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25 Oct 2020 18:28:19

I think one thing we could all agree on across both sites should be, that the tackle that got awarded a red card wasn't very dignified


{Ed025's Note - im not so sure trudie, maybe an orange one would have been suitable mate, but maybe thats just my tinted glasses..

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25 Oct 2020 20:28:01
Challenge alone didn’t look a red for me but what about the fact that he made two yellow card offences in the space of those 10 seconds?

25 Oct 2020 20:23:17
dignified was my point Ed 😉 Poor attempt at a play on words perhaps, or your maybe suffering more than most, after what was a shocking performance by the league leaders, but I must add, a very good display by Southampton.

{Ed025's Note - i take nothing away from southampton trudie they were very good, against a very poor everton admittedly..

25 Oct 2020 20:28:36
I've heard a lot this week about certain tackles not being 'intentional'

Personally I don't think that it matters whether its intentional or whether the infringer is 'that type of player'. Pickford last week, along with Richairlison, Digne today. Very poor fouls and today's one looked very painful. It was a definite red as far as I can see.

You might remember ed25 a few years back when your own club captain got his leg broke playing for Ireland from a horrendous tackle dished out by the Welsh full back Neil Taylor. I remember the Welsh manager (not sure if it was Coleman or Giggs) coming out defending Taylor, saying he's not that type of player.

My initial reaction was f#@k that, he most definitely is that type of player because he just carried out a despicable challenge.

Same as last weeks tackles. Everton boys definitely didn't go out to injure anyone in that game. However they both also definitely were not too worried about the consequences following their tackles.

Digne should serve what should definitely be Evertons 3rd three game ban in a week.

{Ed025's Note - its very difficult to quantify macko, some are worse than others and without a mind reader its hard to tell, like when son broke andre gomes,s leg there was an outpouring of sympathy because he was upset and allegedly a nice guy, some wanted to mother him whereas i wanted to strangle him, when its your player who gets hurt it changes things mate..

25 Oct 2020 21:04:01
He fouled him, and then tried to bring him down, failed, then ran after him stood on his ankle and could’ve snapped it. Moment of madness but clearly a red.

25 Oct 2020 21:27:51
Absolute stonewall redcard. I didn't watch the game so had to YouTube the foul. Player throw this type of foul in every game and often get away with it. But his foot got kinda tangle up with the attackers and it highlighted the foul.
Most of us kicked a ball about the park as kids, how often did you accidentally put your foot through someone's ankle? They happen accidentally sometimes but it's usually deliberate.

{Ed025's Note - i dont think anyone would deliberately go out to hurt another professional robbie these days, a certain mr souness, jimmy case and roy kean have admitted to it but hopefully those days are behind us mate..

25 Oct 2020 21:32:29
I agree with you ed25. I remember watching that Son challenge myself and thought about the Coleman challenge again. I had no sympathy for Son whatsoever. For the same reason I mentioned earlier, he didn't contemplate the consequences of his actions. In the moment he lost control and no amount of tears and apology letters can make up for that.

25 Oct 2020 21:38:37
Super competitive people in a semi contact sport often try to hurt the opponents ed025. I doubt he woke up this morning and decided he was going to try injure the guy. But in that moment, when he's been beaten and his team is being beaten and they threatened, yeah I think he tried to hurt him, or did whatever he could to stop him.

{Ed025's Note - thats a damning indictment robbie, you might want to rethink that one mate..

25 Oct 2020 22:01:36
Wasn't a red card IMO but hey that's football, sometimes these things go for and you and other days they don't. Going to be a very interesting season that for sure.

{Ed025's Note - its a crazy season Bmena, teams beating teams they should,nt, VAR messing everything up...and everton top of the league.. :)

25 Oct 2020 22:09:35
I did rethink it when I said "did whatever he could to stop him" instead of "tried to hurt him" their feet weren't really tangled, dignes studs were on his ankle. He fouled him.

{Ed025's Note - he was frustrated and overstretched for me robbie, not a definite red for me but people will have their own idea mate..

25 Oct 2020 22:26:10
Was james Rodriguez injured ed? or did he just refuse to run the last 25 mins of the match .

{Ed025's Note - he is carrying an injury hailstones after the violence inflicted upon him by VVD in the derby lol..

25 Oct 2020 23:20:14
For me, it was a red card, hands down. I don't care about intent cos nobody can know that. Also, there has NEVER been intent used as a standard to determine if a foul is reckless or not. It is reckless cos the ref thinks it is and any tackle from behind that can cause injury to another player is deemed dangerous, reckless and reprehensible and worthy of a red card. Those are the rules, end of.

Hence, You can only be judged by what you actually did. Digne had a bite at Walker-Peters from behind already and had he gone down, it was already a yellow card offence. Then he chases him down and rakes his studs on Walker-Peters' ankle and rode on his ankle for a couple of feet, all done from behind. Sorry, that is dangerous play esp. from behind and we all know what happens when you make tackles from behind.

Had Walker-Peters damaged his ankle ligaments, would we be saying what we are saying now? Please, it was a red card and Ancelotti (who I loved as a player and class manager) has completely lost it. His bitterness and pathetic defence of Digne is very disappointing. Also, I thought James was injured? Oh so he wasn't hence, he just used that as a distraction to divert from Pickford's and Richarlison's reckless behavior by saying VVD injured James so then it was okay for VVD to get injured by Pickford? Seems he is drinking from the Bitter well, clearly.

25 Oct 2020 23:23:08
I take it back, seen it on motd, probably not a red. Tim cahil is the worst pundit ever. He never speaks proper sentences.

25 Oct 2020 23:32:58
I think it is clear that Digne over committed himself and was too late to pull out. He realized his error too late, threw his hands up to indicate he was trying to pull out, but caught Walker-Peters badly on the ankle. Still a clear straight red, in my book, but to day he deliberately or maliciously fouled him is creating a narrative to suit your means. There just wasn't any.

26 Oct 2020 02:46:53
I think it was a red card. I don’t think it was intentional but it was clumsy and reckless and the other player was lucky to escape serious injury.

25 Oct 2020 22:39:26
Whether he did it on purpose or not, running your studs down a players Achilles’ tendon is very dangerous play and deserving of a sending off. Players need to know those sort of tackles will result in a red to eliminate them from the game. Can’t really believe the reaction from redknapp and ancelotti. Does the guy need to snap his tendon and be out for months for them to see how dangerous that tackle was.

{Ed025's Note - accidents happen WM its a contact sport, if a player gets challenged in the air then falls and breaks his arm is that violent conduct? you can make a case for any injury depending on your agenda mate..

25 Oct 2020 23:41:03
Hahaha seen more violence in Mary Poppins ed .

26 Oct 2020 06:57:22
‘A tackle or challenge that endangers the safety of an opponent or uses excessive force or brutality must be sanctioned as serious foul play’

It doesn’t matter if it’s accidental or not, he could have seriously injured the lad so definite red for me.

{Ed025's Note - we need to outlaw tackling then WYred, every challenge where a leg can contact another leg has the potential to cause injury..

26 Oct 2020 07:41:04
I wouldn’t go the that far Ed but the way I look at is if a Liverpool player had done that and got a red, I personally would get the decision. If it happened against us I know I would also call for a red.

If the ref gave a yellow would var have overturned it to red? we will have no idea but I completely understand why the ref sent him off.

I also don’t think you should appeal as I can’t see there being enough to overturn it.

{Ed025's Note - i dont think its worth appealing either mate because they are as thick as thieves, every one will have their own agenda on the incident i think..

26 Oct 2020 08:22:54
Is this another example of where they need to look at things at normal speed, not slow motion or freeze frame.
As I think you said Ed25 its an orange card: you look at it in freeze frame then its a red, slow motion is 50/ 50 (grey area, subjective) at full speed its possibly an accident and a yellow card?
Also he had an initial nibble at the player which may have had a bearing.

26 Oct 2020 08:49:00
It wasn't a straight red for me, it was clumsy and accidental but he should of been booked for the first challenge then he had a second chomp he didn't really leave to ref with much choice.

26 Oct 2020 08:57:56
The challenge clearly endangered the safety of the player therefore his sending off was correct. He may not have meant it however neither did Sadio Mane when he was sent off against City a few years back. Oh, and Ancelotti banging on about how what went on in the derby influenced the referee is, in my opinion, utterly embarrassing on his part. He’s a great manager and very well respected but he has gone down in my estimations over the last week or so.

26 Oct 2020 09:03:22
Personally I think it should of been Yellow for the first pull back and a second Yellow for the actually offense he got sent off for as I thought it was completely accidental.

Don't think I can remember where a Ref has actually treated two fouls within the same incident as separate offenses.

Suppose you could argue that the Ref should of taken it back for the first foul and awarded a freekick and a booking (a bit like the VVD Offside) ;)

26 Oct 2020 09:40:59
If it’s two yellows he would have shown two yellows as it’s one match ban it was a red card he shown so 3 match ban there is no confusion on that front.

26 Oct 2020 09:46:41
i think james rodriguez has been carrying an injury since the 2014 world cup!

26 Oct 2020 10:09:54
does intention even have anything to do with the ruling. I'm sure it doesn, t or at the very least it shouldn't. No way a ref should be trying to measure the intention of any player's actions.

reckless and violent acts are far easier to quantify compared to intention. I seen Digne's tackle and would think it's more reckless than violent. Haven't read the rules to know whether both are worthy of yellow or red. based on what I understand, I think this is one of those ones that could have gone either way and really most would be ok.

26 Oct 2020 10:36:23
Clear red for me, only just seen it. Plus, milkman, I couldn't agree more mate.

26 Oct 2020 11:16:06
Ed 025, you don't think any footballer would go out of his way to deliberately hurt an opponent. Let me introduce you to Sergio Ramos.

{Ed025's Note - just another example of liverpool fans overreaction john, yes he fouled salah and was putting a marker down but you lot thought it was premeditated and i just cant see that mate, it seems to me that liverpool supporters would like a gallows setting up outside anfield road and be used for anyone who dares to tackle a player in red, your reputation preceds you im afraid and you have certainly made a name for yourselves...just not the one you think..

26 Oct 2020 11:51:05
Ed025, in defence of Johnzandt, Ramos has used that type of tackle, where he pulls the opponents arm under his own, thereby trapping it and pulling him away from the ball. It was only a matter of time before that resulted in an injury. It was premeditated as its a tactic he used many times before, not saying he targeted Salah with an idea to injure him, but he targets opposition players with a foul he gets away with. there's a difference between that and leaning on a player trying to get an advantage.

{Ed025's Note - he would have to be brainier than he actually is to target a certain area of an opponent at such speed potclay, he should star in the next matrix film mate..

26 Oct 2020 12:01:32
James Rodriguez was absent with grass burns. Poor lad rolled around on the turf at every given opportunity in the derby and his body could no longer take it.

26 Oct 2020 12:04:23
lol, take the red pill ed!

{Ed025's Note - i need more than that potclay mate.. :)

26 Oct 2020 12:35:52
If you don't think Amos goes out of his way to injure players then there's nothing I can say to you. Feckdr has been doing it for years.

26 Oct 2020 13:04:35
I think you are being a big naive Ed25 regarding players not intentionally trying to nobble the opposition. I also think you are being a bit patronising towards Liverpool supporters who are making genuine claims regarding some of the totally reckless challenges we have seen over the last few weeks or so.

{Ed025's Note - naive possibly milkman, patronising never, telling it like it is..always..

26 Oct 2020 14:03:30
Anybody who has played football and is completely honest with themself knows full well they have intentionally tried to leave a little bit on another player before. Maybe out of frustration or revenge. Or maybe just to rough them up. We all do it and if you don't you probably never played at any semblance of a competitive level!

Probably only a select few who actually want to injure people but i have certainly clattered into my fair share or robust centre backs or keepers who jump for a catch with their knee leading. What goes around though, eh.

26 Oct 2020 15:15:05
I agree mk. If you let yourself get walked over that's exactly what happens. Mostly hard shoulder barges more than anything though. I don't think i ever put my foot through someone's ankle.

26 Oct 2020 16:35:15
Ok Ed25, fair enough. Thanks for the response.

26 Oct 2020 16:53:17
It is a red card cos Digne got the player twice from behind. Intent is not a standard and has NEBVER been the standard. Digne should have got a yellow on his first challenge as it was from behind. Then he goes after him again and rakes his studs on the ankle of the player hence, endangering the health of the players ankle ligaments Two bookable offences in one go means a sending off. End of story. If Walker-Peters had done his ankle ligaments, I am sure the Digne apologists will find a way to explain it away as "Just one of those things". Pathetic. The naivete of some on here trying to split hairs and nitpick over something so blatant and clear is embarrassing.

{Ed025's Note - according to your flawed logic he should have been issued with two yellow cards then, it was far from a certain red and only that you have an agenda you would agree, considering walker peters was "RAKED" by digne he was up in seconds and running around like a springbok, it was a poor challenge which in my opinion was either a yellow or borderline red, you on the other hand with your obvious hatred of anything blue go right over the top as really are a piece of work and are treading a very fine line my friend..

26 Oct 2020 17:25:36
“he is carrying an injury hailstones after the violence inflicted upon him by VVD in the derby”

Do mean when Virgil simply used his body to hold JR off the ball? Hardly like some of the nasty tackles we’ve seen lately? If JR spent less time trying to get players booked with his imaginary card, and a bit more time actually putting some effort in, he might actually be a good player. 5 mins per match doesn’t really cut it.

{Ed025's Note - which is why it was follwed by a "lol" ND which you failed to mention when quoting me, it was very much tongue in cheek which hailstones appreciated even if you did not, lighten up mate its only football..

26 Oct 2020 19:11:09
Apologies Ed, didn’t appreciate the tongue in cheek, my bad.

{Ed025's Note - no problem ND mate..

26 Oct 2020 19:53:19
To be honesty, no evertonian can disagree with the red carding of Lucas Diane, after the tackle that Pickford got away with against VVD. Ancelloti was happy to come out and ignore that but as soon as one of his players, who’d already elbowed someone in the face, then tried to break another players ankle.

so glad that everton got brought back to earth with a very hard bump, after getting away with murder in the Merseyside derby, and managing to get a point out of it when all three points should have gone to Liverpool!

27 Oct 2020 12:47:57
Wasn't intentional but at very least a yellow and that's being generous but in my book a red every day. what i don't understand is how ancelotti can call it a joke!? i don't think there is a ref out there that wouldn't think that worthy of a yellow and most would choose red. i get managers want to defend their players but its makes Ancelloti look a complete moron to say that.

29 Oct 2020 00:06:34
Digne deserved the red card. Wasnt intentional? so he couldn't have shortened his stride, slowed down, moved over, rubbish to say he couldn't avoid it. Blue shades on if you thinl its accidental.

{Ed025's Note - i suppose its how you see things stevie, if there was a traffic light system of dismissals it would be orange i think, not malicious or dangerous just a bad challenge and a one match ban is more than fair i would say mate..



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