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26 Nov 2023 05:38:11
Ed1, just saw a stat where Doku dribbled past Trent for a record 8 or 7 times. I mean how does that even being count. Like how many times does "being dribbled past" amount to something yesterday. And peoples used that stat to say that Trent is being cooked by Doku. When you think about it, it is a ridiculous stupid stat.

{Ed001's Note - I am not a fan of the way stats are used in the media, xG is the biggest load of bollox ever thought up. The most meaningless nonsense ever.}

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26 Nov 2023 07:20:10
HaHa spot on 01 a very astute way of describing the complete nonsense being introduced by the **** at Sky.

26 Nov 2023 08:03:19
If Gary Neville can say that TAA "is the equal of Kevin Debruyne in delivery of the ball, striking of a ball and his passing, then you know something" world-class" is there. Granted Neville slates TAA for some of his defensive work, but I saw nothing alarming yesterday in the contest between Doku and TAA. Doku has special speed and trickery and he's going to get past all RB's several times a game; look at what he's done to others so far this year. He's that good. But you could see TAA was focused on the job yesterday and we didn't suffer any significant damage as most of us feared, despite ManC focusing on Doku's side for attack. The goal they scored had more to do with Alisson than with Szoboszlai and TAA letting Ake slide in between them.

26 Nov 2023 08:08:08
Trent was good yesterday defensively against a v good opponent. don't know where this narrative that doku wrecked him, got by him few times alright but trent won his share of 1 on 1s and defended well. couldve done better in stopping ake for goal but ali kick was the main problem, we weren't set at all.
I would've been critical at times of trents defending but that just a case of giving a dog a bad name.

26 Nov 2023 08:12:26
Yeah not a fan of stats really myself

Clean sheets
Goals scored and possession ( even possession means nothing really)

Are the 3 I look at .

Unfortunately it’s because we live in the age of information and everything needs labelling and quantified for it to be explained or justified.

The score and result are all that matter

Can anyone tell me our xg against villa earlier this year ?.

26 Nov 2023 08:23:47
Trent played very well. Doku offered a lot less threat than expected. Trent’s mistake was when he let Ake dance past him but he definitely made up for that.

26 Nov 2023 08:31:36
Agree with ArAy. Doku is special. He will hammer most full backs of the world. How did city sign him for that cheap?

26 Nov 2023 09:04:26
When Salah or Diaz go past full backs at will it’s because they are class.

When wingers or forwards go past our centre half’s or full backs then it’s because our defence are crap.

It’s almost like no other team can have class forwards.

Reality of it is a defender can keep a player quite for the majority of a game but once that forward scores or creates an assist it’s all turned on its head and the narrative is the forward was better for the whole game when in reality it’s not.

If a forward is that much better in 90 mins then they should be scoring or creating 10 plus goals.

26 Nov 2023 09:43:37
Habibi - I’m not sure Doku is that special, though he’s only 21 so he may well become great. City and Guardiola clearly thought Trent/ Matip would be easy pickings for Doku and Haaland yesterday, channeling nearly all their attacks down the left. I don’t recall a single instance of Foden taking on Tsimikas on the other side. Doku had chance after chance to make something happen and couldn’t. He’s a fast, tricky player but his ability doesn’t compensate for the extra control Grealish brings to Man City even if the latter is a much worse player.

26 Nov 2023 09:54:47
What I saw yesterday that was different from the way we defended and especially Trent was that we defended the flanks more and so forced city to come inside more where there was more protection, I know there was a few times they got by on the outside but that was more on the break than anything. All in all I thought we coped well!

26 Nov 2023 10:26:20
You have a point on Foden @Love. I thought he would hammer Tsmiskas. Thankfully that didn’t happen.
I like Doku and I can understand why Liveprool were keen about the player at one stage.

26 Nov 2023 10:31:11
Doku reminds me of Sadio Mane.

That’s Sadio Mane in 15 years time at a Liverpool legends match where he’s overweight with Turkey Teeth and lives off Gaviscon.

26 Nov 2023 11:15:40
Ironically he matched doku fairly well all things considered.

It was the ake challenge that was really poor defensively.

26 Nov 2023 11:36:46
I think the stat is brilliant.

You can troll Man City fans posting about it on Twatter by asking them how many goals and assists Doku, who did most of the dribbling, got.

26 Nov 2023 12:38:09
What does the "dribbling past" stat even mean? It mean sweet nothing and the lads on here have said so. It probably does not occur to this generation of fans that a winger dribbling past a RB is literally doing his job, first and foremost. it is what he does afterwards that matter which clearly, is lost on them. Sad.

Now does their stats show that Trent was ushering him on purpose into specific positions/ areas where Doku could not hurt us nor get any end product? Does their stats show how Trent was where he was supposed to be defensively almost all game to defend Doku and all the other things City threw at us? Again, tons of fans talk footie BUT literally do NOT watch football.

26 Nov 2023 12:57:38
Anybody else felt Matip had a good game too and helped Trent down the right?

26 Nov 2023 13:48:48
Matip was again like vs Brentford, outstanding Keith.

26 Nov 2023 18:41:04
I remember telling my eldest, just wish he was 25 again, as on his Day, he's a great CB.

26 Nov 2023 23:09:14
Exactly Oli, what Trent did was he allowed Doku to get the ball and run at him but ushered him into spaces where he wasn’t going to be dangerous.

If we’re looking for a RB that Doku could never dribble past then I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed as he doesn’t exist.

What Trent did well was he didn’t get too tight and allow himself to be taken out of the game. Of the times that Doku did manage to get past him he was still putting him under pressure and forcing him to rush his next move.

27 Nov 2023 09:16:18
"What Trent did well was he didn’t get too tight and allow himself to be taken out of the game".




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