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17 Jan 2024 22:39:30
I see Eni Aluko is having another moan poor me etc. I really don’t know why the girls can’t just stick to being pundits in the woman’s game? What is the problem with that instead of trying to fit square pegs in round holes. The other day I had lead commentator as a female and co commentator was a woman too and it was a mens football game. That was totally bizarre. But I suppose both the men and women need muting at times hey!

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17 Jan 2024 23:29:45
Having a moan? She's literally speaking out about the abuse that she got online after the vile comments Joey Barton directed her way. You're right about some people needing to be muted though because clearly you do.

{Ed001's Note - well said.}

18 Jan 2024 00:04:45
I don't find it all that bizarre to be honest. I never mute the commentary even when it's in a language I don't know. Which is every language. I have a little grasp of English but that's it. Matches in foreign languages is great. They start to lose it with excitement when the ball crosses the half way line, when it gets in the box they are shouting and roaring and when there's a goal, it's like the world was saved from a giant meteor.

18 Jan 2024 00:11:53
It doesn't take a lot to share a bit of empathy with someone who is sharing their personal situation. Like, we don't know what they're experiencing or what's being threatened to them. But it wouldn't take much to assume that it's pretty vile.

Joey Barton needs to be muted. His comments have been all over the place and I actually wonder if he is suffering from CTE. He doesn't make any sense, his points contradict each other. He's either having some kind of neurological issue or he is just being an egg.

18 Jan 2024 00:58:56
Please tell me this post is some sort of joke? you can't be serious with it.

18 Jan 2024 07:01:42
The premise that women are not suitable to comment on the men's game is frankly shocking in this day and age. Are we in 2024 or the 1500's? ?.

{Ed001's Note - no one ever mentions the male commentators have never played the game at a decent level at all. The likes of Motson are considered fine to have commented on men's football, but not a woman who has actually played at a decent level. It is bizarre.}

18 Jan 2024 07:27:20
I must admit I don't like an all female panel on the mens game ( just my preference), I like some of the presenters like Kelly Coates and Gabby Logan. But Eni Aluko was singled out and that's not right. She took the brunt of the abuse.

18 Jan 2024 07:35:18
How many male commentators have played the game at a decent level? I can't think of any. Just throwing that out there.

There are amazing commentators like Peter Drury and Arlo White before he switched to golf. There are new equally bad male and female commentators imo. Living in the states we get Rebecca Lowe hosting the PL matches. I have to say I think that she's fabulous and is an amazing and knowledgable presenter. So not about the sex for me at all but much more about how well they do their job. That's how we should be judged.

18 Jan 2024 07:47:26
I don't have twitter or whatever Bartons comments where made on so only going on what I've heard from mates but if accurate the fact that Joey Barton is saying to anybody that everyone is laughing at them is laughable in itself. Go back to Question Time Joey and show us all how it's done.

18 Jan 2024 08:46:48
ed1 - in Joey Barton's world you have to earn the opportunity to comment on men's football. But a woman can't earn this opportunity because they've never been tackled at full speed by a man. And then when asked about the male commentators who haven't played and get things wrong, his answer is that people make mistakes. He's a joke.

{Ed001's Note - he is a piece of dog muck to be wiped off the shoe of life and washed away down the drain with all the other turds.}

18 Jan 2024 10:30:10
About right Ed1 mate, maybe being a little too generous there mind :) . Lol I can't stand him either, he's one of them who really gets on my nerves. Horrible man.

{Ed001's Note - he is just like his brother.}

18 Jan 2024 11:42:26
By his logic this forum shouldn't exist for us to talk about football since probably all of us (with very few exceptions) never played at a professional level.

It's time to start giving the victims of abuse more credit rather than downplaying them to fit an agenda.

18 Jan 2024 12:13:59
It's funny.

For literally years we've complained about how bad Martin Tyler, a man, was, and about how biased loads of male commentators and pundits have been against us (Shearer got it in the neck recently), but if someone has female reproductive organs it's suddenly disgraceful to some that she's allowed commentate on men's footie. Aye, cos all the men are clearly great at it, aren't they? Michael Owen's voice wouldn't kill a witch would it? Ronnie Whelan doesn't constantly sound bitter does he? Martin Keown wasn't kissing Arsenal's feet in the FA Cup game, was he?

I'll give the OP a pro tip: If you agree with Joey Barton, you're probably wrong.

18 Jan 2024 12:49:37
Agreed about Rebecca Lowe I’m in the states as well. She’s handles it masterfully and does a great job leading the conversation.

18 Jan 2024 16:29:39
Same guy brought all this up, repeatedly, in the last live chat - whilst a ridiculous notion to have and rightly shot down by posters and Eds above, it's a crying shame this comment got 9 likes.

And if you find yourself agreeing with Joey Barton on anything, man, life has taken a drastic turn!

18 Jan 2024 17:13:41
NicolBecker Glory, do you think before you post? Seriously, Im curious.

18 Jan 2024 18:40:39
I think we're giving Joey Barton far too much credit to suggest there is a logic as if he has put some thought into what he is saying.

Simply put, he is a bigot.

Let's not pretend that he has any coherent point to make

His only position is that women shouldn't comment on men's sport and then his flappy brain forces his mouth to spit out stupid points that contradict themselves without him even noticing it.

18 Jan 2024 19:48:43
The fact that people even notice, care about or discuss a person's gender as being important in this context is part of the problem.

18 Jan 2024 21:20:35
I think there's a perverse joy gained here from trying to wind people up.
Pretty sad if that's the case.



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