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30 Mar 2024 15:16:16
If Klopp joined Madrid after a year off I would lose a lot of respect for him without a doubt after leaving us when trying to find a decent manager is probably at its hardest. To drop us like a stone and then take the easiest job in football would be gut wrenching for me. Tbh I would be disgusted.

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30 Mar 2024 15:28:29
He's been here for 8 years. Likely could've walked into most teams on the planet at any point during that time. If that's your outlook, I think you need to grow up to be honest mate.

I'll lose no respect for him.

30 Mar 2024 15:28:47
I wouldn’t.

30 Mar 2024 15:33:08
What if we fell away last season because the manager wasn't up to the task? Klopp will take another job so u need to make peace w that and just enjoy what we have left. Nothing lasts forever right.

30 Mar 2024 15:39:57
He’s taking a year out just as he did after dortmund , he’s free to manage who he wants certainly doesn’t diminish what he achieved here.

30 Mar 2024 15:58:08
He owes us nothing, he gave everything to the job for many years.

Only Man Utd would upset me. Otherwise don’t care.

30 Mar 2024 16:17:17
Klopps a Liverpool legend and always will be.

I wish him all the happiness and success if he does take over another club apart from if they play against us.

30 Mar 2024 16:23:39
You're speaking utter nonsense mate, I'd wish him the very best.

30 Mar 2024 17:03:32
I don’t see him going to Madrid I don’t think it’s his type of club. But if he did good luck to him and his family they deserve it. On a side note if he did he would have 3 players he wanted whilst here playing for him.

30 Mar 2024 17:53:55
I would still love the man. He deserves a team with a massive transfer budget after the 3 miracles he’s performed so far.

30 Mar 2024 20:57:42
I agree with NBG. If he were to take the real job it would go completely against the ethos that he’s instilled in all of his jobs thus far; success does not depend on price tags.

Real are the archetypal antithesis of what he has championed in his managerial career. If he were to take it then to me it would be nothing more than like your favourite band releasing some pop drivel just to get a number one. Sellout.

I’d be sick as a pig TBH. Plus it means Ed02 was right about him all along ?.

30 Mar 2024 23:48:40
He’s won us our first league title in 30 years, as long as it’s not another club in England I don’t care where he goes next, he’s earned the right to do what he wants to do.

30 Mar 2024 23:50:59
If this ever happened I think that would only improve our chances of landing Alonso in the future (lots of ifs - if he continues his same form; if FSG want him; if he actually wants to come, if the new manager is only selected as a stop gap) . However, knowing FSG who usually don’t make knee jerk reactions barring their early days (cough Andy Carrol), I think we will probably stick with whoever we get this year for the foreseeable future unless that person screws up royally within a years time.

31 Mar 2024 11:29:42
He'll end up the German national manager is my guess.

31 Mar 2024 11:55:54
@OP, to be honest, I can’t see Jurgen losing too much sleep over your opinion.



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