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04 Jun 2024 07:07:43
Seen a lot of people on here over the last few weeks saying cash in on Salah, Trent, Virg, just wondering what people’s thoughts are on Álisson. can’t imagine many are saying the same.

With the apparent interest from the Saudis and a 'big offer' ready, who’s saying cash in? Not for me, best keeper in the world and by far the best we’ve had in the last 20 years.

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04 Jun 2024 08:47:44
All depends on how much the big offer is. If it’s completely stupid money then you would have to think about it surely.

04 Jun 2024 09:06:47
He would be the absolute last player in the entire squad that I would be willing to sell, to me there is no replacement in world football for the skill set that he has
Virgil I would want to hold on to for as long as we can, even if that’s only a year to bed in his replacement.

04 Jun 2024 09:30:46
Everyone has a price.

My loyalty is foremost to the club, players come and go. LFC spends what it earns so compete at the highest level we need to be really smart about managing the squad. Something I think in recent years we could have done better.

Klopp is a legend but his loyalty to players and influence on contracts were not necessarily in the long term interest of the club, IMO.

I want us to be successful not just for next season but the decade and beyond. That might mean difficult decisions in the short term.

04 Jun 2024 09:58:45
If we sold him we'd just make ourselves look stupid. I don't care what the fee is, never sell him. He's our best player, you can't replace someone like him. Other players are debatable but not Alisson.

04 Jun 2024 10:07:04
Why would we sell our 3 best players? Would be utter lunacy and the work of a mad man. Salah is free to go as he has nothing left in the tank and can barely kick a ball anymore. The other 3 are still the best in the world in their positions.

04 Jun 2024 10:52:03
What if they offered £ 200m? Serious question - they nearly submitted an offer of £ 150 m for Mo last summer and Ali still hasn’t reached his peak yet.

04 Jun 2024 11:12:14
@Jaynwa cos everyone has a price has NEVER meant that you should sell them as soon as one big offer comes. Business does not work that way. IMO, It is all about what the player is worth to you at that time. Also, you are only worth whatever the other side is willing to pay for you (which may be less than what the club is willing to sell for) so keep that in mind.

So clearly if we think Trent for ex. is worth way more than 200m to us and cannot be replaced considering his skill set then why tha football would we sell? Cos of money? Are we starving for money that much? If the answer is NO then like my guy @Salah said, it just makes us look stupid.

IMO, there is no point selling any of our big players if they are still worth a lot to us in the very near future in terms impact on the team esp. during a full rebuild under a few manager. Just my opinion.

04 Jun 2024 11:28:55
The club has a big decision to make with regards to Allison and Kelleher as it is unlikely both will stay this Summer. Ideally both stay.

With Allison's injury issues last season the split between appearances was close to 50/ 50.

As to potential replacements, De Gea is still a free agent and Ramsdale is making noises about leaving Arsenal. Allison is still #1 for me but there has to be a plan if he wants to go.

04 Jun 2024 11:34:18
Not going to happen though WDW. No team is ever offering that much for a keeper. Well, saying that these days it actually wouldn't come as a surprise lol but still, if we accepted even that, we'd be daft but that's coming from a fan. As a business? it'd be a wise move, as a fan it's a stupid move.

04 Jun 2024 12:03:57
personally, don't think we should be "cashing in" on any of Mo, VVD, Trent, Alli. we need these guys to help bridge to the transition to Slot.

04 Jun 2024 12:16:31
You could put de gea and ramsdale both in goal at the same time and they wouldn’t do the job that Alisson does, what a ludicrous suggestion, 200mill won’t buy us a replacement of a similar level, so why consider it? Couts was never an irreplaceable part of our team the way Ali is, so not sure why there would be any point of comparison…we sold couts to strengthen our spine, whereas Ali literally is the base and heart of that spine.

04 Jun 2024 12:33:08
@Salah, everyone is replaceable

@Oilred, if the offer meets the clubs valuation and they believe reinvestment in the squad is a net benefit, then there's a decision to be made.

I think people often get too emotionally attached to players. This is big business and money rules. The owners know qualifying year on year to the champions league and winning trophies is what counts, to the bottom line and fans alike. That means a strong competitive squad with longevity.

04 Jun 2024 12:41:24
Alisson is the best keeper I've seen in my lifetime. The only legitimate argument for selling him would be if he doesn't suit the way Slot wants to play.

Slot often has the keeper step out into a back 3 when playing out from the back and although Alisson is solid with his feet, he's more of a sweeper keeper like Neuer than he is a ball playing keeper like Ederson or even our very own Kelleher.

Personally I think Alisson being the best shot stopper about (maybe ever), should over rule any perceived lack of ability with his feet.

{Ed001's Note - are you being serious? Alisson is better with his feet than Kelleher.}

04 Jun 2024 12:48:46
Salah is done, he is 60% of the player he was 2/ 3 seasons ago. If we were offered anything above £80m then I’m good with letting him go.
I loved the guy, but everyone’s time comes to an end.
TAA has to stay, as does Allisson.

04 Jun 2024 12:55:17
I dunno where the perception that Alisson is worse with his feet than kelleher came from, it seems to be doing the rounds in the press too, Ali literally dribbles past attacking players in the box all the time and gave mo that glorious long assist against United years ago

To jaynwa, how do you think we can preserve said longevity and stay in the champions league? By having a top squad that gets enough points to stay in it, and a key component of having a top squad is having a top keeper, if you want to replace Alisson with an inferior young keeper you’re looking at spending half or more of what you can get for him, and considering how important he is to the way we play and how crucial he is in terms of leadership at the back and in the dressing room, is that anywhere near worth what money we would get? There’s a difference between money in absolute terms and the subjective value of a player to our team, and Ali’s value is inestimable.

04 Jun 2024 13:10:48
Maybe Alli wants to go?
City won the league with an inferior keeper, Arsenal got second with an inferior keeper, Real won the Champions League with an inferior keeper. Maybe with a better defense and less porous midfield you don't need the nest keeper in the world, maybe a really good keeper is enough, just a thought.

04 Jun 2024 13:16:23
I mean we literally have the best player in his position in the world and people want to sell…it boggles the mind, the only way we should sell Ali is if he puts in a transfer request, having a player like him is a godsend and a dream for any coach, he’s good with his hands, with his feet, good at catching in the box, thinks quick and is always looking for a quick pass or throw into space, he’s a leader and has a great footballing brain, why on earth would we want to let him go.

04 Jun 2024 13:40:39
Spot on PB.

04 Jun 2024 14:45:33
I really don't think we should be looking to sell any of our best players and they are quite clearly:
- Alisson (the best GK in the world)
- Virgil (our captain)
- Trent (the best passer in the world)
- Salah (our top scorer 7 years running)

Salah is maybe the closest to the point where we need to cut loose, but I think people hoping we'll get a huge offer for him are way off the mark. We got £30m for Mane at a similar stage of his career (maybe even slightly younger) . Salah won't be fetching much more than that realistically and for that money, I'd rather lose him on a free in a years time after he's bagged another 20 goals and 10 assists.

04 Jun 2024 15:55:02
Id hope we stay clear of Ramsdale.

I'd never really want to sell Alison but if they offer £150mil and FSG allow this to be used in full to improve the squad, same with Salah £100-£150mil. FSG usually reinvest transfer fees but they rarely spend big without. I think £250-£300mil buy 3-4 top level players and we could really challenge.

Not easy to replace either, possibly both the best in the world in their positions, but one day will have to be replaced and the idea of Salah running down and on a free then one day similar with Ally or small fee, that's when we will be stuck to replace and improve because there will not be £250mil+ to use.

04 Jun 2024 16:19:33
Except you’d have to reinvest a good chunk of the money to replace both salah and Alisson (and let’s be real, nobody is sending us 150m for Alisson much less 100m for salah, probably we’d get 70-80 for Alisson and 30-40 for salah), unless the perceived solution is to stick with kelleher as the number one and…I have no idea, dom as a replacement for salah or doak?

I dunno where else we have an obvious need for a very expensive player akin to our purchases of Ali and Virgil, unless you think that spending all the money on somebody like tchouameni or rodrygo would suddenly make us a way better team than we already are with Ali and mo, we have already shown that we are probably two players away from winning the title, what sense is there in letting go of two of our most important players to set us back another two? It’s not like we’re skint or anything.

04 Jun 2024 17:47:36
@RedAK, there is no conflict, IMO. AB1 is levels above Kellerher and if anyone is to go right now, it will be Kellerher cos I agree, he needs to go fulfill his immense potential elswhere.

04 Jun 2024 17:54:53
@Jaynwa, I have no idea where you are getting this nonsense about "people getting emotionally attached to players" and all that. You are aware that you can be attached to a player while also recognising that it is NOT the right time or decision to sell said player under both business and footballing reasons, right? these are not binary things so miss me with the projection stuff.

As to your response, you are making my point exactly. If the club and the manager wants to keep these top players then, why would we even have an evaluation on them? Clearly, that means that these players are key to the new manager's plans at least in the next couple of years, no? So that means selling them against the will of the manager would be a stupid footballing decion while selling them just to get money for them cos "footie is a big business" would also make is a dumb business decision, as well. Bravo for making my point.

04 Jun 2024 14:18:59
Do you think Ed001? Ali quite often gives it away or pings it straight out of play. Normally goes unnoticed though because he’s so good he usually saves any chances his bad passes give the opposition. I don’t think he’s bad with his feet to be 100% clear, I just think Kelleher is better. Always looks more in control of the ball and is accurate over long distances with both feet. I reckon they should both be good enough to play how Slot wants to anyway but I do feel more relaxed when Kelleher has the ball at his feet.

{Ed001's Note - nonsense. He does no such thing. Give him an option to pick out and he hits it more often then most. His problem is that we no longer launch quick counters.}

05 Jun 2024 14:51:50
I do agree Alisson's drop kicks and long throw outs are better than Kelleher's, so it probably does impact him that we don't launch as many quick counter attacks.

I have to agree to disagree on the footwork side of it though Ed001. I think Alisson gives it away more than Kelleher, but you have a point when you say he still picks his man out "more than most". There's very few better than him with thier feet still and I think what really sets Alisson apart is that he isn't bad at anything, but he is absolutely unbelievable at some things.

{Ed001's Note - I think you are ridiculously overrating Kelleher personally. Most Liverpool fans seem to for some reason.}



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