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07 Apr 2024 18:34:58
Shouda, woulda, coulda. Pundits and commentators bleed on about how good a front players we have! 5 for 3 positions but in a nutshell none of them are good finishers at all. Maybe jota but he can’t stay fit. They simply get goals based on volume of chances made per game. None of them are clinical tho so at the business end of the season when the pressure is on they come up short! Absolutely knew that was going to happen today! The Man City steam train sets off from here.

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07 Apr 2024 19:15:12
Just what we need another psychic.

07 Apr 2024 19:20:46
Been waiting on that train since xmas, its April.

07 Apr 2024 19:48:14
ridiculous post.

07 Apr 2024 22:32:44
You always knew we were one poor result away for these people crawl out from under the rock they hid under this whole time when things were going all our way.

07 Apr 2024 22:34:06
IMO our forwards and midfield players are much better players than those at Arsenal's. I'd stand by that even if we don't win the league this season.

Btw, after years of supporting Liverpool, when was the year that the club cruises easily to won any of the trophies? I couldn't remember a single one. I still have faith. Maybe one or two more trophies will come this season.

07 Apr 2024 22:41:49
maybe it's a reflection of how well the club is run that we can be equal top of the league and still have such a poor squad.

08 Apr 2024 00:01:43
@Faith, yep. We are so bad and some of our players need to go, the same ones who have got us to this point EVEN tho, not a soul in the fan base belived nor even said we would challenge for honors this season, let alone the title. Oh, how does the club succedd which so many things they get wrong?

08 Apr 2024 10:47:59
HaizenMSS 19/ 20 we cruised to an extremely easy title where we were so far ahead that even a dip in form at end of season saw us win with points to spare - that's also the only title we've won in decades.

08 Apr 2024 15:45:02
oil red,
How many trophies should we have won? Never mind what we won? As for wanting players to go you must understand football clubs have massive a turnover of players this how a football club is run mate. If they don't live up to their abilities, then you move them on and bring in players that will do what the ones did not reach the standards of whatever club they appeared for and may I say Liverpool FC have very high standards and the fans have to buddy.



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