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29 May 2024 09:04:41
Hi Ed2 are Liverpool interested in signing rodrygo and if so is that to replace Diaz/ Salah or in addition to?

{Ed002's Note - Rodrygo Goes (F/S) Real Madrid have no interest in selling but PSG did ask for him as part of a deal for Mbappe before he let his contract run down. Many Liverpool fans think there is some sort of pre-contract to join them, but of course there isn't.

He agreed a new contract at Real Madrid and won't be moving anytime soon unless something like €120M offer is made or he could perhaps be offered to Liverpool in a part exchange for Alexander Arnold which Real Madrid maybe open to - as it will bring in some cash as well. Manchester United sent scouts. There will always be interest in him and with Mbappe arriving he may need to make his way back to the RW position - although the wide positions are areas where Real Madrid want more depth. Will likely stay.}

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29 May 2024 11:13:11
Lol they would need to give us money and Rodrygo to get Trent from us so this is obviously never going to happen. Rodrygo’s are 10 a penny.

29 May 2024 12:48:49
"10 a penny". now that is old skool value right there. I remember you could get 2 black jacks for a penny or even a blackjack and a fruit salad but never 10 for a penny!

29 May 2024 13:20:20
Nicol - Rodrygo has a contract until 2028, Trent's currently expires in 2025 - that's where a value differential comes in to play.

FWIW, I do not think that Rodrygos are 10 a penny (I can't remember 10 anythings for a penny either, NMB, but I'm sure my parents could! ) and I think he is a great player.

As to whether he is worth more or less than Trent, so many factors (including contract length) come in to play.

Suffice to say that I would like us to get a solution to the RW issue AND keep Trent, especially if we are losing Jones - we need to keep a Scouse heartbeat.

29 May 2024 13:26:30
You guys are showing your age. When I was a kid you couldn’t even get a single pick n mix sweet for 1p. They were all 2-5p each. Next you’ll tell me a Freddo used to be 10p ?.

29 May 2024 14:41:28
I remember when you could get a small mojo for a half penny.

29 May 2024 16:43:38
Do you think you could get 10 'millions' for a penny?

29 May 2024 18:26:28
Agree with Zed. The contract length dictates the value difference. And agree that Rodrygo is an excellent player, he’s certainly not ten a penny. He’s lightning quick, skilful and has end product. There’s clearly a very high ceiling there as he’s bagging double figures in goals in top competitions and he’s only just turned 23.

29 May 2024 18:54:28
Technically, you could probably have got 10 sherbet pips for a penny, but they were only sold in 20z or quarters.

Mojos were definitely only a ha'penny or 2 for a penny obviously.

How about a Fizz Bomb? anyone? 2p they were - strawberry or lemon flavour - and worth every penny.

My sweet shop in Leasowe had them all.

29 May 2024 20:41:41
We ain't selling Trent just to get Rodrygo.

29 May 2024 20:50:37

Isn’t it interesting that Rodrygo aged 23 with 10 goals and 5 assists this season is “lightening quick”, “has end product” and an “excellent player” with a “high ceiling”.

Whereas Darwin Nunez aged 24 with 11 goals and 8 assists this season is getting criticised by many for not being up to it.

Not a dig at you mate. But could it be shiny object syndrome?

29 May 2024 23:18:26
You’re comparing apples with oranges, Navy. Rodrygo is a winger. Nunez is a centre forward. You’d expect a centre forward to score more goals. Additionally Nunez will be 25 within a month so he’s two years older than Rodrygo. Notwithstanding that Rodrygo is a technically better footballer. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, Navy, Rodrygo is one of the best young wingers playing in Europe. Nunez is not a winger. End of story.

29 May 2024 23:22:58
You could get a ‘loosely’ - a single cigarette -for 3d at the corner shop near my Nan’s when I was a kid. II’d forgotten about fruit salads @NMB, happy days :) .

30 May 2024 00:28:21
Well said Navy.



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