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25 May 2024 17:00:44
Perfect result. City don't win a double and Ten Haag keeps his job for at least another year! ??.

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25 May 2024 17:37:07
Anybody that puts a dent in their trophy hoovering is good with me as I think these 115 charges are going nowhere.

25 May 2024 17:38:50
Peak memes if Utd sack ten Hag anyway.

25 May 2024 17:41:29
I just don’t see a world I want United to win anything.

Particularly it now gets them into a European trophy they are going to be favourites for and will stay that way (champs league don’t drop into the Europa anymore) .

Everything City do will always be tainted so I’d rather see United flounder.

25 May 2024 19:16:02
Now while all this is happening and I agree that very few people care really about City and what they win, I just saw that the Arsenal FC twitter page posted LITERALLY after the final about:

"We have a legacy in the FA Cup like no other team having lifted the trophy a record 14 times. "

Now keep in mind that this club got dumped out of the FA Cup this season by our potentially B team in a second half where Bradley and Clark made their debuts cos Klopp could not be arsed about having a replay.

Also, this is a club that has won as much as I have in the last 4 seasons and here they are, clowning a Utd team that actually WON something this season against a team many in their fan base believe cannot be beatenThe levels of copium at that club, is legendary at this point.

{Ed002's Note - Why are you looking at the Arsenal Twitter page?}

25 May 2024 19:27:35
Tell you what though. after watching that most spectacularly boring facup, I've made 2 conclusions:

1. Pep is amazing how he simply tries to overthink his tactics in finals.

2. I'd take Darwin over Haaland any day of the week. Darwin at least has the right attitude. The rest can always be coached into him. Haaland has no heart for when it gets tough.

25 May 2024 20:00:32
Ten more years for ten Hag.

25 May 2024 20:44:30
Having them in the Europa league is a bonus for us.

Just saying that makes me happy, I cannot wait for champions league back at Anfield. Best games of any season for me, I love anfield on a UCL night.

25 May 2024 20:59:52
The only good thing about United winning is that they will have to cope with mid week fixtures just like us.

25 May 2024 21:16:12
Didn't watch it for the first time in so many years, because of the two teams involved. Enough said.

25 May 2024 23:27:41
Same here and like everyone in Liverpool this match means nothing to scousers, why watch it and why get so bothered about it?

26 May 2024 01:23:46
Nope, I was happy to see United win today. I can’t believe why I’ve written that, but it’s true.
City have spoilt the league for everyone else and I’m tired of them hoovering up trophies despite the 115 charges.
Man Utd are just a football club - that is the difference here. They dominated for 20 years because the other clubs were barely professional in their operations. Now, even if you are operationally close to as perfect as you can be, you still don’t win.
People who wanted United to lose because “nO oNe CArEs aBoUT CiTy” need to realise that, though their success is comparatively hollow, a few more Premier League titles and FA Cups and they will be looking at a few of our records.

26 May 2024 05:14:21
I'm firmly in the "anything but City" camp. Wouldn't want them to win a thing because, as many mentioned here, it feels so hollow. They don't feel like a football club at all. The fact that they won the treble last season and no one made a comment on it says it all.

26 May 2024 08:31:57
@JLC, apparently Haaland missed ore chances than Darwin this season, but I honestly think if Haaland had been playing for us we would have won the league.

26 May 2024 18:30:18
West Derby Wanderer3, not with how defensively wretched we have been this season, we would have. Just saying.

26 May 2024 18:24:22
ED014, Im sure you know that you don't need to have Twitter (which you couldn't pay me to join) to know what people say on there. It was an Arsenal fan (who was livid with how salty of a post that was coming from his own club) who mentioned it and showed it being posted on the Arsenal FC twitter page on youtube. That's how I know.

Frankly, I just thought it was funny for Arsenal to be so bitter, and salty about Utd winning the FA Cup, a team that majority of its fans denigrate and mock for fun hence, I mentioned it. Peace and Love!

{Ed014's Note - literally no idea what you’re talking about Oli, I’ve not been on these pages for ages so you’ve lost me totally. ?‍♂️

I can see you digging out Arsenal further up the thread and sounding very bitter fella.

Please refrain from dragging me into this sort of crap!



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