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17 May 2024 16:59:53
Not sure if it’s been asked already. Looking for opinions on this season? I’m Torn between the Feeling it’s been an absolute anticlimax or it’s been a decent season with a trophy and coming 3rd in the league is a true representation of where we’re at as a squad. Or has klopp set such high standards that 3rd and a trophy leaves a feeling of under achieving?! Heads a mess!

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17 May 2024 17:36:28
Big anticlimax.

17 May 2024 17:40:36
All of the above.

17 May 2024 18:22:35
My feeling is that it's slightly disappointing at the most, but hardly an absolute anticlimax. We were still in it with 5-6 games remaining, but I think we just happened to have our anual dip in form at the wrong time. After last year's performance and the fact that we kept chalking up the points while playing very well at times and very poorly at other times this season, I will admit I had hopes that we could cross the line first. But fine it didn't happen and that's football. After all, we still won a Cup (the Mickey Mouse one as some call it on here) and Klopp righted the ship from what was definitely a disastrous year last year. And he's leaving behind a rejuvenated squad with plenty of youngsters eager to prove themselves, so I have hope under the new manager.

17 May 2024 20:22:47
A good season, much better than last, but nothing more than good.

17 May 2024 21:54:37
The Europa Cup was there for us to win. Getting turned over by Atlanta was sickening but what can you do?‍♂️. It hasn’t been a bad season but wasn’t great either.

17 May 2024 22:23:59
Overall Arsenal and City have been better than us
Yes i am disappointed we had a opportunity to win more in Klopps final season however we are giving our new manager Champions league football and a solid foundation.

17 May 2024 23:13:23
This is the type of season everyone predicted we could have based on the rebuild so we have essentially, met expectations, IMO. Could we have done better? Obviously yes BUT at the end of the day, many of us did not think we could challenge for the title let alone win it going in and based on the way the season played out, we were right. On to a new era set to begin with Arne Slot next season.

17 May 2024 23:18:39
Missed opportunity and I don’t think we’ve played well as a team.

Bradley was an exciting high point and Danns and Koumas were great in their cameos.

18 May 2024 00:12:33
A poor season. Underperformed.

18 May 2024 07:29:21
I am a glass half full guy…. I think it has been a good season. The biggest disappointment for me was us not making Europa league final, we (alongside leverkusen) were the best team and lost our heads in that first Atalanta game.
I think to win the league with all the changes to the team, injuries and performance/ slump of last season was alway going to be a step too far.
Overall, I would give the season 7/ 10! The league cup final was a memorable game fitting for Klopps final season.
Bradley and quansah really impress me and actually I really enjoy Gomez as the inverted left back as I think it helps to give us control.
Excited to see how Slot approaches his tactics.

18 May 2024 07:51:50
LTO I really don’t believe you had us down at the start of the season winning the league. Just don’t believe it with the midfield rebuild we had, the only thing we’ve fallen short of is winning europa league we should have won that with the level of players we have.

{Ed001's Note - if anyone had said at the start of the season we would finish 3rd, win the League Cup and get so far in the Europa, I think 99% of us would have been delighted. It is just that the way the season transpired, the only reason we fell away from the title and failed to reach the FA Cup and Europa League final is down to our own failings, that makes it feel so bad. What makes it worse is that Klopp is partly to blame for us not still being in for the quadruple, when we are all so thankful for what he has brought to us. But the good thing is that now nothing can take away from Anfield giving Klopp the send off he deserves, as the game is a dead rubber for us. So we can just enjoy a giant farewell party and I have no doubt that we will all be in floods of tears saying goodbye to a true great of the club. One of very few men that truly deserve to be called a legend.}

18 May 2024 08:28:31
The rebuild excuse doesn’t wash with me. I would guess City and Arsenal purchased as many first team players last Summer as we did, don’t hear them making the same excuse.

18 May 2024 09:26:12
LTO123, Underperformed, based on what? Did you have us challenging for the title at the start of the season where we didn't even have a DM and many were losing their ship when the Caicedo deal collapsed?

If the answer is no then, you cannot come on here and say we underperformed IF you yourself didn't think we would perform anyway. Sorry, that dog ain't going to hunt. Talk about having it all your own way. Give over, man.

18 May 2024 09:27:04
Yes but we'd been miles away from Ars/ Man City the season before Irish, we've closed that gap considerably. Im with Ed in that if you had offerd me 3rd and a trophy i would have jumped on it. I would have bit your hand off for 4th.

18 May 2024 09:45:10
@IR, that's cos both teams are way further ahead in their development than we were going into this season so comparing us with them is already dishonest hece, flawed from the off. I know, shocking.

Also, did you think we could challenge for the title going into the season? If the answer is no (which it is cos nobody on this forum (including you) said so at the time) then, don't start with the "excuses" nonsense cos even YOU believed we would not challenge for the title, let alone win it. Meaning? Even you believed we were in a rebuild at the time and no amount of hindsight or "whatever washes with you, me or whoever" will change that.

Oh and guess what? We will STILL be in a rebuild next season with Slot as well, and both City and Arsenal will STILL be ahead of us in their development going in. I propose you get used to that very quickly, as well. No excuses here, sunny. Just facts.

18 May 2024 10:11:21
It's been a good season; maybe even a very good one.
We were behind City and Arsenal in terms of quality last season and we have significantly narrowed that gap. When you consider that we lost three experienced midfielders and had to replace them adds to it, too.
I didn't expect us to challenge for the title this season so it's not been a big disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I was annoyed with those few weeks when everything went to pot but if you look at the season overall it's been a good one.

18 May 2024 09:35:31
Totally with Ed001 here.

Start of season to end of season - it was brilliant (i. e. if you'd said at the start of the season, given we finished 5th last time etc) .

However, in the last 3 months there have been massive highs and lows.

On balance a season that is a bare minimum for our club, but it could have been so much more and it was in our hands.

Glass is neither half full or half empty.

The glass is just half.

18 May 2024 11:00:09
@Ed01 - absolutely 100% spot on with your comments. Great summary of the season and the status of Klopp in the history of the club. He has the same aura of man management about him that Shanks had - there’s no higher praise.

18 May 2024 11:34:58
The main disappointment for me is the Europa League. We should’ve at least made the final the minute Leverkusen were put on the other side of the draw. Every other team in the competition was a team we should be beating comfortably.

FA Cup and Prem were never givens as we’d have had to have seen off City in both and they’re bordering on untouchable right now. We should’ve got to the final in FA cup as well though (as United and Coventry were the teams in our way) and really we should’ve taken the league to the final day from the position we were in going into the home game against Palace.

It’s a shame but if you remove all context, on the face of it, we’ve had a decent season and won a trophy. Let’s just enjoy the last game with Klopp rather than fret about what could’ve been.

18 May 2024 13:27:18
Regardless of what anyone said or expectations were in Aug 2023 it has zero bearing on the fact that with 7 league games to go we were joint top of the league.

The squad did well and could say over achieved to get us into that position but losing to Palace and Everton and drawing with Utd, West Ham and Villa over the next 6 fixtures has absolutely nothing to do with rebuilds or expectations 10 moths ago.

We went out of 3 tournaments in a matter of weeks. If that was anyone else we would say they bottled it.

Overall 3rd and league cup is a good season but we could have and should have had a better one considering where we were 5-6 weeks ago.

With a new manager coming in next season 3rd and a trophy might be as good as it gets for the foreseeable.

18 May 2024 13:50:14
MKS, I can agree with you and others on the EL topic. That was really bad. it hurt the way we went out esp. in that first half where Klopp put out the lineup signalling to the oppo. (a very good one at that) that like, "Yeah, we ain't ready, bro". It was what it was and I can understand the frustration cos I was and still am with the way we didn't address our issues (as Ed01 sid, that's on Klopp and the staff) to give us a better chance to finish with more trophies.

Like you and all that being said, I would not trade a damn thing for any of the days Kloppo was our manager. Nothing at all.

"Celebration Time, Come on! "

Hopefully, Cool And The Gang will be at Anfield tmrw, lol.

18 May 2024 14:57:11
Getting his excuses already for next season. Rebuild still in process.
Please point me in the direction where I said we were in a rebuild? Embarrassing.

18 May 2024 19:51:11
Irish exactly. 6 weeks ago we were being told that Arsenal and City would slip up first.

Apparently Arsenal can’t score goals and City can only win titles when they’re leading the league.

We shot our shot for the title and came up short over the last 6 games.

What people’s expectations were 8 months ago or hindsight have nothing to do with it.

19 May 2024 02:03:20
JK, maybe being in contention with six games to go is an achievement. For me, it is.
How can people's expectations from eight months ago have nothing to do with it over a full season?
What are people's expectations based upon? Who are the people?
I didn't expect us to challenge but as the season went on I was pleasantly surprised. But as the season went on I saw the midfield replacements were not going to win us a league, the front three wasn't the quality of the one that won us the League and the defence was now, dare I say it, in transition.
If the other CL contenders were not so bad it might not have looked so bad for us.
United, Spurs, Newcastle and Chelsea are not even in contention on the last day of the season.

19 May 2024 10:27:55
Rigsby I’ve sold in a post above that being there in the first place was an achievement.

But I doubt Klopp and the players went into those games caring about what posters in a banter sites predictions were 8 months ago.

Klopps leaving a very good squad behind but for me he was the glue that kept it all together. Next season we will still have a very good squad but we won’t have the Klopp factor.

I don’t think Slot will be a failure but I just don’t expect us to be challenging like we have been under Jurgen.

6 games ago we had a chance to win the league and ultimately we came up short with some very poor results and performances.



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