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10 Apr 2024 09:08:50
Hello! I suppose many of you are watching the Champions League. Just wanted to say that most referees, even from significantly weaker leagues, seem to maintain a higher standard than English referees. Considering the Premier League is regarded as perhaps the best league, it's very strange that they don't bring in the best referees. What's stopping that? The use of VAR is miles behind how it operates in Germany and Italy. There's almost never talk about referee performance after matchens there but in the PL it's almost after every match. What has gone so wrong?

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10 Apr 2024 09:21:29
Howard Webb.

10 Apr 2024 09:44:29
I mean I don’t watch other leagues closely as I’m sure many on here don’t. But I would find it very difficult to believe that there is little or no referee controversies each match week.

10 Apr 2024 10:53:06
I was flipping back and forth between the 2 UCL matches last night. And I didn't see the slightest thing that was controversial.

Is "incompetence" an English privilege restricted to the Premier League or something? I know it isn't in the strongest terms possible. But we keep seeing it in the EPL, week in and week out. That's why I tend towards thinking that there is something else going on.

10 Apr 2024 12:23:00
The saka decision was as per VAR rules in my opinion. Saka sticking his leg out gave the VAR enough doubt not to overturn it (look at the amount of debate, it shows it wasnt clear and obvious) and got to that decision quickly. That's the high bar that it should be but the Premier league run it terribly.

10 Apr 2024 12:42:37
WYred- are you thinking of that was the prem then the VAR would have intervened?

10 Apr 2024 13:01:27
What that was Wy was a great decision from the referee and the VAR were clued up enough to see that and leave it alone.

What we would’ve seen in the PL is a 4 minute VAR check whilst they tie themselves up in knots trying to find a rule that it relates to which allows them to give the decision in the way they want.

Saka obviously kicked the keeper to try to buy a penalty after overrunning the ball. Anyone who knows football could see that which means our VAR officials would’ve 100% given it the other way.

10 Apr 2024 13:20:44
Looked like a Saka dive to me, the moment it happened. And I didn't think twice about it.

10 Apr 2024 13:21:31
Faith, if that’s the prem I think they give it. However, whilst not a dive, it’s creating contact and a way of playing the rules. Kane was the master at it and I think some of ours have done it too. Some argue Elliott did on the weekend but his was more subtle.

If refs get stronger on it they’ll eventually stop and if I was Arteta I’d be livid that Saka hasn’t just continued his run, he’s tried to be too cute and it’s backfired.

10 Apr 2024 14:42:34
don't think Saka kicked t he goalie but what he did was a classic hharry claim sorry kane move as in leaving his leg behind the goalie leg, go down and scream loudly broken leg scream ., should have got a yellow card for that and his or protests.

10 Apr 2024 17:56:57
I thought Elliott dived on Sunday . Player slides in and Elliott initiates the contact with WB thigh.

10 Apr 2024 22:54:22
No dive from Elliot, also thought that he was our best player when he came on he was brilliant, did a lot more than most,

11 Apr 2024 17:28:06
The ref got it absolutely spot on. Saka like several of the Arsenal players dive a lot but the refs say or do nothing. Saka dived van WH at the Emirates and was not booked. Same for Havertz vs Brentford a couple of weeks ago. Now he cheats ti get a pen vs Bayern. Not surprised.

11 Apr 2024 17:38:14
Saka is a cheat like his team mates and his manager.
What about the arsenal center half handling the ball in penalty area after keeper had took free kick and the ref after the game said he should of given a penalty
So just as bad as other uk refs poor and people say city get the refs decisions i rather think arsenal get the decisions from ref but there again they are a club full of cheats.



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