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16 May 2024 08:21:18
One of my biggest regrets in my life is not watching the 4-0 against Barcelona. I couldn't be bothered to walk to the pub because I didn't believe we'd do it. So instead I just had it on the Talksport radio app on my phone. By the time I realised something special was happening it was too late to get to the pub in time.

Since then I've watched every single televised game regardless of how unlikely victory looked. Klopp made me a believer. Even this season I couldn't fully let go of the league until it was mathematically impossible because I know what the man is capable of masterminding. I broke my arm the morning of the 2022 Carabao Cup final and I practically begged the hospital to discharge me because I knew I was going to miss a special moment if I didn't get home in time.

Klopp will be sorely missed. Legend is thrown around too easily nowadays so the word doesn't really carry the weight Klopp deserves. He's not a legend, he's more than that. He's a phenomenon, a giant and an icon. Every superlative you can throw at him, he deserves them all. I'm gutted that his time here has fizzled out because for what he's made us feel he deserved to go out with a bang. Sunday is going to be very emotional.

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16 May 2024 08:46:36
What a post mate, excellent - always enjoy your posts keep them coming MK. Have a good day mate.

16 May 2024 09:46:30
Oh Captain, my Captain.

Great post, Adam.

16 May 2024 10:19:25
It will feel v strange after sunday klopp not being manager. i've dreaded this day for a while but I think it right decision now for him, when he said he running out of energy it clearly the truth, looks a tired man.
Such a brillant man no.1 and a brillant football manager no.2. I will never forget my pride walking into work to place of utd supporters after the 4-0,5-0 and 7-0 games, it had for most part of my lfc supporting life always been other way about, me hiding from them!
Jurgen said it not what people of u coming in its what they think of u going out. never have i heard a truer statement and i certainly couldn't think any more of him as he prepares to leave.

16 May 2024 10:56:36
Wait, you didn't watch that Barcelona game live, MKS? Seriously, I was like you. I didn't believe it either going in BUT I watched it cos I wanted to see what we would do, NOT that I thought we would play the way we played and win the way we did. Boy, I still have shivers watching the highlights of that game cos I remember how I felt in real time whenever I watched those moments again.

As for the Carabao Cup, you're a soldier, man. I can imagine how much pain you must have been on that day and you fought to watch the game cos you knew there could be one of those moments like the Barcelona one you could regret. And as I said after that final and esp. the way we won it, that is Klopp's greatest achievement, IMO and that's saying a lot considering the legendary stuff he had done prior.

As for Klopp, I've run out of words to depict his time here. IMO, Klopp essentially taught us that we can change our fortunes drastically, magnificently IF we are ready to work for it, fight for it, keep our eyes on the prize IF you believe. He turned us from "Doubters to Believers" ONLY cos WE believed. If we didn't believe and stay the course, none of this happens. Klopp is Shankly-esque for a reason.

16 May 2024 11:28:46
I feel your pain, MK. I declined a ticket for £30, cus I couldn't be bothered.

16 May 2024 12:25:13
Oli, I was so mad at myself after that it was about 2 days later when I was finally excited about us making the final. I was still following it in real time, but radio isn't the same.

The broken arm story is just ridiculous, I don't know what I was thinking. I snapped my elbow the wrong way trying to do a bicycle kick on the Sunday morning and landing completely wrong. Doctors told me I needed to wait to be anaesthetised to have it put back in the socket as there was also a fracture/ ligament damage so it would be too painful. I begged them for an hour until they gave me liquid morphine, gas and air and then found a doctor who was prepared to try it with me awake. Took a team of 2 doctors and 3 nurses several attempts but eventually it went back in. I was literally crying in pain and fully passed out when it clicked back into place. They got me discharged just 30 minutes before kick off and my Dad was waiting outside in the car! I had surgery 2 weeks later for them to fit a radial head replacement and a synthetic lateral collateral ligament ?

Rome1977 that is sickening mate, I'm gutted for you. I'd rather break my arm again than have to live with that regret!

16 May 2024 12:53:17
I’ll watch every game no matter how bad it seems, even the Hodgson six months. Not judging you though, just saying that for me I might as well put myself through it as it might turn out ok. Always have in my mind that we do seem to upset odds occasionally.

16 May 2024 13:49:14
I still watch highlights of the 4-0 against Barcelona and I still get emotional. When Origi scored I didn't celebrate, I just sat stunned and said to my Mrs "they've done it". I suppose I feared that they still had time to score but the looks on the faces of Messi, Suarez etc should have told me they were beaten.
My lad didn't watch football at the time but he regularly does the commentary from the fourth goal.
"They've caught Barcelona napping! "
I think the commentary team was napping, as well ?.
Fantastic night!

Klopp will be a loss to the PL not just Liverpool. A massive character and he will be a huge loss.

16 May 2024 13:51:05
Fine and emotive words MK ??. Something about our club is that I always feel we can turn deficits round ; Istanbul when I jumped off my sofa that high I put my fists through the ceiling; the 4-0 against Barcelona where as a 54 year old I cried uncontrollablly like a baby! I expected us to overturn Atalanta but that loss to that manure rubbish in the FA Cup was the start of the demise! So wished to send our Glorious Inspitational leader off into the football sunset with some trophies. I’m even looking forward to getting battered in the Wolves end at Anfield on Sunday if my pal swings a ticket! The void this man will leave cannot even be measured until after Sunday BUT we will all get behind Slot, Edwards, Ward and Hughes and we will go again! ??YNWA.

16 May 2024 14:09:49
Love those stories Rigsby and Schultzy ??

VV worst thing is I was the same. I even used to stream all the 3pm kick offs. Like I say, I’ll regret that decision forever. Feel like I robbed myself of the greatest moment of Klopp’s tenure.

16 May 2024 15:52:11
Wow, you guys must have lived very virtuous lives if missing a football match is one of your biggest regrets. I think I need to revisit my life choices again ???.

16 May 2024 16:09:25
Not sure people will believe me, but I had an inkling we'd do something against Barcelona. Simply because we were having a great season in terms of results, but City were a point in front and didn't look like dropping any. So I just felt that it's rare that football is quite so cruel that a club would play as well as we had for a whole year and be rewarded with nothing.

Still hit the bloody ceiling when Wijnaldum equalised and then went right through it when Origi put us in front, mind.

16 May 2024 16:39:42
MK, went up to the away game at a Chelsea a while back, we got battered 3-0 and Westerveld scored possibly the worst own goal I’ve ever seen (even worse than Traore’s back heel), stayed til the bitter end. Phoned my missus up, told her we were going to stay on in London and drown our sorrows,

I was booking a hotel and I’d see her the next day at some point with a horrible hangover. (Also texted my boss to tell him I’d a dose of the squits so couldn’t go in to work on Monday, dragged that out until the end of the week) she’s also seen the own goal too and totally understood. I can assure you that I got, very, very drunk that evening.

16 May 2024 17:04:26
As someone who needs specs/ glasses to watch games, I thought my eyes had finally given up on me when Divvy hit it top bins. That's how unbelieveable it was. What a finish that was.

16 May 2024 16:43:47
I was on 12 hour nights on a shutdown in Runcorn on the night of the Barca game and had no radio or TV to watch it or listen to. any way at 8pm I was stood down while some other work being carried out.

so I went in to a mess room where there were two Geordies and they had a laptop and they said all right scouse, are you an Evertonian? I won't say what my reply was, but they said we're going on site, do you want to watch it on laptop? and they said can't see you pulling this game around, but here it is set up for the match. they came back just at the end of the game to find me dancing on the table screaming Liverpool, Liverpool.

they said they could hear me screaming and shouting from where they were. that is the reason i love the Newcastle fans. What a night i will never forget it I thought St Etienne was unbeatable but that beat that hands down.

16 May 2024 17:17:07
I was there. It felt like we had already won with the coach welcoming. It was one of those anfield nights where it felt like something special was happening again.



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