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15 Jan 2024 19:15:22
Jesus Everton are really getting booted just now. 10 points deducted and out of relegation with a potential further points deduction. They really want them down lol.

{Ed025's Note - i would give them their wish Andy and just resign, it would put that corrupt Premier league in chaos and do their job for them mate..

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15 Jan 2024 19:43:59
Ed025 surely it won’t result in another points deduction mate in you opinion? I very much look through red tinted glasses but this in my opinion would be very harsh, although I guess then you have broke the rules like a few others. The only thing is that others seem to get away with it.

{Ed002's Note - If you don't understand just posting nonsense does not work.}

15 Jan 2024 19:43:04
PL really want to punish Everton don't they?

I'd love to know what has transpired between the 2 parties that the PL are going after them again. its almost like this has become a personal issue.

I guess we better not mention City or Chelsea. I'm sure I'll be called an idiot or a biggot or something because I "don't understand the situation".

Careful Ed, calling the hierarchy corrupt is going to get some peoples panties in a twist on this site. let's be honest, there is absolutely no way, whatsoever, that the PL, officials, players, managers, clubs or anyone associated to the Premier League, is corrupt is any way whatsoever.

{Ed002's Note - What has it got to to do with Manchester City or Chelsea? You obviously don't understand.}

15 Jan 2024 20:06:53
Ed002 I understand with others it’s totally different and more to it. I was just asking Ed025 opinion on the potential points thing that’s all. I did not expect or need that response from you.

{Ed002's Note - Fine - I have removed your account so you don't need to worry any longer.}

15 Jan 2024 20:27:42
My dream of seeing Everton play in the Championship next season is still alive!

{Ed025's Note - im with you Thunderbird the sooner we get out of this corrupt league the better, your Sly six can keep your league and stick it where the sun dont shine mate, or even better you can piss off to the european super league with your other malignant cohorts and we can have a proper league for proper clubs..

15 Jan 2024 20:38:44
I don't think Daretodream is such a bad guy Ed002. Perhaps you could give him a pass? As a late Christmas present to me.

In return I will do my best to be less of an idiot. I can't gaurentee it really. Mission impossible. But I promise to try my best with it.

15 Jan 2024 20:19:04
Sorry Ed, I think we are struggling to understand why Man City are yet to be charged for their supposed FFP breaches.

I don’t claim to know anything about it at all… most of my football information comes from you! Apologies if it becomes tedious.

{Ed002's Note - why is that of any relevance to Liverpool?}

15 Jan 2024 20:38:44
I don't think Daretodream is such a bad guy Ed002. Perhaps you could give him a pass? As a late Christmas present to me.

In return I will do my best to be less of an idiot. I can't gaurentee it really. Mission impossible. But I promise to try my best with it.

{Ed002's Note - Tedious and boring. Maybe a chance to return in the future.}

15 Jan 2024 21:04:25
I agree ed25 it is corrupt, it’s crazy how Everton are being treated. Two point reductions in a single season would be madness.

{Ed025's Note - our problems are of our own doing Andy, but we are getting no help whatsoever from the EPL who seem to lack empathy or compassion mate, we are an easy target and i dont see any of the big boys getting pulled for their transgressions which seem a lot worse than ours, the league is corrupt and nobody can convince me that its not..

15 Jan 2024 21:07:03
Proper clubs? Spare me the tears. Under Moshiri Everton have spent over £700 million in transfers and had a Russian oligarch as a major investor and now all their misspending has caught up with them their only argument is whataboutery when clubs that did follow the rules got relegated.

{Ed025's Note - i dont think any of us know the full extent of the deception that has been alleged Thunderbird...least of all you, but the punishments do seem excessive imo, thank got you are not a judge mate...we have enough bitter and twisted ones in the EPL without another one like you mate..

15 Jan 2024 21:40:58
Ed 25. I’d gladly join you in dropping down the leagues if it allowed us to go back to what the game used to be.

{Ed025's Note - i might sound like an aul arse Bmena but the game is just not the same these days mate, too much money, too much cheating and very poor officials means its lost its identity mate..

15 Jan 2024 22:26:16
from a fan perspective, it is easy to observe what is happening with everton and then wonder what is happening with the charges against City. Fans don't have all the info and this isn't a scientific debate, so I'm not sure what the issue is with asking out loud what everyone is wondering.

The relevance to Liverpool is that this is football and it matters. it's more relevant to Liverpool than having Shappy's manchester United articles posted on here

To the OP, if Everton have broken the rules then they should get what's coming to them. I would typically support organizations working with members to get back on track, but assuming those options have been exhausted then throw the book at them. Same applies for anyone else, even if they're on different timelines for different charges.

15 Jan 2024 22:41:30
Completely agree 25 mate. I’ve a 6 month old baby in the house and it’ll only be Gaelic football for him. Real man’s sport. Such a shame football has went to the dogs the money has made it so detached from everyday people imo.

15 Jan 2024 23:06:56
Because it’s close to home, (half my mates are blues ) I’ve got no problem with them being done twice ( soz ed25) and it’s good that if you have broke rules you get dealt with swiftly but there lies the problem. It’s bound to create confusion . It does seem unfair no matter how you dress it up.

15 Jan 2024 23:21:47
Great to see top notch banter on the Banter Page. Great step forward that people who have different views aren’t tolerated.

Anyway, whilst I can feel the frustration and anger Ed25, you have to accept that the club hasn’t been run properly in an age. I can empathise with the fans’ frustration but the club is being badly mis-managed. If the club are pushed into relegation through another points deduction I honestly think it’s a good opportunity for the club to rebuild.

15 Jan 2024 23:27:52
We are part of the premier league too of course all of this has something to do with Liverpool. Who knows it could be us next.

It does seem very strange that City and Chelsea have been charged but as yet nothing has happened whilst in the meantime Everton have been charged and sanctioned and now charged again.

Is it because Everton have cooperated and admitted their wrongdoings but City and Chelsea are fighting it? If that’s the case and they are found guilty then surely their punishments will be exponentially worse?

None of us know so that’s why we ask on this site hoping that you might be able to join the dots for us.

{Ed001's Note - totally different things. Everton and Forest have breached current regs as they stand. Both City and Chelsea are in historic breach of the regs. Chelsea actually brought it to the Prem's attention as it was something the new regime uncovered after taking over, but it is a difficult one to deal with. City, on the other hand, are fighting their case by trying their best to avoid any chance of being proven innocent, as all innocent parties, as we know, spend their entire time trying to tie things up in red tape to avoid any chance of them getting a chance to prove their innocence.}

16 Jan 2024 00:48:55
I've just read an article about and it does seem like the PL are adamant about punishing Everton. I could have read it wrong but it feels like Everton are being sanctioned again for breaching FPF rules for the same period that they have already been sanctioned for earlier this season. Feels like double jeopardy to me.

{Ed001's Note - it depends on the punishment. If Everton have shown intention and effort towards improving their position, rather than just saying we have already been punished so we may as well be done for a pound as 50p, then I would hope common sense would prevail. Then, any punishment should be suspended on the basis of them again showing intention and effort to improve their position next season too. Suspend it for 2 years - as it is a 3-year accounting period. That would make the most sense to me.}

16 Jan 2024 00:13:42
I ll take it ED002.

See you in a few weeks DaretoDream. I ll always know you are out there. Lurking in the shadows with the other lurkers.

16 Jan 2024 10:16:16
Exactly, Ed01. People are just howling at the moon without actually knowing or educating themselves on the issues surrounding all 4 charged clubs. I get that the Everton fans as well as others who want justice done to City and Chelsea should they be found guilty BUT these are different issues and the wheels of justice turn slowly and will not be accelerated cos people complained about it for days and Ed01 explained it perfectly, as he did during the last podcast months ago.

Maybe before people start howling at the moon about being "over" punished and making themselves out to be victims and the downtrodden, they should go find out what their own clubs did cos at the end of the day, it is their custodians' corrupt behaviour, lies, cover-ups, gross mismanagement of their clubs and lack of regard for them as fans, that brought their clubs to this point to begin with.

16 Jan 2024 12:55:36
I think the historical charges are even more significant, especially the stuff leaked by Der Spiegel, and I was amazed CAS believed what City said. City may he on firmer footing now, but they were built on huge investment and seemingly breaking the laws of the game. How is that fair for any other team competing? The financial fair play laws stink, and see. to actually encourage monopolization by the top teams - why bother if it’s a closed shop? Integrity of the game is on really shakey ground, hard to see how it doesn’t get anything but worse.

{Ed001's Note - CAS didn't believe it. Citeh were found guilty but the large majority of the guilty offences were time-barred under UEFA rules. CAS simply decided the initial punishment UEFA gave City was too harsh with most of the charges unable to be prosecuted. They were not acquitted and paid a fine.}

16 Jan 2024 13:41:00
Ed01, you're not allowed to say this to the City fans nor their acolytes in rival fan bases, mind you. You could cause a riot. The prob. is that this is common knowledge if people ever bothered to do their research. This is the reason City are delaying or have been delaying the hearing till well, prolly the rules change and something happens to make the charges go away or obsolete.

Personally, I do not believe they have any proof of innocence cos if they did, they would have co-operated fully (unlike Everton and Forrest and Chelsea who co-operated) and provided it and the case would have been heard months or years ago. They knowingly/ deliberately did not and got charged for that, as well. In law studies, they call this conduct "Consciousness of Guilt".

Hence IMO, the PL want to show that they have rules with some teeth to go after clubs who mess up and they are starting with Everton and Forrest first, in a bid to get their act together to go after City and Chelsea cos the precedents for punishment would have been set an they are the big fish here. The City fans especially, had better hope their club is squeaky clean cos if they are not, they are in a world of serious hurt should those charges or even a 3rd of them stick.

{Ed002's Note - Rubbish.}

16 Jan 2024 16:15:03
That's okay, Ed02. It's the Banter page for a reason.

{Ed002's Note - My problem is that there is a huge amount of misinformation on this thread. Again.}

16 Jan 2024 18:24:38
Ed25. I've read or heard that everton could get their points deduction reduced at appeal but then get them added again for this breach. So really everything stays as it is.

{Ed025's Note - its all speculation ashy, some are saying we will get 6 points back and we will get a new fine of 10 points mate making 14 in all, but its just guessing mate and im just wishing it was all over now, put us in the Championship and have done with it i say and wave goodbye to the corrupt Premier league..

16 Jan 2024 18:56:17
Ed25. Whatever the outcome, it will galvanise the players and fans even more. Us against the world mentality. Even if you had another 10 point deduction you will still finish 17th and above.

{Ed025's Note - im not so sure about that ashy, our first team is decent i think but the squad depth is very sparse mate, a few injuries or suspensions and we are in the mire again, it can work both ways that us against the world mentality though, it could also grind the players down and make them lose faith..thats the worry..



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