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04 Jun 2024 20:43:00
So a date for city has been agreed now they are suing the premier league . Wow this has no sign of ending does it . Surely this is a ploy by city to influence the trial .

What's the thoughts on all this ed1 and will this drama ever end and if so how do you see it playing out? .

Personally I think it will all disappear with more money being thrown at the powers that be . Partly why football is dying and it's becoming entertainment but it's ironic that it's less entertaining these days ??‍♂️


{Ed001's Note - they will simply bully the Prem and a new trade deal with the UAE will emerge a few months after they get away with it.}

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05 Jun 2024 01:46:24
I love City’s dig about the ‘tyranny of the majority’. ???

I love the idea that they are trying to put forward a case that they are being ‘picked on’.

It really is the death of the game if they ‘get away with it’. What are the odds of that happening 5hough eh?

{Ed001's Note - odds on I would say. }

05 Jun 2024 02:30:22
Can I just say that the rules were in place when the alleged infringements occurred. City are accountable for failing (if found guilty) to comply with the rules. Saying the rules aren’t fair years and years later is irrelevant.

05 Jun 2024 02:30:46

No balls, no balls at all.

05 Jun 2024 02:34:49
Of course they'll get away with it. The powers that be had to have known what was going on. Or at least had their suspicions. If it all blew up, they'd be tarred with the same brush. No way they're handing down punishments when they also directly benefit from city cheating. At the end of the day, the premier league benefits just as much from the big names playing for city. Big names = more viewers = better TV deals.

05 Jun 2024 06:38:35
What they’re doing (City Football Group) in shuffling around and hoarding players, with the aim of funneling the best ones to City, is ridiculous as well. I’m staggered it’s allowed but it seems like as long as you have deep pockets anything is possible.

05 Jun 2024 07:22:31
“The tyranny of the majority”, or democracy as it’s better known.

To date they’ve started countless legal proceedings against the league and lost all of them, at some point they have to be treated as vexatious litigants, I’d hope the PL push for this.

05 Jun 2024 07:35:41
Now there are 2 legal precedents successfully enforced, that has to make the PL case stronger.

05 Jun 2024 08:28:06
City Group signed to a contract which included the rules at that time. They were not coerced. They are highly unlikely to win this case.

The PL use some of the UKs leading legal experts. City group might have more money but they simply do not have better UK legal experts.

City Group are in trouble and they know it. This is a desperate act.

05 Jun 2024 09:32:08
The fairest thing for all would be to scrap ffp or the alternative completely and introduce limitations to how many players between certain age groups clubs can own/ employ.

05 Jun 2024 10:12:04
A question for one of the Eds.

Am I wrong in assuming that clubs must surely sign some kind of contract with the FA in order to be granted a license to take part in competitions?

If they do, surely a part of this contract would be to agree to abide by rues set out by the FA? If they didn't;t agree with the rules they should not have signed the agreement rather than ignoring them and then retrospectively trying to change the rules when they got caught. Surely their lawsuit is frivolous and they don't have a leg to stand on?

They really are the Donald Trumo of the football world!

{Ed001's Note - yes City signed a contract and agreed to all of the terms they are being asked to adhere to. They are just simply spoilt brats acting like spoilt brats do.}

05 Jun 2024 10:50:52
Ed001, interesting that they didn’t take a similar a similar lawsuit against UEFA who have even more stringent rules. To me this is an abuse of the legal system, I feel confident that the judiciary will strike it out and give it the contempt it deserves. I’d hope they’re barred from litigation for a long time to come through being vexatious litigants.

{Ed001's Note - it is ridiculous.}

05 Jun 2024 11:33:04
I am not a legal expert but it appears to me that what Man City are doing amounts to an admission of guilt. But then claiming that the rules they signed up to and agreed to discriminated against them.

05 Jun 2024 12:16:33
@Red7. It he “powers that be” are the ones who brought the charges against City. They did have suspicions of what City were doing. It would be rather odd to bring charges against City just to hush them up and, if they are trying to hush them up, they aren’t doing much of a job to date.

{Ed002's Note - The two matters are entirely unrelated.}

05 Jun 2024 12:27:28
VV, I was going to say the same thing. So according to them, ‘tyranny of the majority’ or democracy and majority rule, is now seen as a bad thing? I guess if you are owned by a country where democracy is non existent then, I get the point. Absolute snowflakes. Yet, they call LFC victims.

Of course, tyrants and the wealthy often think equality is a form of oppression cos heaven forbid someone demands that they share with the have-nots. Let's give them HELL, me thinks.

{Ed002's Note - You are aware that they are not the only club who don't like that rule?}

05 Jun 2024 15:44:34
But equally though Ed, at least 14 did vote for it, making it qourate. I mean, you know, I didn’t vote for Brexit or the Tory party but I got lumbered with both. It is what it is.

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