.}

13 Feb 2024 10:23:20
Yes Ed that kid looks special, also trent kone Doherty looks a promising talent on the wing. Let's hope the new manager brings these new batch of youngsters into the 1st team.

{Ed001's Note - you are right, he looks good too.}

13 Feb 2024 11:03:26
Trey Nyoni is another one I would assume highly regarded in the youth team. I think he just join us last summer and already make it as a subs dew times already. It seems like our academy got good players coming through. Could save us a lot of money Ed.

{Ed001's Note - hopefully. If not it could make us a lot instead. Better still, both.}

13 Feb 2024 11:16:16
Since this post originally was about Roony, I’ll chop in since I follow the danish league. The guy are not playing week in week out for Copenhagen. He is slow. Probably the only things he has in common with salah is size and the fact he is left footed. Roony hasn’t evolved that much since joining Copenhagen as a 16 year old, I’ll say. He was primarily a substitution player then, and still are now. His club even buys players to start ahead of him every window. He is a very hyped player around the world, but I promise you, that you don’t want this guy at Liverpool. Over and out.

13 Feb 2024 13:14:18
in fairness Doak had a lot of end product at u18 level too, and people forget he's still young enough to be playing at that level this year too. Have to say i do like Morrison too though ever since i seen him make his u18 debut as a 15 year old. Another one of the many good players we have coming through. The next manager is spoiled for choice.

13 Feb 2024 18:23:11
Doak is a child, wtf are we talking about.

I can think of loads of academy players now and from the past who had "end-product" and we'd barely find them today on a google search.

To be fair I have no actual insight at all on these players, but know that time is specific to each player so we just never know who will develop and at what rate. Ruling academy players out at this age doesn't seem fair to me.

13 Feb 2024 18:26:01
Interesting to hear that (Doak) Ed01. From the little I’ve seen of him he looks to have a lot of raw talent and potential for a 17 year old. He looked like he needed to adopt a more heads up approach but thought that would be something the club would be working on.

13 Feb 2024 22:03:32
Exactly Faith, someone said above Doak is massively disappointing. He was 17 when playing for us this season for christs sake, a kid. i'd imagine the other 19 teams in the Prem would be quite happy to have him.

13 Feb 2024 22:49:07
Ed001, do you know if Jayden Danns and Lewis Koumas are highly regarded as well? They have been training with the first team a couple of times the last weeks. What do you think about those two, do you think they can make it at the club?

And Ed001, if you have the time, who do you think has the best chances to make it at Liverpool in the future of the current youth team players? (Except the ones who have already made their debuts)

Thanks in advance! Really appreciate your insights and opinions!

{Ed001's Note - when they are given a chance to train with the first team, it is as a reward for doing well. Koumas has been highly rated for a long time. I am not convinced either will make it with us, but it is very difficult to do that. I do think they will go on to have solid professional careers, but I just don't see that happening with Liverpool. Until they get a regular run of games in the adult game, it is impossible to be sure though. Some times young players just take a huge leap forward when given a chance.

Morrison and Kone-Doherty look the best bet to make it. You have to remember that at these ages players can still make huge improvements to their game and all-round technique. It is rare, but not unheard of for the ones who look miles off it to come back for a new season like a different person.}

14 Feb 2024 06:41:50
6 months ago Jones wasn't good enough. Lots of time for him to improve.

14 Feb 2024 11:03:34
Roony is a kid. He ain't fitting as a Salah replacement, not many are let alone an 18yo from the Danish league.

I've watched him a little and although his dribbling is really good, he's not quick enough for the PL in my opinion.

14 Feb 2024 11:22:49
Hate to be harsh on Doak but he just hasn't got it, I never felt swayed by the hype. Even in his compilation videos against lower skilled youth and reserve opponents, he lacks too much control and poise to convince me that he'll be a top level premier league forward.

14 Feb 2024 20:03:04
Whos he meant to be playing against at 16 or 17,lower skilled 1st team opponents? He was the dangerman in the 18's, got promoted the the 21's and was the dangerman there. Played for the 1st team then as a 17 year and though admittedly and understandably lacked composure at times he performed admirably and rarely failed to be able to beat his bigger, stronger more experienced opponent.

16 Feb 2024 00:21:46
Tough crowd, writing off a 17 year old.



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